Association Aims.


The UK GCA has formed in order to promote X Training (pronounced Cross Training).

It is the intention of the UK GCA to put X Training into as many participating gyms in the UK over the next two years and then globally as the sport expands.


In order for this to happen a web site has been formed ( to make the process of setting up events and more importantly recording the event details (timings, geographic participation etc) so that it can be used as a national /global database.


The growth of  X Training is in its infancy and has for many years struggled to find the right environment to flourish. UK GCA believes that time is now and is totally focused in having X Training recognised by Sport England and Exercise Movement and Dance Patnership , so our athletes will have the opportunity for recognition they deserve.


Applications  to form a committee are invited to be part of this Association by contacting:

  • Sponsors.
  • Gym Organisations.
  • Media Outlets.
  • Advertising Agencies.
  • Sport manufacturers.
  • Sport equipment suppliers.
  • Athletes.
  • Personal Trainer Training Agencies.

Are particularly welcome , in order to promote X Training.


When the established committee forms it, it will be chaired  annually by a revolving chair person. Committee members will discuss ways of development for X Training to advance and finance control.


This area of a committee will be responsible to ensure the correct path is taken in future events, including rules , regulations and  safety .


The committee will sit to discuss the expansion of X Training into foreign countries and for recognised bodies to be formed and affiliated to the UK Association.


The committee will be focused on gaining recognition by Sport England and will actively involve methods to promote the sport at every opportunity.




Operation of any UK GCA event may only be carried out under the License contract of UK GCA and clearly displaying the UK GCA logo or permission from the management. This is to ensure correct timings are entered into the system and that deviating from the recognised challenge is avoided. And that every aspect of this challenge has been sanctioned by UK GCA. Any abuse of of timings entered could lead to that gym being struck from participating operators.


When the opportunity presents itself.:


The UK GCA annual time trial to see who has the fastest time of the year will be held at a venue, where spectators will enjoy a spectacle of athletes competing for the annual title.


Celebrity Sport and Entertainment  personalities are welcome to try this sport for spectator entertainment.



UK GCA welcomes the chance to promote charity in any of its events.

It is the charity aspect of expansion that we are particularly focussing on. And the potential to raise millions for good causes is an aspect that we are very excited about.

UK GCA welcomes invitations from charities for income to be redirected back to them from our on line payment membership base. This will be initially based on all interest from our line base membership account going to charity, and then as the sport expands a higher revenue from member fees.

For progress this will be centred initially on a major recognised charity connected to children, the handicapped and sport development in those areas.


Investment from the website and sponsors will go back into the sport of X Training  to enhance the sport to develop more quickly. The technology revolution is aimed at this sport to enable correct judging and fair play in all our events.


The future

UK GCA has  been set up to enhance and promote X Training from the UK. It will be “Only  a matter of time”  before this great and challenging sport develops and has the global recognition it deserves.


Cross Training does form part of training for any sport that is currently performed by any body who takes an active role in enhancing ones fitness levels. Whether you are a professional athlete, a gym user – or somebody who stays at home – Cross Training is an established method of adapting to a healthier and fitter lifestyle when balanced with a nutritional healthy diet. There is no denying that – the sport of X Training and its adaptation to UK GCA as a challenge, is a single sport and one that is waiting to be developed.



If what UK GCA is trying to accomplish will be achieved – it has  to be achieved  by those who have total faith in promoting improvements in fitness levels in the UK and abroad.


I look forward to hearing from anybody who has the vision, the faith and expectation levels that I have to take X Training and the Gym Challenge to the next level and promote it to a world wide platform.



It has to be a team effort to make this happen.


“I and you will never achieve what we and us can”

Sean Blyth.                             Managing Director.