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In support of Steve and Sue - two of the best X Trainers out there. Two of the nicest people I know. Two of the most inspiring people that love nothing more then to train and promote X Training here is a tribute to you ...

Click here

Surely any gym would be proud to have you represent them and the image you portray?

26th Jan


The Duathlon meets X Training Challenge has been suggested for late September, if you are interested you can set this challenge up in create your own Challenge in the  blue section of this website. The only difference being that you will be using a track and a real bike .

My bench mark time for an Intermediate X Trainer is as follows and it looks like I have some serious training to get in before the last week of September .

Events Specification Event Time Running Time
Treadmill 800 m (Flat) 3.35 3.35
Row 2000m 8.38 12.13
Squat Thrusts 200 (Alternate) in between two reebok benches two risers high 3.03 15.16
Press Ups 50 in between two Reebok benches two risers high 2.43 17.59
Row 2000m 9.11 27.10
Treadmill 800m 4.16 31.26
Total Time: 31.26

Silver graded athletes and above should attempt this challenge only - because it is quite nasty!


25th Jan

The Superfit 17th May 2008

This event which has run successfully for the past eight years in Scotland's exclusive Inverclyde Leisure Complex, is pleased to announce the following rules - entry form and poster for the event.

Please click here for all the details

Sure looks like these guys know how to put on a real good show.


Good Luck to all who take part


25th Jan


Having read the latest Health Club Management and skipped through numerous magazines in the Health and Fitness sector, I sometimes wonder what is the most important part of a gym or an industry that is focused on tackling obesity - is it that latest must have software? Is it the manager of a club saying we have this figure or that figure about retention? Is it about the way Sport England is discussing the future of Sport in the UK? Is it about .....

Actually I will tell you what it is about - It's about the member of a gym. They are the reason the Industry exists and this site has the most dedicated of them all.

The X Trainer is all that is good about the sport and a gym - because it's a gym sport ! And we are the only one's brave enough to do it - let other countries and gym's that don't do X Training play catch up.

It's not the equipment. It's not the sales figures. It's not this governing body or that governing body - It's all about you the gym member and says thank you to you all.


24th Jan

The official toll for  Paddy Doyle's World Records

World Record official Results from 21 Jan. Venue Stamina's Boxing Martial Arts Club, Erdington B'ham.

Most full contact punch strikes in 1 minute, previous World Record 702 held by Roberto Ardito {Australia}.

New World Record 736 full contact punch strikes broken on 21 Jan 2008.  

Most full contact strikes in 1 hour, previous World Record 22,386 held by Angelo Breaux {USA}.

New World Record 29,850 full contact strikes broken on 21 Jan.

Most full contact strikes in 12 hours, previous World Record 121,471 held by Howard Smith {Wales}.

New World Record 124,963 full contact strikes in 7 hrs 45 min's broken on 21 Jan

Most full contact strikes in 5 min's, new World Record total 2,128.

Most full contact strikes in 15 min's, new World Record 7,668. 

Well done Paddy Doyle from all at   


23rd Jan

Breaking news ......

It has just been brought to my attention that the issue with Steve and Sue has been resolved !

It is my great pleasure to tell members that after some discussion involving aspects of the gym involved with it's senior management - Steve and Sue can continue training with their friends in the same format as before.

This is a great result for the sport of X Training as it now has the basis to be accepted in it's format within gyms. would like to say that although - this issue has been resolved - It is still seeking an audience with Mr Robertson to highlight the case of the X Trainer within the gym Industry and the difficulties they face.

Having said that I am sure you would like to say thanks to Sue and Steve for all their commitment to X Training and the example they set in being exceptional role models for this incredible sport.

23rd Jan


As promised the latest news on the Steve and Sue saga.

1. Sport England was contacted and they said it is a private matter.

2. The FIA was contacted and they say it is a private matter.

Well looks like there's no progress on that front so lets see what the government has to say on the matter !

A  request has gone in to Hugh Robertson the Shadow Minister for Sport and the Olympics to discuss X Training and the athletes who take part in this unique gym orientated sport are being treated.

I would welcome any emails in support of tales of how the gym you belong to either supports you or ignores you.

Keep posted for any progress.

A Industry that tackles obesity and asks for funding for this has a moral obligation to support the fittest members of the gym as much as it does those that are just starting their journey to get fitter.

22nd Jan

124, 963 ....

Click here to find out the significance of this number

20th Jan


Are you a Celeb ? Want to try something different in the gym?

For the X Trainers out there, we know how hard this sport as the top level. We know how enjoyable it is at the Beginner and Intermediate level.We know what it takes to train for an event and how nerve wrecking it can be waiting to start your first event. But I guess what we would like to see is the big question - is there a well known athlete in any sporting field out there that would step up to the mark and compete in a X Training Challenge? Or maybe a high flying celeb who is keen to try that little bit something different ?

Worldgymchallenge recently asked Comic Relief if they could be part of this years event - putting this challenge in any gym - for any member - to have a great day at the gym competing in a fantastic gym challenge that has the infrastructure in place to raise thousands for Charity. And you guessed it they turned us down. They have their reasons and no one argues that - but if one celeb took to this challenge or an athlete took to this challenge and saw just what it took to compete in a X Training - then this sport will have that all important kick start it needs.

So if you have a profile that deems you are a Film Star, Superstar, Sports star, Pop star, Glamour model, Teen Idle, Pop Idle, High Flyer or have just recently been on Big Brother- wants to hear from you and wants to give you the chance to be part of something very special .....


This sport is not about how you look on the outside, its what you got in the inside that counts.

Have you got what it takes ? Get your people to contact our people!

20th Jan

The last year in thought ...

The Royal Marine PTI's set certain standards in X Training that other forces need to achieve . Could they ?The application for recognition for X Training went in last year 2007 in early spring to Sport England. Since that time X Training has held numerous events in the UK with all the times published - time keepers at each event and judges. It has had the introduction of the Grand Prix and DB Max has had another successful year in Dubai with it's Best of the Best event.

The worldgymchallenge had it's inaugural event opened by the Mayor Of Rochdale in August last year - a whole gym from management to Personal Trainer rallied around and showed basically the rest of the country just how good X Training can be.


Exceptional gyms ....

Rochdale Fitness First has been in terms of achievement a shining beacon to the new image of X Training. It's Personal Trainers and Management arrange and participate in events. They have the vision and foresight to see just how good it is in terms of motivation and team building within a gym X Training can be. Amanda Deane won Achiever of the Year Award, Martyn Tomezuk won staff winner at the same event. Aidy Cartwright introduced and created the Dale Destroyer on top of studying for a degree in nutrition all in a single year - it truly is an inspirational gym with a gym full of motivated and focused members.


Kate Read's (yellow t shirt)  hands on approach as Fitness First Rochdale is hugely repected by everybody there.

The current issue with Steve and Sue .... would like to say to it's members that under the current situation with Steve and Sue Regan Watts - there does seem to be those gyms and those Personal Trainers who accept that X Training is a motivational tool that members use to increase their motivation and train just that little bit differently to other gym users - but at the same time - pay for that privilege. We simply utilise the equipment that gyms supply to benefit our training for the events we take part in.

What did Sport England say ?

Michelle Parsons making a welcome one off  return to X Training for Best of the Best in contacted Sport England and told of the events in Manchester. They say it is a private matter - that a gym has it's own rules and regulations - terms of contract. I tend to disagree when they are meant to be scrutinising the sport for acceptance for official recognition. It would have been supportive if they had intervened or at least asked a few questions about the sport - it's a private affair seems almost as if it is a non essential matter! Whatever the case they recommeneded we contact the FIA which we did.

What did the FIA say ?

The FIA have promised to look into this. has to wait for a formal look into this matter by the FIA and will let it's members know the outcome as soon as we are informed.


And this year ?

The introduction of the regional challenges start in the south east. A On Line gym Challenge that is free to any member of any gym , that will hopefully encourage the fittest elements within a gym and those who want to try something a little bit different to take part in house challenges - then for those that win the local In house, a chance to take part in the Advanced level in the GYMXTC regional heats. Also new events in Scotland and a new event in the Grand Prix to look forward too.

But it kicks off at Calso in Bromley Kent , with Gary Nicholas again pushing out the boundaries of X Training and its versatilty.

Conclusion ....


The overwhelming amount of victories by Team UK in Dubai this year proved that it is the UK that dominates this sport.

What can be deduced from the above statement is that X Training has had probably it's best year last year - all the events were sold out weeks in advance - new and innovating ideas (including this site) were introduced to bring awareness to the sport. Participation had all the events judged fairly and the times published for results.

And now we are are waiting for a response from both the FIA and Sport England to see if they believe that you guys and girls, who train hard all year round for a sport that only around 5% of a gym can do at the Advanced levels - but 95 % can do at the Intermediate and Beginner .. can be recognised for the effort and the training you put in to it.

The chance for an Industry to accept some of the finest athletes in the country is long overdue and this year will do it's utmost to get recognition for this sport and gets gyms to give you the very deep respect you deserve at what ever level you compte at.

The best of luck to you in any event that you may take part in this year.


15th Jan

The good news is  X Training has arrived in Scotland


'The Superfit'

To be held at Inverclyde Leisure on the 17th May


Click here for the event poster.

13th Jan

Read the latest Blog and pass comment in support of two of the finest X Trainers in the UK now


Steve Regan WattsSteve at the Best of the Best held in Dubai at Fitness First.Sue Regan Watts  at the same event - complete dedication to training!

12th Jan

Please vote on the latest Poll on the Blog Page to have your say on the 'Regional Time Trials' If you join the Blog Membership page you can also pass comment.


11th Jan

The first of the Regional Time Trials is to take place at ROKO Health Club in Gillingham Kent on the 17th Feb

Get your time verified for the GYMXTC finals on the 7th Sept.

Enter on Line

Further details are on the Calendar Events Page of this site

If you are a gym and would like to run a regional time trial please contact


And be part of something special ...

8th Jan

What has Fitness First and have in common?

Both support the British Heart Foundation.

Any event that takes place during this year for or on behalf - that gym is asked to raise finance for this very closely linked Charity.

What do we all need ? A healthy heart.


Create a In House Gym Challenge and record the results on Line. And raise money for Charity.


Contact for further details

8th Jan

The team event is taking shape ...

Local interest is taking shape in the Kent area to develop the expansion of X Training and get recognition by Sport England. Most of the clubs we have spoken to have expressed a positive interest.

The Team event sees the first real step in introducing new clubs to X Training. What was worrying most clubs is the fact they are possibly introducing their members to other clubs and it's quite a turf war out there as we all know - but here's the thing - whatever has been proposed at any club, that club has the same chance to put on the same event and introduce members to their own clubs, through regional events, time trials, in- house events or local challenges - it's a complete balanced approach. The only point being there has to be one club that starts the ball rolling we are very optimistic of gyms have the foresight to see the balanced approach and then the expansion of the first recognised gym sport can really take shape. Gyms are realising that their members, their fitness instructors, their personal trainers have talents and skills in the gym and this is their chance to prove it.

Watch this space to see further developments .....


4th Jan

Be part of something special...

Are you a gym manager? Could your gym host a regional time trial? Have you got what it takes to organise a gym challenge - where the finest athletes in the gym industry travel to your gym and show you what talent they have.

All of a sudden you will take a different perspective on just what a gym has to offer it's members, future members ?

The regional trials are being held throughout the year up until July and the regional event is needed so that the gym athletes in this country do not have to travel too far to register a time.

That is what you could for them - contact to find out what it will do for you in return.

Could you organise an event?

Contact for further information


3rd Jan

The Indoor Ironman/Woman will be held at LA Fitness, Sale Cheshire on the 22nd March. Details are on the Calendar Page of this website.

Last year's results

Open                Intermediate

1st January 2008

Are you going to get fit this year? Is this a new year resolution? Want to keep it?

If you need focus this year in your new resolution to get fit and stay fit, try X Training. If the first step you took was joined a gym - the next steps are keeping you motivated.

X Training is a sport which can only be carried out within a gym environment, using skills that are taught from the day you join the gym , to accomplished athletes maximizing treadmill sessions and mixing their training session.

Tri athletes use the gym to train, yet their core equipment is focused outside of the gym (The road for the the bike and run and the swimming pool - or even better, lake or sea for swimming) X Trainers use the gym. The Elite of X Training more often then not do both! Harmony.

Very soon you could see yourself competing at Beginner level and moving on up the classes, because X Training is very rewarding when you see the results you are achieving.

Or you could ask yourself the very simple question .... why not? Or after four months or so lose motivation and become one of the many statistics that are locked into a gym contract and you don't even go!! I guess the choice is yours?

Welcome to the world of the X Trainer - always motivated - always something to train for - always achieving and always focused.


30th Dec
A brief look in pictures of X Training - 2007
30th Dec
Who to look out for in 2008 ...
30th Dec


There is a growing number of people to this site and to the sport of X Training. Gyms will have to give credit to some of the people who train constantly , relentlessly, with devotion and dedication - in essence the gyms best customers are those that have constantly attended the gym and aimed to improve their fitness. Some of those people are on this site and we take great pride in them. Do you ? Does the Industry? I think it is a crying shame that constantly over the year I have heard so many times from managers of gyms that say "Our members will not like that sort of thing"  and then hang up. Why is that exactly?

And on the bigger scale of things " We do not like an outside agency telling us how to run our gym or any challenge we choose to set! We know what is best for our members"

Or " I like the concept of what you are saying, but I must increase my member base, and with respect, the guys that are my most loyal members - will remain with me. It's the new members I am seeking and this does not bode well for them"

Be part of something special ...

To those gyms says that a sport that is totally centered in the gym, and can go from any level of fitness and any gender at any age and has the makings of a sport.

If Sport England accepts this then please let us know. And if it doesn't please let us know why. We will publish word for word the reasons why not if that is the case. If the sport is accepted then 2008 sees the dawning of something very special...

The World Gym Challenge and X Training has all the the makings of a recognised sport and the infrastructure in place to see it happen - given the  chance it will flourish and mature into the next best thing that happened to the Health and Fitness Industry.

One single gym challenge on a global scale

Any gym

Any age

Any sport

Any country

Any profession

All you have to do is the challenge.

24th Dec

T 0  A L L   M E M B E R' S  O F  W O R L D G Y M C H A L L E N G E . C O M.


A  V E R Y  M E R R R Y  C H R I S T M A S  T O  Y O U  A L L



Does your Gym offer Corporate membership?  The ability to set In House Gym Challenges is just a click away.

Do the words Team Building, Motivation and Achieving ever represent something your gym would stand for when it entices Corporate membership?


And you could be arranging a gym challenge between your corporate clients - We reckon they would thank you for it.

21st Dec

Why are these gym members chatting and supporting one another? Click here to find out the reason why?

The Dale Destroyer .....

20th Dec

What happens when one gym unites and creates something special for their members?

Dale Destroyer 8th December 2007

Set in three categories, Beginner , Intermediate and Advanced and created entirely for X Training by Aidy Cartwright. The Dale Destroyer, resulted in a fun, challenging and hugely rewarding day for the members of Rochdale's Fitness First.

Jamie FraserThe splits for all entries can be seen here except for Jamie Fraser who's splits have been temporarily misplaced. Not normally a huge problem , but as Jamie went on to win the event in the time of 17 min's and 44 seconds - we think it deserves a special mention! These things happen and apologises in not having the splits- but massive congratulations to Jamie, who constant improvement definitely means he will be a force to be reckoned with in the Open Event next year.

Amanda Deane (Right) Winner of Fitness First Outstanding Achiever Award 2007 and Mary Eve McNerney co orgainsier of the Dale Destroyer.

More details will follow about this event.


20th Dec

It's Christmas! New Year just around the corner. What better way to start getting focused on getting fitter by entering this year's Team X Training Challenge?

New Year is the time that everybody says, right this is it this year - this is when I get fit - loose weight, join a gym and really really stick to it.

But do they? According to Bob Chaiken - former IHRSA Board member says that - during the first sixty days of membership, very few people quit, but during days 90 to 180 there is high attrition rate, as people become bored or don't see results.

Start the year as you mean to go on. is here to give that focus, to stay motivated and really achieve something special.

The Team Challenge is purposely set in January to give that kick start you need - because you know you are going to keep going to the gym aren't you?

Take the plunge - and stay focused - it's just one click away





What ever level - there is something for everyone

Be part of something special. ....


19th Dec

Breaking News ....

Are you the UK's fittest all round  X Training athlete?

As the old year draws to a close and another approaches it is with great pleasure the has launched another X Training initiative - Regional events to find the UK's fittest X Training athlete.

The Regions have been broken into the following categories:


South West




North East



Northern Ireland

Only the Advanced Course will be available on the 7th September.

Open     18 - 39

Masters 40 - 49

Vets       50 +

Dates have been announced for Time Trials to take place at certain gyms throughout the UK ( The Calendar and Discipline page). The fastest will be invited to take part in the National Finals, to be held at ROKO Gym, Gillingham Kent on the 7th September.

If your gym is in one of these areas and would like to run a time trial please contact for additional information.

Entry will be £30.00 (Inc free membership to the site for one year) The facility to enter will be On line and further announcements will be made in due course.

All times will be published on this website. And all times will be authenticated and verified in the process.

Please Note the equipment being used at the Finals is:

Bike. Life Fitness 95ci

Concept 2 Rower

Treadmill. Life Fitness

Be part of something special ....


17th Dec
The December 2007 Newsletter has now been sent. Some of you may have to check your spam or junk mail settings to recieve this, or click on print as HTML version to see it in it's proper context.
17th Dec

The On Line entry fee pay system is on the following link for the Team Event. Places are limited and it is a first come first served basis.

This information is also available on the Calendar Events page.

17th Dec

More pictures of this year's Best of the Best are available to view at

15th Dec

Being Part of Something special. ....

20th Jan 2008

The Team X Training Challenge.

(Click above for further details)


On the 20th January 2008 at Roko Health Club,Gillingham Kent, the first worldgymchallenge Team X Training Challenge will take place. It is hoped this will be an annual affair where Clubs from all over the UK are invited to submit teams for a X Training Challenge. Places are obviously limited as only so many races can be be performed in one day.

More information will follow about that day, but to begin with this is a message to Clubs who may be considering entering this years challenge and the benefits you may well experience by being part of something special.

Why start the Team Challenge?

The Team Challenge was developed so that Clubs can see how X Training can actually benefit the member in terms of motivation and goal setting. Not only that it encourages members to form part of a community within a club with specific goals and enables that member to focus on increasing their levels of fitness as each event takes place.

Will it benefit my club?

The location of this years team Challenge is at Roko in Gillingham Kent. The simple fact of the matter is location is immaterial for X Training. As long as your club has the facilities to carry out these challenges then as a club you could actually carry out your own in house challenges, based on the four levels of fitness levels for your members, Beginner , Intermediate, Advanced or Elite. And by going On line, (after this years event) you will see the times expected of each category.

What will it do for my member?

The worldgymchallenge database is free to Gyms. Each of your member can try the individual Challenge and see for free just how good they are against members of their own gym. Their timings will give them a good indication of members of equal fitness and as such can find training partners to train with. An added bonus is that this sport caters for both sexes - so male and female actually train together.

Is X Training Sport specific?

Yes, to a degree it is. At the Elite stages of this sport you will find that the tables published on our events page are to put it mildly - incredible! But this sport is not just about X Training, is about building a sense of community within your gym. Therefore what ever sport you play, whether it's tennis, football, rugby cycling, marathon running (the list is based on Olympic recognised sports) you can choose that category and compete for your chosen sport. For instance if a team of football players are at your gym, they can compete against each other.

Why start the team Challenge?

This is a repeated question with a different interpretation. Sport England the governing body of all recognised sports in the UK, need to be shown that X Training can work on various levels to accept it as a recognised sport. These include such matters as

location for events

Type of venues

Amount of people who can do it

Single Sport or Team Sport

Added benefits of the sport

Infrastructure of the sport to sustain its growth.

We believe that the above questions that are asked are some of the reasons why X Training should be accepted. The Team Challenge is just another aspect of X Training that shows what an incredible opportunity this is for the UK to be the start of a Globally accepted sport, that had its foundations created and built within the Health and Fitness Industry for the benefit of its members.

Be part of something special ........

13th Dec

More photos to view are on the website

Over the coming weeks and events, closer links will be formed with this site. It is to enable you guys to develop closer links with each other and can be used to contact one another and to meet like minded individuals who love to train and in the process spread the word of X Training.

Pictured left, one of the best - one of the very best guys out there.

Paul Morton.

Some of the fastest treadmill times recorded on this site are by Paul. Do them from fresh is hard enough - do them at the end of a X Training session - then you really know just how good.

12th Dec

Entry forms, Rules are now on the Calendar Events page for the Team Challenge in January. I do not need to remind you all how important it is to get these back to me as soon as possible - your speedy replies would be very much appreciated.

Some more news on the Team Event. Jason King and NIk Kandola gives their views on Team events from the past and the recent event at the Hampshire Fire X mas Cracker. All I can say is that I watched the Team Event on that day and knew that a Team Race Day had to happen. It was just too exciting for it not too !

From Jason.

Well lets start with the stats - I believe it is 1 a piece between the Marines and David Lloyd. We piped them at the UKXTA and they got revenge at Hampshire. So if you ask me there definitely needs to be another race to complete the trilogy.   Personally I love the team events and find them far more enjoyable than the individual races. The individual races are physically more demanding and they give you much more of a sense of accomplishment at the end, but there's something about the team races which just really gets you buzzed up. Perhaps its the fact that you don't want to let your team mates down, or perhaps because you are only doing a smaller portion of the race which means you can be more explosive rather than pacing yourself.

Either way I would love to see more team events on the circuit. To date I would say one of my best moments in X-training was winning the 2006 UKXTA team event with Nik - you don't know how gutted I was to lose it in 2007.   Unfortunately my training tends to focus more on the individual race than the team event. Believe it or not we rarely ever train for the team event. For the UKXTA this year, me and Nik only had one complete run through as a team and for Hampshire we never had a complete run through at all. This is possibly a mistake as the competition out there is so good that we need to start focusing as much on our team performances as we do the individuals.

Hampshire this year was very close indeed and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of racing the Marines. Prior to the race I actually contemplated pulling out of the team event. After finishing my race against Sam I had nothing left in the tank - if you had of offered me £100 to do one push-up I don't think I could have done it. I know Nik was feeling a little worse for wear as well. I knew that me and Nik would only have about 20 mins recovery after our individual races before the team race, this was always going to be a slight disadvantage.

However as mentioned above I did not want to let my team mates down and its amazing how much the adrenaline carries you through a race once you get started - no matter how fatigued you are! Despite the short recovery, my section of the team event went very well I think. Nelson had a flyer on the bike to get us off to a good start. Nik was phenomenal at the end of the course to pump out the shoulders and chest as quick as he did whilst still max'ing out the run. On the day it just wasn't enough. I think given a little longer recovery for me and Nik then things could have been even closer. That's not taking anything away from the Marines - a great team and a deserved win.

With all of the above said, lets not forget there are other great teams out there. To name a few you have the current Team champs (James and Alex) and the team from Rochdale with Andy Lett. On any given day both of these teams are equally capable of giving the Marines and the Essex Boys a good run for their money. And what about the mouth watering prospect of maybe enticing Sam and Phil as a team  Or what about someone teaming up with the main man himself, Cassius, and having a Fireman team to battle the Marines.   So lets hope to see more team events on next years race schedule.


From Nik.


I agree with Jason…I love the team events and wish there was a team event at each of the Grand Prix comps, but understand that it requires a lot of resource and time to set them up. Some of my favourite memories are from Team Events that I have competed in (Dream Team, Superteams, UKXTA, etc). I love the feeling of camaraderie in what is generally an individual sport. I also love the competitiveness with the other teams…the banter and ribbing beforehand and then the friendly congratulations or commiserations afterwards depending on who kicked who’s ass! I think suggesting that the team events are only a two team event is quite unfair to the other guys

Andy Lett’s team from Fitness First and the two lads from Edinburgh (James and Alex) have got a couple of top teams too and would give both the Marines and us a tough race as they have already proved at the UKXTA and Hampshire (Andy’s team were 1 second behind us). That’s the difference from the days of Dream Team when Netfit dominated the scene. They were an awesome force and had the likes of Rosky, Steve Quick, Lee Rankin, Glenn Cook, Adam Horder, etc. all pooled together. Difference now is that the teams all train at the same club or are from the same area. The events are also a little different in format with todays comps requiring shorter bursts of energy and a lot of speed and power, whereas Superteams was the team equivalent of a complete individual X training event. This suits more of todays XT athletes and makes it more competitive.


Looking forward to the Team event in Kent on Jan 20th…where hopefully we can pick up a bit of silverware!




10th Dec

Rick Mason attended the Hampshire Fire X mas Cracker by kind permission of Ty Whitlock. His photography skills were put to the test to capture that something that X Training has. His brief was to concentrate on the Beginner and Intermediate to show how this sport is expanding into that market and make a picture X Trainers understand and others are curious about. I think Rick did an outstanding job.

Our thanks go to Rick for definitely capturing that something .... the following message is from Rick.

Dear member,

As you may know - we invited a photographer to our event at The Hampshire Health and Fitness Club, Southampton on 1st December.  Rick is primarily a wedding photographer and uses a service provider in the USA which is specifically dedicated to weddings.  Our event is now online! Go, register with your name, email address and password of your choice. Then search for our event (Gymchallenge).   Click on the event to see all the images by entering " wgc071201" when prompted for the Event Key.  

You may order prints directly on line... but as this is a website based in America - there is an additional cost for postage and increased time for delivery of prints.  You may prefer instead - to order direct by e-mailing Rick (the photographer) directly  If you detail the relevant image reference numbers from the Pictage site, he will provide you with high resolution jpeg images for £5.00 each - which you can then have developed at your leisure.  Cheques to be made payable to: R Mason.


RJMPhotographic is pleased to offer 15% discount to all gymchallenge members who may require a wedding photographer!

9th Dec

Nik Kandola racing vrs the Royal Marines, The Royal Marines won by 4 seconds on the Bench Press. What a race!Cai, from the RM. Part of a winning team ! But will the Marines win next time? Slight different set up to the team challenge.The Team Event is coming!

Jan 20th 2008

ROKO Gillingham Kent

£30 : 00

Details to follow ..

How versatile is X Training ? Very !!!!

Lets look at the evidence

The Marines vrs David Lloyd Essex. The revenge match is due soon....

The evidence suggest does it stop there? Tescos Vrs Sainsbury's maybe? - Barclays Vrs Nat West ? Who knows where this could lead?


But there is one thing for sure - It's a very exiting prospect to develop the sport.

7th Dec

Becky Nicholas

Winner of the 2007 UK Female Grand Prix 2007

Click here to see Becky's views on this season and the future of X Training.

5th Dec


Results for the Hampshire are now up - Please Click here

Stuart's updated Race Report. Please click here

Do not forget if you have registered your times go to your own personal page for all the events you have entered or are training for.
5th Dec

Sam Orgee

Winner of the 2007 UK Male Open Grand Prix

Click here to see Sam's views on the Grand Prix and X Training

5th Dec
Apologies for the delay in publishing splits for you guys that took part in the X Training event in Hampshire. As soon as they are passed on to we will publish them. In the meantime, here are the views on another bunch of guys who should know a thing or two about physical challenges - The Royal Marines .... click here to see their views.
3rd Dec
The times will be published for the Hampshire Fire Xmas Cracker as soon as they are received. In the mean time, maybe a quick little read on the sport and it's future by somebody who had never taken part in a X Training Challenge before and as he is a Personal Trainer, has an objective point of view ....... Click here to find the views of Ben Williams on yesterdays event.
2nd Dec

The last event of the season was completed at the Hampshire Fire and Rescue X mas Cracker X Training Challenge.

The event was a huge success, and a credit to the skill and dedication of Ty Whitlock (the organiser) who has arranged this event for fifteen years running on behalf of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service . Keep posted during this week where pictures, interviews, splits and general buzz from the day will be printed. says thank you to Ty and to his incredible team of judges, time keepers and all who helped at the event - particularly the admin team, who sat outside and made sure the event ran to plan.

Pictures of the event can be seen on the Blog Page, where you can pass comment too (You have to re register and cannot use your WGC password)

The Grand Prix will continue next year and I look forward to promoting this incredible sport for you incredible athletes at every opportunity.


Ty Whitlock

27th Nov

The recent Best of the Best saw some exceptional performances with the main event winner former Open No 1 female Michelle Parsons clinching the title this year . Click here to see Michelle's view of the Best of the Best and X Training.


Part of Team UK (from left) Lloyd Millichap (Fitness First), Sue Regan Watts (LA. Fitness) , Michelle Parsons (One on One) and Andy Brown (Fitness First)


25th Nov
A week or so away from Best of the Best in Dubai, would like to say a big thank you to the unsung heroes of any event the admin team. These people are responsible for getting the results, the participants and whole show gelling together. So it comes as no surprise that both of the team in this case are connected to Will Whitmore. Will's Mum and Girlfriend - so big it up for them both and our hearty thanks , from all of the compeitors and
25th Nov

Members will notice a slight change to the Gym Directory. is no longer actively seeking Gym membership unless that gym is running X Training events at their establishment. If they do in return they will get access to the free database that is on offer and they will have proved that they take pride in their members achievements for X Training events.

It is therefore asked that members now join the Cyber Gym which is available on your members Profile to join up to.

If the Gym you belong to later registers at, you can automatically transfer back to your gym. Your help would be very much appreciated on this matter.

If your gym is not taking pride in your achievements in X Training - certainly is.

We are part of something very special ....

24th Nov
Race Line Up focus for the Hampshire Fire and Rescue X mas Cracker will continue throughout the week - check it out here
23rd Nov

Continuing the theme of Inspiration. Steve and Sue give their views on Best of the Best. Click here to see the report.

21st Nov

Tom Whitmore the Head Judge at DB Max Best of the Best in Dubai gives his opinion on the event and how in particular the judging was seen by himself, the competitors who took part and any views on the possible introduction of Judging as a qualification. Click here to find out his views.

21st Nov


A few interviews took place in Dubai. The first is with Andy Brown. Please feel free to click here and see his thoughts on X Training and the Personal Trainer who has improved his levels of fitness.


20th Nov

Ty Whitlock has the pleasure of announcing the Race Line up for The 15th Annual Hampshire Fire & Rescue X Mas Cracker X Training Challenge.

Please click here for details


20th Nov

Click here for the dbmax Best of the Best X Training Challenge Race Report

Click on the following for:

Male Open Results - Male Intermediate Results - Female Open Results - Female Intermediate Results


19th Nov

Why are there pictures of Steve and Sue Regan Watts on the website ? click here to find out.

19th Nov

Hampshire News

A party will take place after the Hampshire Fire and Rescue X Training X mas Cracker, the theme of which is Hollywood Oscar Night - so dress appropriately ! Glitzy and Glamorous!! or Smart and Casual - but be there!

The event is to be held at:

Esporta Health Club after the event, so please book with Ty Whitlock if you require tickets which are in two formats.

Tickets £10.00

Looking forward to seeing you all down there for some serious partying.


19th Nov

The Results for this years event and a few photos and thank you's can be seen here

19th Nov

The following few days will see how the current worlds fastest man on the - challenge and the fastest undefeated female X Trainer ever, performed at the dbmax Best of the Best in Dubai.

We will throw in also names from the past - names to watch out for the future and show how the growth of X Training is reaching out to clubs who can see the potential in retention , motivation and inspiration with all that X Training brings .

The trick is now to keep peeled to the site and see just what and how this incredible sport is developing......

Initial results are up on the Events Results page - click here  (just scroll down the page and click) ... more details to follow ...

14th Nov will be taking a breather for a few days only. When it comes back it will be full of information on the upcoming event in Dubai.

Team UK - sponsored by UK Gear will be performing in the sunny climates of the middle east, where I am told the" Best of the Best" event is one of the best events of the year, with the best weather, best competitors, best hotel, best food and best of best event directors, Will Whitmore and Ali Syed.

Looking forward to being part of this fantastic opportunity to put X Training on a world wide platform.

The event will be a day to remember ... for those taking part. And for those that want to take part next year another insight to the levels that this amazing sport is rising to.

Be part of something special ......


13th Nov

More profiles are being added which is good news for the sport.

Another Royal Marine - Les Barrow seeing the benefits of X Training and performing to the max.

All round fitness guru Paul Morton goes on to explain the benefits of the sport.

And a welcome reminder to those that the Know the Flying Pig , Phil Piggott.

Gyms may not be bothered about their sporting elite but says well done guys - this sport is growing with or without the support of the industry.

Ask yourself this ? Why is Hampshire a sell out??? We know - others have yet to find out the UK's biggest fitness secret.

Talking of Hampshire .... more news to follow shortly - a clue would be PARTY ... watch this space!!

11th Nov

It is my great pleasure to announce the following ...

World Record Results   Guinness World Records Day 8th November 2007, venue Stamina's Boxing Self Defence Gym, B'ham.

Most back of hands push ups in 1 hour, previous record 1,781 held by Doug Pruden {Canada}. New World Record 1,940 back of hands push ups held by Paddy Doyle {GB}.

Most circuit training squats in 1 hour, previous record 4,656 held by Attila Horvarth {Hungary}. New World Record 4,708 circuit training squats held by Paddy Doyle {GB}.

Most full contact kicks in 1 hour, previous record 5,545 held by Ron Sarchian {USA}. New World Record 5,570 full contact kicks held by Paddy Doyle {GB}

For those of you know that know Paddy, you will know what an inspiration he is to anybody that sets standards - we all say massive congratulations to you Paddy - more world records from this incredible athlete.

9th Nov

Gary Nicholas has written the pre end of season report on the 2007 Grand Prix so far - please click here to see his views on the year and current X Trainers who are in the running for Championship placing's.

9th Nov

The X Trainer profile has gone Military. The first of the UK elite Royal Marine Commando's has entered his profile and is the first of the forces to be recognised as X trainer for the site. For those of you who know him you will know what an outstanding guy he is - for those of you who want to know a bit more about Chuck Berry - please click here

8th Nov

Mr & Mrs Nicholas of Calso Gym in Bromley in Kent welcome you to view the following X Training challenge to be held at Calso on the Saturday 23rd February.

Click here for further details and add to the Blog Page if you feel you would like to comment on this .


8th Nov

The amazing Amanda Dean wins first prize in

Fitness First "New You" Achievement Award 2007

Click here for full report ... and massive congratulations from us all within the X Training community.


7th Nov

Are you a X Trainer? Do you compete regularly in the Grand Prix? Have you filled out a X Trainer Profile? wants to hear from you !!

7th Nov

With just a little over a week to go to the dbmax Best of the Best event in Dubai. would like to

remind entrants to make sure they have their details entered into the system before they compete:

It's quite easy to do - you simply register on the following link.

Your time for each discipline will put into a Table where you can view fastest or slowest for each station and your Personal Database will record your split timings for the event.

You can also submit a time on line and see how well you would have done if you have traveled to Dubai.

Pretty much a win win situation!!


2nd Nov

Sam Orgee has won this years Grand Prix 2007. would like to say well done - it really couldn't happen to nicer guy and thoroughly well deserved.

On the anniversary of his introduction to X Training at the Gorton Grueller - it is a sure sign that if Sam stays with the sport he will be a tough contender to race against for any of the top guys out there.

Massive congratulations to Sam Orgee the Open Winner of the Grand Prix 2007.

1st November

Ty Whitlock organiser of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue X Training Xmas Cracker challenge.It's a month to go till the Hampshire Fire and Rescue X Mas Cracker. Training for it is no doubt way under way and hours spent in the gym are being put to great use to be in top shape for this now in it's 15th year event.

But guess what? Numbers are limited this year. If you do not get that application soon - you will not be able to enter.

Ty has informed it will be on a first come first served basis - so please think ahead if you wish to enter.

 Click here for Open the results from last year.

Click here for the Intermediate results from last year.

Click here for the event report from last year

Click here for more photo's from last year.

Still want to take part? Please complete the following form   CLICK HERE    Good luck to you all