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You Tube Tutorial - Introduction to World Gym Challenge                                    
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You Tube Tutorial - How to Edit Your Profile                                                    
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You Tube Tutorial - How to enter results on the Online Verfication Form
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You Tube Tutorial - How to enter a Charity Online Gym Challenge (Part 1)
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You Tube Tutorial - How to enter entrants and timings (Part 2)
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You Tube Tutorial - Create a Personal Challenge
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You Tube Tutorial - How to use the Search Engine
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1. Change a Password Click
2. Changing your Gender Click
3. Changing your Date of Birth Click
4.Changing your User Level Click
5. Changing your Age Group Click
6. Changing your Personal Trainer Click
7. Changing your Country and Region Click
8. Changing your Gym Click
Editing your Profile
1. Go to Edit Details Click
2. Editing your Name Click
3. Editing your Address Click
4. Editing your Registered Category Click
5. Editing your Height and Weight Click
6. Editing your Write Up Click
Other Questions
1. How do I view my times compared to everybody in my Gym and nationally etc...?
2. How do I enter my timings?
3. How do I view a friends time?
4. I play football (or any other sport) How do see only Football (or any other sport) times?
5. What happens if I change Gyms?
6. How do I get a refund?
7. Is my name on view to everybody?
8. If I am not a member of a gym can I still use this site?
9. Can I change my bench mark time?
Adding a Personal Challenge
1. I wish to make up my own Challenge Click
Personal Trainer
1. How do I view my Clients Data Click
2. I am a Client. How do I find a Personal Trainer Click
I am a verifier
1. How do I verify a time? Click