Why Gym XTC™ .....?

The sport of Gym X Training Challenges is carried out by anybody that visits a gym. Each gym signs up by license agreement to publish results for their members for a sport totally dedicated to gym workouts. Making this a unique sport for gyms.

To a degree anybody who goes to a gym is a Gym Athlete if they mix cardio and weights in their training and record results from it.

All this site and sport does is combine elements of going to a gym and creating motivation to train just that little bit harder.

A simple watch with a stop watch function will enable you to see if you are getting fitter, by times becoming quicker.

Record your progress on the on line diary and just watch your times improve and you get fitter.

How will I benefit from Gym X Training Challenges ?

You will be able to see a steady, measurable result in your overall levels of fitness.

You will find that your effective workout time is much reduced which will give you far more time for your other interests.

You will learn much more about your own body and your heart and that will lead to an increased awareness of your nutritional intake and how that affects your life.

You will find your body adapting to the weight and shape it prefers to be.

Why should I compete in Gym X Training Challenge events ?

  • Each competition you enter will be exciting and challenging.
  • The gym that you belong to will become a completely friendly, training orientated centre for your personal use.
  • You will belong to a community that beforehand you never really knew existed.

The First Stages - Become a Gymathlete.

WGC recognises the simple fact that although Gym X Training Challenges have many benefits - it also achieved best by a structured approach.

Consult a Personal Trainer for best results.

  • Do not dive straight in at the Advanced level
  • Club Xtreme it is pushing your body too far, too soon and as with every sport must be trained for appropriately.

What makes Gym X Training Challenges unique?

    Gym X Training is a three year plan to increase your focus and motivation when in a gym, giving longevity to training and keeping members focused. Only results recorded on the WGC database are official WGC results.

    • It acts as a great retention tool for gyms.
    • It embraces, male , female, young or old at any level of fitness into the concept of remaining focused in a gym.
    • As each event approaches a common feeling of togetherness approaches the gym and everybody that competes is united in a common goal.

Charity and Corporate Events .

Why not hire out a gym studio or the local Leisure Centre and set up your own Gym Challenge Day with professionally trained Gym Instructors or Personal Trainers?

Contact info@worldgymchallenge.com




Nobody else can do it but You.