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Ever wondered since joining a gym if you are actually getting fitter?

Let worldgymchallenge publish your results on line for any gym challenge you take part in or create yourself and then see seconds drop off your challenge times - meaning you see the results of you getting fitter on line!

We train with both cardio and weights - at any level of fitness and any gender.

WGC is the first and only website in the world with the times to prove it.

Get 'gym-fit' and ask your friends to get 'gym-fit' too!

Free for members of participating gyms

Recent Pictures of the WGC Indoor Ironman




Breaking News ...
4th July


On the American Day of Independence WGC is pleased to announce it's latest initiative to promote the sport of X Training and the incredible athletes who take part in it.


The World Gym Challenge Hall of Fame

Details will follow ....


3rd July
Your thoughts on the WGC Gym Ironman 2008


"The sense of achievement in finishing by far overwhelmed the previous 31 minutes of pain"

Alex Woods 3rd in the Men's Open


3rd July

Coming soon .....

Keep posted for details of The Dale Destroyer.

1st July

Stuart Leng's race report can be seen here


30th June


The latest pictures of the Indoor Ironman 2008 can be seen at

Availiable images  (max 2) can be sent to full members of on request.

29th June 


The first of the race reports on yesterdays Indoor Ironman is able to view here.

The report is not so much a reflection on yesterday's event - more will follow, but a look at the industries and WGC's view towards X Training and it's future.

                                                          Chris Lord "Lordy"                                      Sarah Deed


29th June

The final times for the Indoor Ironman/Ironwoman can be seen here

Due to a change in the course and the level of the bike being set to 15 the new course records stand at:


Male : Chris Lord                  28:26

Female : Sarah Deed            34:38

Well done to both of these outstanding gymathletes who have set the bench mark time in having the fastest times on the planet for this course!

29th June

Indoor  Ironman - Ironwoman  2008

Details of the Indoor Ironman/Ironwoman will be up as soon as possible

26th June


The tables for last years Indoor Ironman can be seen here

If you wish to be included in this years tables you need to be either :

  • A new member using the three months free trial membership.
  • Part of a subscribing gym.
  • A full member and part of the Cyber Gym.

These results show the rest of the world just how good you guys are - please support in promoting X Training.

The course record stands at

Male:     26:35 min's by Hywel Davies

Female: 32:40 min's by Kirsty Read


23rd June


Indoor  Ironman - Ironwoman  2008

The final Race Line Up can be seen here

Good luck to all those inspiring gymathletes who take part in this very unique gym challenge - you are inspiration to those that can only marvel at the times you achieve. WGC is proud to represent you.


20th June

This may be interest to some of you.


Amber Anderson

X Trainer of the Year ? You decide !

The first nomination by Xtrainers for X Trainer of the Year has been accepted. Amber Anderson who trains out of David Lloyd in Basildon has been regularly competing at Open level since she started the sport three years ago. Amber was encouraged into the sport by her husband Nelson and close friends Nik Kandola and Jason King some of the fittest gymathletes in the UK right now. Amber trains as hard a she can when in her local gym with close friend Mikki Skinglsy - but to get the real expert advice travels to Calso Gym in Bromley and is trained by last years female Grand Prix winner Becky Nicholas,as David Lloyd Basildon, seem to lack knowledge and commitment in the very specialised field of X Training.

WGC agrees whole heartedly with this nomination and says to all the X Trainers who train at David Lloyd, Basildon, you are an inspiration to the sport and with people like Amber who represent the true spirit of X Training the sport will definitely progress on to greater things.

Amber Anderson - Nominee for X Trainer of the Year

16th June

Indoor Ironman /Woman 2008

The race line up for the toughest, hardest and most gruelling gym challenge in the world is here.

Click here to see the real Gym Gladiators

If you do not agree that this is the hardest gym challenge in the world please contact

with a verified time of one second faster then the course record.

Click here to see last year's results


16th June

X Trainer Of The Year Award 2008

Check out who is on the shortlist for X Trainer of the year .

If you would like to nominate someone , please contact

... more


14th June

 Do you want to see this sport grow?

This sport belongs to the people who do it - have your say !

Click here to voice your opinion on any matter about the worldgymchallenge or gymxtc

Just register on the Blog Page and have your say !

12th June

The limited edition personalised Indoor Ironman/woman Stash Tee shirt and vest can now be ordered . This is a unique oppurtunity to remember the toughest X Training event of the season.


Click on the following link to order you Stash Tee Shirt or Vest for the Indoor Ironman here



Good luck to all of those X Trainers who are taking part this year.



Indoor  Ironman - Ironwoman  2008

9th |June


The countdown is on to enter the toughest X Training Challenge of the year

UK's Indoor Ironman 2008

June 10th is the last and final date for applications to be considered.

Have you got what it takes?

7th June


Who inspires me? Who is one of the UK's most accomplished athletes? Who is the most dedicated athlete in the UK today?

Worldgymchallenge would like to see Paddy Doyle be nominated for Sports Personality of the Year and if you want to know why ? The simple answer is World Record Endurance attempt 168!

Paddy Doyle

Paddy's new record was set in Birmingham on 13th May 2008 more

No other country in the world has such an accomplished athlete as Paddy Doyle and WGC says to Paddy "Well done, you are an inspiration to those around you, who know what pain and suffering you endure for each record you set and UK should be proud of every single record you have achieved"


5th June
More pictures of the Indoor Ironman/Woman 2007 at


The closing date for the Indoor Ironman/Ironwoman is the 10th June.

Last years event was a complete sell out - Please make sure your entry is received by the 10th June to enable you to compete against the the fittest gymathletes in the UK right now.

Click here for an entry form and post it without delay - remember the closing date for this event is the 10th June


1st June 2008

Who is the fittest Gymathlete in the UK right now? That waits to be seen in the X Training Database.

Who is the fittest in the Vet category ? Well WGC reckons its got a pretty good idea and two names spring to mind Gary Nicholls and Steve Watts.

WGC caught up with Gary Nicholls (left) read more

                                                  Steve Watts                                                      

31st May

What's the Men's Fitness Challenge like ?

Men's Fitness Challenge read more

30th May

I got in last night and decided to try the Men's Fitness Challenge.

Created it in Create your own Challenge (Blue Column)

Here are the results



Event Time

Running Time


500m Level 10 (Concept 2)



d/b Curl to press

2 x 6 kg d/b curl to press








3 km Life Fitness 95 ci level 12



Bench Press

30 x 10 kg x 2 d/b



Box Jumping Jacks




d/b Squats

30 x 10 kg x 2 d/b




1000 m at 0 % Incline (Life Fitness)





Total Time:


Will try and improve on this ! Report to follow ...

29th May

Congratulations to Andy Lett (X Trainer of the Year 2007) and Catherine Garner for outstanding performances at Scotland's Superfit.

But most of all huge thanks to John Maisiano of Inverclyde Leisure for again putting on a fantastic day for it's members and those X Trainers who travelled to this event.

To everybody who competed - says a mighty well done and welcomes Scotland into the realms of   X Training.

29th May

Worldgymchallenge welcomes Men's Fitness "Fit Brit Challenge" into the frame of X Training Challenges.

For those that want to take a look at this challenge click here

For those that know about X Training and the fittest gymathletes in the UK right now click here to see last years times for the Indoor Ironman.

And for those that may be thinking about contining these sort of challenges after Mens Fitness Challenge has ended this year - take a look at some of the best gymathletes in the UK right now. Could you challenge them at X Training?

Jason King .Winner Fitness X treme 2008 Will Whitmore.Winner Best of the Best 2007Sam Orgee. Winner Gorton Grueller 2007Gary Nicholls. Winner of just about all the X Training Vet (50+) Events ever!

Hywel Davies - Undefeated X Training Champion


28th May

Farouk Vawda (left) and Mike Jones have arranged Time Trials for Gymxtc at Gorton - Fitness First - Manchester

The date for this is the 31st of Aug.

Manchester is the heart of X Training with some fasntastic clubs that represent this sport - Rochdale and Gorton.

The entry fee is £15.00 and this will also enable athletes to get onto the National Database with a verified time using Life Fitness Bike and Treadmill and one years membership to WGC.

Good luck to all who take part.


Congratulations to Ben Stroud who achieves Premier Gymathlete status with a verified time of 13:41

Those with full access can view Ben's splits here

(You must be logged in)


The toughest Gym Challenge of the year - make your training count!
22nd May


Fitness Xtreme 2008

Judging by the smiles of some of the competitors in this years Fitness Xtreme the event was a huge success.

Have a read of what the organiser Mark Drury had to say about this event - I'm sure you will all agree with him when he say's it was a inspiring day.

Mark Drury's report  more>


20th May


The words Inspire, Motivate and Achieve are used quite a lot on this website for good reason - they are as relevant to the client as they are the Personal Trainer.

Lloyd Millichap form Fitness First in Camberley Surrey gives an insight into why he and some of his clients choose to X Train.

Has it something to do with being focused in the gym? - well read on and let Lloyd tell you

Click here to see Lloyds views on Fitness X Treme


Indoor Ironman

The date time and venue has been set

28th June - Fitness First Gorton Manchester - 9am till late afternoon

The download to enter is here

Have you got what it takes?

Those that train hard - X Train.

Those that dream about training hard need not apply!


18th May

The recent new series of Gladiators would have you believe that they are the Ultimate in Gym Fitness ? Well we got news for Gladiators - WGC is the ultimate test!

The new breed of X Trainer is emerging and its all a matter of time before this sport and the athletes that take part in it get the recognition they deserve. Why ? because it' s normal people that compete - regular 9 to 5 - and they do it for passion.

The new Breed of X Trainer ....

Why do you find X-Training so exciting?

"It's exciting because one competitor's weakness is another one's strength, and vice versa. That can make races pretty exciting to watch. I also think it's great for encouraging people to be generally fit" ...

Catherine Garner Fitness Extreme 2008 Women's Open Runner Up

Click here to read more about Catherine



16th May

Introducing new future champions and increasing awareness of X Training has always been worldgymchallenge main aim.

Members of gyms are the most important people in gyms and here some of them get a taste of what X Training can do for their motivation.

It takes a manager such as Terry Moore also to see the benefits for his members to being a member of - what a great first event! And thankyou to everyone who took part.

Pictures can be found on

14th May

Due to the Bank Holiday - the May Time Trial has been cancelled, that means there are now officially two time trials left to qualify for the finals.

If your gym has the the Life Fitness 95 ci Bike - Life Fitness running machine and Concept 2 rower - you are more then welcome to hold time trials at your gym.


14th May

More pictures of Fitness Extreme 2008 at

12th May


The first unverified time of the Run Bike Row Challenge for a Premier Athlete is 21:35 (Including transition)

Was performed by Jason King of David Lloyd Basildon.

Event Time
Running Time
2 km
5 km
2000 m
Total Time:

Well done Jason - Fantastic Time and the Bench Mark for all top X Trainers to chase!

9th May

Why is this man on the left so important to X Training ?

Members of Fitness First luton know!

And find out a brief insight to the people who train and stay motivated throughout the year.

Click here to see the  report

8th May


Run 2km - Bike 5 km - Row 2 km Challenge.

What time could you do ?

To encourage X Training to start at Gym's - is breaking the challenge into phases. The first phase is to introduce Mini Indoor Triathlons within the Gym, where by certain sections of the challenge are introduced to members as a race format.

The first gym to take part in this is The Rochester Health Club, Europe's biggest Independent Gym and now X Training Premier Health Club in the UK

On the 12th and 15th May 2 Challenge Days will be on offer to the the members to introduce to them to X Training.

The ball had to start rolling so including transition times - here is the first result of the day - Mine!




Event Time

Running Time


2 km




5 km




2000 m





Total Time:


If there is a X Trainer out there that would like to submit one of their incredible times, it would be good for the Rochester Health Club to see what you guys can do (use Life Fitness Only) Just enter it in your Enter your timings page and contact

                   Mouse over the picture for distances

Run 2 km - flatBike 5 kmRow 2 km


8th May



Sarah Deed - winner of Fitness Extreme 2008 Open Women's event gives a brief interview on X Training.

Click here to read it

6th May

Winner of Fitness Extreme 2008 Jason King - talks about X Training.

Click here to read all about the guy who is fast making an impact on X Training scene and being a perfect role model - for the sport - his gym and the future of X Training.

3rd May

The Calso Press Up

The above picture shows the Calso Press Up being introduced to X Training at Fitness Extreme 2008. With body being in correct alignment throughout the movement, the arms locking out at 90 degrees and the chin touching the padded bar, judges were able to count each rep fairly and full range of movement was conducted by each individual.

For the sport to progress and new initiatives to take sport in the right direction - developments such as The Calso Press Up are crucial to making the sport unique and making our case to Sport England stronger for recognition.

It was remarked recently by another organiser that Press Ups in competitions are notoriously hard to judge (whilst the dark age springs to mind). Worldgymchallenge welcomes new initiatives and innovation in this sport to see it develop and looks for solutions to problems rather stagnating in the past.

Gary NicholasDeveloped by Gary Nicholas last year, from Calso Gym in Bromley Kent - The Calso Press Up is in Worldgymchallenge opinion a step in the right direction for advancement. But would like to hear the view of the competitor who took part.

Can you do you your part ?

The Poll on the Blog Page (left blue column) would like to hear from anybody who took part in this event. Just click on the circle you think best describes the introduction of The Calso Press Up.

Whilst you are on the Blog Page - why not join ? It's free and all you have to do is log in on that page with a current email address and make comments - especially feed back on Fitness Extreme.

If you are having problems with logging on just contact


30th April

More pictures at www. - Please add comments to the page and join this excellent web site to spread the of X Training word

Please contact if you cannot see your split times on line.


28th April

Worldgymchallenge recognises that the most important people to this site are the members - but the most important people to the growth of X Training as a sport are Personal Trainers.

Read here to find out about how one Personal Trainer is adapting to X Training and the benefits it has to his club, his clients and himself.

27th April

Click here to read the race report on Fitness Extreme 2008

27th April

The most important people at the gym are the members. The most important people of the the worldgymchallenge website are the members.

It's not about sales anymore - its about getting people fitter - about training - about enjoying the gym you are at - about being part of a community where male and female train together - Its about enjoying the challenge of getting fitter and being motivated.

Members want to get fitter - they love to be challenged and they love to train.

A message to all gyms out there. A gym challenge is available to any of your members through the database and if any of your members are fitter then those who take part in X Training Gym Challenges then please get in contact at because this is the only sport for members of gyms to say I am a member of a gym and I train hard and am motivated. If I am wrong then you are welcome to contact worldgymchallenge.

Take pride in your members, they represented your gym at Fitness Extreme 2008 and they are the Elite of the Gym Industry.

Click here to see who challenged themselves to the max and the final time they achieved.

Click here to see the splits of the day - including individual read out's and fastest of each discipline of the day

(scroll down the page and click on to each category)

Fastest time of the Day - Jason King - David Lloyd Basildon

Event Time
Running Time
Squat Thrusts
100 (50 each side)
Shoulder Press
40 x 25 kg
Press Ups
500 m
Lateral Pull Downs
40 x 42 kg
Bench Jumps
100 (50 each side)
Box Steps
80 x 12.5 kg d/b each hand
Sit Ups - Full
800 m @ 6 %
Bench Press
40 x 40 kg
Total Time:


Well done Jason King - for setting a new course record.

27th April


The first timed race of the season began and boy were there some awesome races or what !

Fitness Extreme 2008

Photo's reports and split times will all be on the website during the course of this week. If you wish to see your time displayed in the Events/Results section of this site - you either have to be a full member - or on the the three month free subscribtion.

Contact - if you cannot see your splits

25th April

The Elite Team Time Trial - Fitness First Rochdale

Jamie( Left) and Andy wearing Stash for the Elite Team Time Trial Rochdale Fitness First - The Club where X Training is making a real name for itself has made another bench mark in the sport.

Organised by Aidy Cartwright and verified by him - the UK's first Elite On line Male Only Team Time Trial took place. X Trainer of the year Andy Lett and rising X Trainer Jamie Fraser were the first to submit a time. Find out details here

I suggest any club that thinks it can compete against this time get some serious training in ..


... It was an awesome time.


25th April

Good luck to everybody taking part in Fitness Extreme tomorrow.

Don't forget if you wish to see your times published On Line - sign up for your 3 months free membership

(new members only)

Sign Up here   


23rd April


Zoe Bevan of the' Steven Spielberg Academy of X Training Film Making' will be at Luton to record anybody who wishes to se their efforts recorded on the day. The cost of this will be £12.00 per dvd .

The dvd will availiable within roughly two weeks of the event.

An example of Zoe's work can be seen here


21st April

The next time you are in a gym pick up a set of 10 kg dumb bells. Then do one hundred step ups - It's pretty tiring.

Now imagine if you will, not putting down those dumbbells for nearly ten hours , and going on to do another 2500 step ups and then walking the entire length of the London Marathon with your dumbbells in each hand - not being able to put them down or rest your arms.

It's almost too impossible to think about let alone actually achieve - but wait ...... could this be done?

Find out who did this, why they did it and what makes one man decide to challenge his body, his mind, his physical and mental fitness to the absolute limit. It is one of the most incredible tales of the London Marathon's history.


What makes a man do the things he sets himself out to do? Click here to find out



Fitness Extreme 2008

Mark Drury organiser of Fitness Extreme is please to annouce the race plan for Fitness Extreme 2008

Click here

You are the gym Elite

16th April


Are you taking part in Fitness Extreme?

Your timings will be published on the website only if you are a full subscribing member to WGC.


Does your gym take pride in you? You are the gym Elite .

Nelson Anderson and Jason King from David Lloyd Basildon


X - Trainers - You spend so much time in the gym - isn't it time gyms recognised you for your incredible fitness?

15th April

New changes to the site will be phased in over the coming months. ..

The first is visual to the site - all the challenge times are now on view in the database on the member's section

It's quite simple now - is your club running the challenge ? And if they are - are you getting the results? Those gyms with the fittest members on this challenge will have their names and the clubs and on the database - for instance Fitness First Rochdale currently have the fastest times as a club. Who can beat them?

When you register on the site, search for your club in the edit profile section. Then ask the club to to do the challenge. Then let's see which club has the fittest members - and guess what else? Those members can then if they wish compete in Gymxtc and represent their club against the fittest gym members in the UK right now.

And something else? But lets not give away too many secrets - get your gym to contact to find out more changes and just how this site can benefit your club.

It's quite simple ... This site will be free to members of gyms and the gym will offered access to the database for an annual payment of £199.00 plus VAT and in the process the growth of X Training will emerge as the only totally based gym sport.

This database is the gyms way of saying thank you to their members, and says we recognise your incredible fitness levels and we take pride that you belong to our gym.

X TRAINING IS THE NEW SPORT OF GYMS and  soon we will have the members and participation for the sport to be recognised by Sport England.


13th April



Pictures of last week's time trials are available to view here

If you wish to purchase pictures by another means of £7.50 each per Jpeg - please contact Rick Mason .

13th April


12th April

Good luck to Gary.

Gary (Left) and John CurrellOn Sunday - Gary Nicholas and John Currell from Calso Gym, Bromley Kent will be attempting the near impossible for the charity ' Whizz- Kidz'. Gary will be going around the course (26 miles) carrying 10kg d/b in each hand and performing 100 step ups at each mile. This incredible feat will be attempted for the first and probably last time by anybody!

Please support Gary by donating to this very worthwhile cause and support two of the best X Trainers in the country.

10th April

Stash Offer - Fitness Extreme 2008

For purchase details - buy on line at E shop - scroll down to worldgymchallenge

(Paul Morton is an example name)

9th April

Currently the fastest man on the planet of the worldgymchallenge is ...

'Lordy' Chris Lord.

Read here to find out a bit more about Lordy!



9th April

Read Steve Oxlades views on X Training.

A chance to listen to the people who do the sport and what their thoughts are. If the sport is to move on then the most important people who do the sport need to have a voice and input.

Click here to read Steve's views

Coming shortly .... he's the guy every one is talking about - Chris Lord - Lordy's profile - don't miss it.

Chris Lord

8th April

Stash Limited Edition 'Fitness Extreme T Shirt and Vest combination is aviailable here to view .

Please contact if you would like to place an order.

Click here to view the T Shirt

Click here to view the Vest

These are limited one off offers for a limited time period only - please place your order quickly to avoid disappointment.

I believe these to be the best T Shirts and vests ever seen at a X Training event - you guys are the gym elite - nobody else will tolerate the pain - wear your vest or T shirt with pride, knowing that you competed in one of the hardest gym challenges in the world today.

Fitness Extreme 26th May 2006

6th April
Breaking News .... New World Record ..... Breaking News .... New World Record ..... Breaking News ... New World Record

On Sunday the 6th April ar ROKO Gym in Gillingham Kent.

After a snow bound journey of over four hours from Devon - determined to perform to the max.X Trainer and Royal Marine ' Lordy' broke Andy Lett's long standing record of 13 : 48 by ten seconds.

A well deserved applause followed Lordy's attempt because everybody had witnessed something very special.

Well to done to Lordy and all those that turned up today - each and everyone determined , focused and motivated to perform in the only gym based sport - X Training.


New World Record - Lordy - from the Royal Marines 13: 38


  Check out the current Leader Board here

Breaking News .... Breaking News .... New World Record .... Breaking News ... New World Record ... Breaking News  ...
4th April


What Gym is dominating X Training ?

Lloyd Millichap - Fitness First - CamberleyMark Drury - Fitness First - LutonFrancis Walton - Fitness First - Gorton

Mike Jones - Fitness First - GortonAidy Cartwright - Fitness First RochdaleCassius Frankson - Fitness First - Leyton

Click onto the pictures to find out which gym is dominating X Training

Do other gyms need to play catch up - to compete against this gym chain?

Please use the Blog Page to post comment.


1st April


It's no Joke ! April is the beginning of the 'Race on Race Season' for X Training.


Gymxtc Time Trials - Fitness Extreme - Superfit - Indoor Ironman - The Dale Destroyer -  Gymxtc Finals - The Gorton Grueller - Best of the Best and the finale of the Season, The Hampshire.

There are Gym Instructors, Personal Trainers and members from Gyms just waiting to take part in these events and to be part of something special all you have to do is sign up and enter  on the Events Calendar page ... It's that easy !

What do you get in return?

If you are a gym - access to our free database so you record times on line to your members for any of our challenges.

If you are a Personal Trainer - See you Clients compete and get placing's in these challenges - that's real results!

If you are a member of a gym - A sense of achievement - Focus - Motivation and being part of something.

If you are a gym! A sense of pride in your members who compete in these challenges.


Be part of something special ... takes pride in its members achievements - does your gym take pride in you ?


29th March

LEAD BY EXAMPLE - Personal Trainers are discovering the benefits of X Training.


Lloyd Millichap at this year's Best of the Best in Dubai.

Have you ever taken part in a X Training event? Let's remember it's a Gym Challenge and what's the most important ingredient - The Personal Trainer - why ? Because if the Personal Trainer is keeping his clients motivated and happy, then the management are happy because they hold on to their members - its a great retention tool.

But does it stop there?

No ..... The fun is just beginning. Represent your Gym and take your clients the length of the country and compete in X Training Challenges in other gyms and the best way to do this is by being part of the

2008 X Training Challenge Grand Prix

(Entries have to be in by the 21st April)

Click here for Entry Forms

See if you can compete against others in this great sport for example enter the words X Training in YOU TUBE and check out the Hampshire X Training event or the Camberley Fitness First X Training Challenge.And find out why Lloyd Millichap and his Clients are some of the most motivated people who train at Gyms.

Click on the following link to see some of the action at Hampshire X Training Challenge 2007



24th March


World Gym Challenge. com - 'ROKKO' - Announcement and apology

March 22, 2008

As printed on the Blog Page

In this months edition of Work Out Magazine it has been announced that Sean Blyth is the owner of ROKKO in Gillingham. This is an obvious mistake and one that wants to set straight.

Sean Blyth is the Managing Director of and does not own ROKKO. He is a member of ROKO gym in Gillingham where he runs time trials for Gymxtc 2008, using the studio facility.

My apologies to ROKO for any embarassment caused on this misunderstanding.

Sean Blyth


20th March

The Blog Page

Over the coming months the Blog Page is going to be publicised a lot more on this site. Why? Because this sport needs your input. And if people are not talking about X Training they will not be doing it!

The Blog Page is there for you to put your constructive views and opinions out there - let the sport grow by word of mouth how good it it is - how beneficial it can be to your training and just what benefits your club will get when they start X Training there.

The latest News Item is on there now - It regards David Lloyd in Basildon and your views are needed to respond to this.

Those clubs that are passionate about Fitness know the benefits of X Training - but then again they need to take pride in those that are exceptional in the sport - Is that you ? Does your Club take pride in the events you enter? Do they support X Training - Are the Personal Trainers there capable of submitting a sub 20 min time to become verifiers?

Lots of questions - needs lot of answers

This is not lets slag off my gym (It will not be published) It's let's wake up the gym to the benefits of X Training and your views are needed.

You the X Trainer represent the growth of this sport. represents your voice - Please use the Blog Page to tell people who may need that added focus to train the benefits of X Training.

You will need to register separately on to the Blog Page (Your current password will not work)

Our Sport - Your Voice - The Blog Page

17th March


The Mini Gym Triathlon and Mini Gym Duathlon

The Mini Gym Triathlons and Mini Duathlons are now in your Enter your Timings page.

These can be set up as either Individual Challenges or Events for your gym if you are a Gym Manager or a full member of

Contact and publish your members results on line for the events you set up.


14th March


The Blog Page is after your voice! It is your sport and needs your input - keep updated on this page for regular topics that need discussing so that the the sport can move in the right direction - is listening to you the people who take part in this sport.

To make a comment you will need to Re - register . The Blog Page runs separately to to the password you have been given for

Also take part in the On Line Poll Votes

10th March



Over the next few days more information will follow on how to become a verifier of times.

The good news ...... Anybody can be a verifier

The bad News  .....   Male ............ You must be able to complete the Advance course in 20 min's or below.

More bad  News .....Female .......  You must be able to complete the Advance course in 22 min's or below.

The Good News - any member of your club can get verified times that will published with a tick by their results page.



Your Club is represented by you the verifier and any abuse of this will result in exclusion of verifying privileges. (Maximum of 5 verifiers per club)

By completing the course in the allowed time you have already proved you have a certain something and that you are somebody who possess a quality that likes to challenge themselves - welcome to the Elite Club of the Best of the Best in  the Gym Culture scene.

By taking part in Gymxtc 2008 you will automatically be given Verifier status should complete the challenge in the qualifying time.

April 6th 2008 is the next heat for the finals

Postal Entry (Click here)


For the member and the gym they belong to take pride in their member's achievements ...


 ... all train at David Lloyd, Basildon Essex and is proud to have them members of this site .

   Jason King - Nik Kandola                                   Mikki Skingsly                         Nelson and Amber Anderson                                 

10th March

More pictures can be seen at


10th March

Another successful day at ROKO in Gillingham saw a new breed of athlete begin to shine within the health and fitness Industry - the X Trainer - motivated, focused and achieving real results.

Click here to see just what was achieved.

Jason KingJason King

Congratulations to Jason King (above) who gains Premier Status with his sub 15 minute time.

And to Nelson Anderson and Daryl Fitches who both achieve Advanced X Trainers with their sub 17 min time.


Nelson Anderson                                                          Daryl Fitches


9th March


Gymxtc Time Trials (March 9th)

New and younger talent is starting to flood into the sport

Details will follow of this event shortly

7th March


ROKO  Gillingham Gym Challenge 2008 for Diabetes UK


Read all about the Diabetes Gym Challenge here


4th March

The latest edition (March 2008) of the News letter has just been released.

Please check your Junk email and Spam settings to make sure you receive this News letter in its proper format.

The link to Sport England's response is here (unfortunately there was a problem with the final version of the Newsletter - apologies for this)

If you would like to be included in the next Newsletter or have a view to express, please contact


3rd March


The fastest times in the UK now are .. mouse over pics for names

Andy LettWill WhitmoreLloyd MillichapJamie SpencerAidy Cartwright

Name M/F Region Country DOB Competing Level Events Entered Fastest Challenge Member Of Gym
Andy Lett M Greater Manchester UK Withheld Premier 12 13.48 Withheld
Will Whitmore M Unavailable Unavailable Withheld Premier 2 14.03 Withheld
Lloyd Millichap M Unavailable Unavailable Withheld Gold 5 16.12 Withheld
jamie M East Sussex UK Withheld Gold 3 16.32 Withheld
aidy cartwright M Manchester UK Withheld Gold 3 16.44 Fitness First Rochdale

Andy lett is the one to chase!

Wanna know something else?

The fastest guy is from Fitness First, three of them train at Fitness First, another one's event is sponsored by Fitness First and two of them are Personal Trainer's at Fitness First?

Can Fitness First be the first Gym in the UK to see the benefits of X Training?


2nd March

To all the Mother's out there a very Happy Mothers day.

March's Newsletter will be sent out shortly - News, Events, Offers, Profiles, Pictures - you name it will be in there !

Just one thing missing at the moment - voice from you guys - if you want a email printed with an opinion or how good your gym is or just how you discovered X Training and what a difference it made to you - just get in contact and we will publish constructive and positive comments.

Be part of something special ...

28th Feb


Indoor Ironman

28th June 2008

Stuart Leng gives his views on X Training and this great event which is now running in its 10th year

Click here to read Stuart's views

Click here to see last years results

27th Feb

Results from Calso are now on their website.

What makes X Training so enjoyable? Let's look at the friends and family connection ..... and the Gym connection ...

Friends and Training Partners What did you do at the Gym today Dad?Nik Kandola

                               Jason King and Nik Kandola                      Jason King                                     Nik Kandola                                                  

One Gym (David Lloyd Basildon Essex) has some of the finest X Trainers in the country which are friends, training partners, husbands and wives - and no doubt in the future sons and daughters too!

27th Feb

Some of the X Trainers on this site have been doing X Training since the nineties and have stayed loyal to a way of training that brings their fitness to incredible heights.

Martin Carter is one such athlete and for those of you who are thinking about competing read about Martin and see what it takes to be amongst the top of this sport with some of Martins split timings- Martin who is trained by Michelle Parsons and in the same camp as Sam Orgee and Phil Rawlings is a X Trainer of outstanding ability and a top all round guy.

Read here more about Martin

Date Name M/F Compilation Name Level Time Vrfd Evt
16-Jun-2007 twigarms M Dragons Gauntlet Open/Masters Gold 18.07 Time Verified Competition Details >
28-Apr-2007 twigarms M Fitness Extreme Open Gold 20.41 Time Verified Competition Details >
1-Dec-2007 twigarms M Hampshire & Fire X-Training Challenge - Open Gold 20.44 Time Verified Competition Details >
20-Oct-2007 twigarms M The Gorton Grueller 2007 (Open Course) Gold 21.46 Time Verified Competition Details >
16-Nov-2007 twigarms M The best of the Best Open Course Gold 23.25 Time Verified Competition Details >
26th Feb


Mark Drury from Fitness First in Luton is pleased to release the Entry form for entries into Fitness Extreme 2008.

It is advisable to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment for this incredible event.

Fitness Extreme 2008

Click here to download a Entry Form

Good luck to all who enter

For those who are new to the sport and live in the Luton area- Mark can be contacted on

07720 633324

You will be hard pressed to find a better introduction to the sport and some excellent guidance

23rd Feb


X Trainer of the Year 2007, Andy Lett has broken Will Whitmore's long standing record of 14 03 min's to a new time of 13 48 min's using Life Fitness gym equipment.


Full members can see Andy's splits by searching the members section.

Well done Andy - a brilliant achievement and another feather in the cap for Fitness First Rochdale - who have some of the finest X Trainers in the UK there and some of the most outstanding Personal Trainers.

23rd Feb

Breaking News ...

Following the finals of Gymxtc on the 7th Sept the next phase of X Training kicks in

The Team Event

The  calendar will be split annually between

January - September (Individual events)

September - March (Team events)

Start getting your teams sorted now for Team Gymxtc 2009

It will be interesting to see which gym has the fittest Team in the UK - or maybe the fittest Bank ? Or maybe the fittest Supermarket? Or maybe the fittest Football Team ....the list is pretty endless.

Keep posted for further announcements.

22nd Feb

Calso Gym Challenge tomorrow

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A few pictures from last year....

Best of luck to you from


22nd Feb

Breaking News ....

Will Whitmore's current fastest time of 14 03 min's has been broken ...

Keep posted to find out the new time shortly


21st Feb
Life Fitness equipment Run/Bike Spring 6 km Challenge
Event Time
Running Time
6 km
6 km
Total Time:



How versatile is this website?



A Gym Challenge is any piece of equipment utilised  in the gym to maximize your motivation. Run on the treadmill for 6 KM - then straight onto the Bike for 6 Km and then enter your timings - easy!

Welcome to the ....

Life Fitness


Technogym .... equipment Spring 6 KM Run/Bike Challenge 2008

Just click on the appropriate Challenge In 'Enter Your Timings' in the left Blue column and add to your list of Gym Challenges you have entered.

This one is free and set up so you can challenge friends on line if they use the same equipment as you.

It can be verified by Personal Trainers that are registered to this site so that you can authenticate times.


Always ensure that you are physically fit enough to compete in any form of a gym challenge and seek the help of a suitably qualified professional for medical and fitness advice .

20th Feb

The Race plan for the Finals on the 7th September have been finalised.

Please Click here to view the timings - all you have to do now is qualify and fill the slots - Good luck to you all.

Have you got what it takes to be there?


20th Feb

Ty Whitlock has announced the date for the very successful Hampshire X Mas Cracker as the 6th December 2008

Also the Dale Destroyer application form is now uploaded on to the website (Calendar and Disciplines page)

With the increase in numbers for all events - it is advised that you secure your place as soon as possible for events to avoid disappointment.

Which leads me on nicely to the 9th March

Only 50 entries are available for Marches' qualification. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

19th Feb

Are you good enough to take part in Gymxtc?

You will never know how good you may have been if you do not take part.



Be part of something special ....


More photo's  at - please register to view.


18th Feb


A big thank you to For Goodness shakes for supplying an excellent refreshing, refueling and nutricious shake for after.

And to Stash for supplying the outstanding T Shirts for the day.


18th Feb

New addition to the site ...

In the left blue column in red is the Gymxtc leader Board

Keep posted to see if you are qualifying for the finals on the 7th Sept, or just want to see your name amongst the finest, fittest and most outstanding individuals of any gym.

Worldgymchallenge takes immense pride in what our members achieve - well done to you all.


16th Feb

And so it begins ....

Time Trials are there to authenticate times for the finals on the 7th Sept. The ball has started to roll and it is now up to the X Trainers out there to keep the fire burning.

My thanks go to Jamie Spencer (red vest) Rich Griffin, Steven Broadley and new face on the scene Daryl Fitches.

Jamie went on to win the day with a very respectable16:32 (and earns himself Advanced status). So with the others now fighting for a place in the finals it will be interesting who will qualify. And by qualifying with verified times, you can guarantee that come finals day, there will be some of the closest races ever seen in X Training! It will be such a good day and something definitely very special.

Click here for pictures on the day

Click here for current Leader Board

16th Feb


Gymxtc 2008

Commences tomorrow - best of luck to those taking part. Timings and splits will be up as asap.

The very first Gymxtc was set aside for one individual who represents the growth of the sport - new - full of passion, dedicated, motivated and a top all round bloke.

Read Steve Broadly's view on Gymxtc here


16th Feb

The Leader Board is now up for Gymxtc 2008 (Click here)

If you wish to qualify for a place in the final you have to win a Monthly time trial. The next fastest times will be offered places.

If your Gym wants to host a Regional Time trial - please contact (limited places)

Be part of something special ....


15th Feb

What exercise secret would you give a newcomer to X-Training?

Do more CV training than weights, I've always focussed too much on weights because I enjoy cultivating 'Beach muscles'! You don't need massive muscles for X-training.



Chuck Berry



13th Feb

The next event after Calso is the Gymxtc Time Trial - Only 50 slots per month till July, will be available to qualify for the final in September.

9th March is the date for March ! 7th September is the Final.

On Line Entry

Postal Entry Click here


leave it too late and you will not qualify for a time, peak too early and someone else may well beat your time, it's a dilema - but you do have to be in it!

New blood is coming into this sport - and WGC com welcomes them into being part of something special.

Do you want to Challenge your self ? Do you ? X Training is the new sport for gyms.

10th Feb

The Blog Page

If any X Trainer would like to comment on the Blog Page - now would be a good opportunity.

The way the sport is developing is such that input from you who do the sport is needed to keep the momentum of building up participation levels.

The Blog Page was created for this very same reason - got a query or something you are not too sure about ? Then  use the Blog Page and make your views heard.

Your current password will not be accepted on this page you need to get another password from the login area of the Blog Page - all you need is a email account.

Your views are the most important views.

Each comment has to be approved before publication and then moderated if need be, but this is solely for the reason that people will not be intimidated or afraid to publish their view. To take the sport to it's next level it needs input - it needs training methods published and it needs to more internet friendly. All possible on the Blog Page.

This is one of the many steps taken to get the sport recognised - please support in it's fight to get the sport recognised.

Question 1 should be - Do you think Sport England should recognise X Training as a single sport? You train for it - Have your say.

9th Feb



Is your Gym thinking of holding a Gym Challenge?

How will you publish your results ?

Is it open to local competitors or just members from your club?

Chances are can publish your results on line!

The Events Results Page has been updated!

Click one of many Gym Challenges for your members to compete in and then contact:

And let us publish your results on line.

Advertise your Club for free and give your members that added bit of motivation in the process.



(Click on the above link for details on the show)

If you'd like to apply to be a Contender please call 0870 726 8868 (Calls charged at standard National Rate) or e-mail


Cassius Frankson former contestent on Gladiators


Calling all X Trainers, as you may be aware Gladiators is returning to the screen. A new season of prime time TV Saturday night is planned by sky one. Details of entry are above. Cassius Frankson was a previous contender on this show and I'm sure there are those that would like to try and achieve what Cassius tried to do.

In  my eyes , those that try X Training are already the real Gym Gladiators and there can be no greater exposure for the sport then on a show like this.

If you think you have what it takes, then please get in contact with the show's producers and enter via the link. 

Tel : 0870 726 8868


4th Feb


The latest date for the Gymxtc time trial has just been announced 9th March - Online entry availaible here


Good luck to you all


4th Feb


In the next few weeks Sport England will decide whether X Training is to be given status a s a recognised sport. As far as I am aware a Sport England representative did not attend a single X Training event last year, throughout the Grand Prix held within the UK.

I am curious as to how an application form forms the basis for a sport without, any further follow up?

Each event was publicised on this website with times published.

Sport is an activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Sports commonly refer to activities where the physical capabilities of the competitor are the sole or primary determiner of the outcome (winning or losing), but the term is also used to include activities such as mind sports and motor sports where mental acuity or equipment quality are major factors.

The above definition of what is a sport is taken from Wikpedia (The free encyclopedia)

Again as far as I am aware anybody that completes in a X Training event, is fairly competitive, there are rules and judges and the physical capabilities of the winner on the day is the primary determining fact as to who won.

Let's just throw in a few other points too - this sport can be completed by either male or female.

It has potentially over 5 million (In the UK alone) competitors - potentially 110 m world wide (IHRSA) figures.

It has over 7,000 venues in the UK, 43, 000 venues in the US and 41,000 venues in Europe.

Basically there is not another sport in the world that has a potential market of competitors , venues , members, equipment, trained professional instructors, gym and personal already in place to see this sport increase.

By its own definition the two governing bodies that represent both Sport in the UK the FIA and Sport England use the following slogans.

Sport England - Creating an active nation through sport.

                            FIA (Fitness Industry Association) - More People - More Active - More often

And then you have  slogan

Motivation, Focus, Incentive, Participation.

I doubt very much anybody that has completed a X Training event would argue that they did not train for it at a gym. It is the only place you can do it and the only place that can host the events.

If the UK is as serious about the obesity problem as is was about looking out for those that have the motivation , the focus, the incentive to train and supported the the events they compete at, then it would be nice to see Sport England and the FIA support UK's finest athletes that dominate this sport in the global feild.

Please support in its effort to see X Training, and the very fine athletes that take part in this sport get the recognition they deserve.



3rd Feb

That guy is at it again. Lloyd Millichap has again knocked time off his best time . Just what are the improvements? Well this site is all about measurable results, and here is Lloyd's, in just under a year!

Personal Challenge Record | Search Attempts |
Task Completed Date Level In Time  
WGC Advanced Course 1-Feb-2008 Gold 16.12  
WGC Advanced Course 13-Feb-2007 Gold 19.41  
Split Time: 353 days apart -3.29

This site is not about winning events, its all about trying your best and seeing your fitness improve - and here is what happens when you keep trying.

Well done Lloyd.

1st Feb


For the latest details of Gymxtc please click here


29th Jan

Rising stars of X Training - Ben Stroud

Ckick here to find out more about Ben

Click here to find out more about the day at Watford


28th Jan

The sport of X Training is still trying to get recognition by Sport England for an officially recognised sport within the gym Industry. Where better to start a sport that has it's heart in the gym?

Are we having problems with the gyms? Would they like to see a sport develop - well thinks opinion is divided, all the X Trainers say gyms don't care about them and they continue to have events in small pockets of the country supported by limited provision of venues.

But then here's a chance to prove X Trainers wrong and the gym's right.

The above pictures are from one gym in Essex (David Lloyd in Basildon) Those that are featured are amongst the finest X Trainers in the country, including a team that raced against The Royal Marines (PTI's) at the Hampshire this year.

Was that gym bothered about it's finest members? Do they know that one of them was a finalist in SAS Are You Tough Enough? Do they respect the training and the dedication and commitment these guys and girls do to take part in the events they enter ? Would they ever arrange a X Training event?

Sport England have nearly taken a year to respond to our first proposal for a recognised sport

How long will these guys train at David Lloyd before they are recognised for their efforts and incredible fitness levels? These are some of the best guys in the country in this very demanding sport.

Because lets face it, I don't think there is a gym in a country that it hasn't promised to get you fit - but what happens then? Once you are there? Once you can complete a physically demanding all over gym challenge, that would leave most people still hiding in their bunks - what happens when a gym has under its roof, such levels of peak fitness that surely they must have a degree of pride? A bit of yeah, these guys train at our gym and were are proud of them. ..... surely?

If not, then click here to see the X Trainers responce. What do they do to get fitter? They train together !


28th Jan

Why do Personal Trainers find X Training interesting?

Well firstly, as is really apparent not all Personal Trainers like X Training. It's a free world and every one to their own. But what does find curious is that X Training is based solely in a gym. There is nothing involved in X Training that is really anything that you wouldn't really normally do in a gym anyway. looks upon x Training as the jigsaw that puts those pieces together to training and here's the reason why?




Compilation Name







Lloyd Millichap


Hampshire & Fire X-Training Challenge - Intermediate



Time Verified


Details >


Lloyd Millichap


Individuals Cup Octathalon



Not Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


Individuals Cup Octathalon



Not Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


WGC Advanced Course



Time Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


Hampshire & Fire X-Training Challenge - Intermediate



Not Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


Fitness Extreme Intermediate



Time Verified


Details >


Lloyd Millichap


Individuals Cup Octathalon



Not Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


WGC Advanced Course



Not Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


WGC Advanced Course



Time Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


Hampshire & Fire X-Training Challenge - Intermediate



Not Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


Dragons Gauntlet Intermediate. Male/Female



Not Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


WGC Advanced Course



Time Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


WGC Advanced Course



Time Verified

Not A Competition

Details >


Lloyd Millichap


The Gorton Grueller 2007 (Intermediate Course)



Time Verified


Details >


Lloyd Millichap


The Best of the Best Intermediate Course



Time Verified


Details >


Lloyd Millichap


Hampshire & Fire X-Training Challenge - Intermediate



Time Verified


Details >

(If you are full member you can click on details and see those splits)

So in the course of one year - from Hampshire to the same event one year later Lloyd has improved somewhat! Not only that but through the whole year Lloyd was focused and motivated to train for each of the events he entered. Including traveling to Dubai and winning the Intermediate!

X Training isn't for everybody but I tell you what, as soon as you start processing your results and seeing the physical changes in your fitness levels - you do tend to ask yourself this one very common question - why didn't I do this before? And I just want to to get quicker .... welcome to the wonderful world of X Training.


Click here to find out a little more about Lloyd