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'Be more than just a gym member'

9th May
Blog Page

It is intended to shortly change Latest News on to the Blog Page of WGC. This will be a trial to see what works best in its format.

The Blog Page link is situated at the top of the Home Page in yellow and over the next few days, pictures from the past will appear in the Blog. You will be able to click on to these and see a full size picture. Just one of the benefits of the blog.

Please keep checking the Blog Page for updates on Latest News.

4th May
The Gym X Training Coach

There are tens of thousands personal trainers and gym instructors in the world today. And that is what they are. What they are not are Gym X Training Coaches. The Gym X Training Coach will be registered on the WGC webiste with his or her clients forming part of the Gym Training Community. The results in 'gym fitness' that a Gym X Training Coach gets will be published on WGC.

Whether a Gym X Training Coach is training you for the Run, Bike Row Charity Challenge for Help The Heroes or just simply motivating you through each gym session, he or she will bound by a code that says, I will get you results in 'gym fitness'. And they will be the best personal trainers or gym instructors in the world because they will have the results to prove it.

Keep posted on this exciting new development in Gym X Training Concept (GymXTC™).

4th May
The 1000 Calorie Gym Challenge

To lose weight there is a magic formula. You must expend more calories then you take in. Simples! But here is the thing, simply losing weight or burning calories is only half of the deal if you want to get fit. The 1000 calorie gym challenge has been introduced to give you the best of both worlds, results in fitness and results in weight loss goals. Click on the above link and you will s'prised to find that getting results in fitness and weight loss, is all about knowing your own intensity levels and managing them every time you visit the gym.

2nd May
The 1000 Calorie Gym Challenge.
Gym X Training Circuits

Sean BlythIt is often remarked that working out in a gym can be very boring. What is really needed is a simplistic approach to burning calories and using as much of the equipment in the gym whilst setting yourself mini challenges along the way.

WGC has been working on the 1000 calorie challenge, which incorporates a high intensity cardio gym challenge, along with fat loss, and gives you a result at the end.

WGC has never been a fan of weight loss as a method to show how fitness works. You get fit first, as a by product, you should lose weight (depending on you goals) in the process, but getting fit is the priority.

The 1000 calorie gym challenge, uses only equipment in the gym, such as a treadmill, concept 2 rower, a X Trainer and simple body weight exercises. The intensity is relatively high, but achievable. And the results - well anybody that burn 1000 calories in one gym session in under a hour has achieved the best of both worlds, weight loss and fitness gains.

The Gym X Training Circuit (GymXTC™) Is being introduced to WGC members for a sense of competing in a Gym X Training Competition, without actually competing, but getting all the benefits of training and results. A You Tube clip will uploaded shortly about Gym X Training Circuits (GymXTC™ ) And you will very quickly see, that you do not have to be a super fit, muscle bound Adonis, to burn 1000 calories in under a hour, in any gym.

1st May

Well done to my mate Micky Gooch, for getting on to Britains Got Talent. Take a look at the You Tube Clip here if you missed it

1st May

Run Bike Row For A Hero Charity Gym Challenge starts today. How fast can you run 1000m, Bike 2000m and Row 500 m? Sound easy? Then if it does you haven't tried Gym X Training. Its not about duration, its about intensity and that is where the benefits lay.

28th April
Developing the brand GymXTC ™

It's a bit like the sketch from Monty Python really "What have the romans ever done for us? " Only WGC lives it. For five years there has been a latest news on WGC, with interviews, reports, photographs, results and every split published. And just recently the added You Tube channel. It boils down to "What more could WGC have done?"

I am not one to say I have done everything right and obviously mistakes have been made, but that also creates the opportunity for new technology and new areas to open up and this is now the case with another X Training avenue on the horizon.

It would have been nice to have been informed of such a plan (as was the case with Gym Athlon) but obviously it was felt this was not necessary.

WGC has always been a results based service, when competitors see their results published immediately after finishing a race into leader boards that display the fastest of each discipline and give personal folders to those that entered. It is a bespoke website devoted entirely to the Gym Athlete and the sport of Gym X Training.

And it continues its drive to push the best Gym Athletes in the world and find gyms that can promote their club and events into a spectacle of fitness and fun fusion all in the pursuit of a recognised sport for gyms.

Gym X Training Challenges (GymXTC ™)

The above link gives a brief outline of the five year history of WGC.

27th April
The benefits of a good cardio/strength Gym X Training Circuit (GymXTC™ )

Here is a introduction to setting up your own Gym X Training Circuit. It is based on Beginner/Intermediate level so as not to put the potential gym athlete off. Having said that, we all know that effective Gym X Training means leaving your comfort zone and although it recommends pacing yourself, initially, their comes a time when you need to push yourself. Have a read and see what you think. A comments page is available on Facebook.

26th April
The Run Bike Row For A Hero Gym Challenge

Is quite simply the easiest hardest gym challenge in the market today. It is not a triathlon! It is a gym challenge competed by Gym Athletes .... Unleash the Gym Athlete in you !

Lets consider this, a Triathlon needs three sports and typically they are Running, Swimming and Cycling. None of which are carried out in the gym in the format that is recognised by the official Olympic Committee.

The Run Bike Row is a Gym Challenge - competed by Gym Athletes who have nothing but results to show in leader boards on

Grade yourself in fitness ...

If you achieve a verified result by a personal trainer of under 8 minutes you will be graded up to Advanced Gym Athlete. You will not achieve Elite status, but you will be considered Elite in the Run Bike Row.

Elite Gym Athletes need grading's of weights and cardio and only at your WGC recognised own gym, or ar a recognised WGC event can you achieve Elite status.

At present there are only 16 Elite Male Gym Athletes in the World today and only one female.

To achieve Elite Status takes everything from you for little reward and this is what makes Gym X Training unique in the sporting world.

Take your fist steps in the Run Bike Row For A Hero Gym Challenge and see if you have what it takes to become an Advanced Gym Athlete.

22nd April
Five Minute Interview with Craig Edwards

What makes a gym? The Equipment? The Venue, The Staff? Basically all three, but what is needed is a bind between them all and that is where the personal trainer shines. Take a quick look at Craig Edwards five minute interview. It will tell you more about the gym, the person, and the results he is achieving at the gym he belongs to and the members who are lucky enough to train there. Remember, this is five minutes and I would train with Craig - any day of the week. And if his gym was on my doorstep, that is the gym I would be training at. Unfortunately it's in Australia! Which is good news for the sport, but bad news if your looking for a first rate gym in your local area!

21st April
Richard Vint talks about training and the Ultimate Gym Athlete event.

Richard Vint from Fitness First Fleet is taking the Gym X Training world by storm. Literally unstoppable in the recent events he has taken part - he is a fine example of what can ultimately be achieved in the gym when you are training for performance.

The title The Ultimate Gym Athlete belongs to Rich and very well done to him too.

20th April
The very first Gym X Training Circuit (GymXTC™ )

Had a go at this yesterday and really enjoyed it. The exercise was to be fair ... moderate, although the run is a bit much for me these days. The point being though, 40 min's exercise, not taking or hogging equipment and that all important EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) is elevated. Check out what Ultra Fit Magazine have to say on boosting your metabolism.

19th April
Have a look at what the new boys are saying?

Sanny TaylorFor a sport to grow it needs new blood, events and a positive look on the future. WGC takes time out and talks to the the new guys on the scene and finds out what they think about the sport and how they enjoyed the day at ExCel. What is quite fascinating about these guys in particular is where they are from. Sanny Taylor flew down from Scotland, Mark Delaney flew in from Ireland and Bill McKeever is originally from Chicago.

If gym athletes are prepared to travel to these lengths to compete, then if the sport grew and you didn't actually have to travel anywhere but your own gym, there could be a massive uptake to the sport. And that is why WGC turns its attention towards the Run Bike Row For A Hero Gym Challenge - to encourage growth of Gym X Training and the publication of results in 'gym - fitness'

Keep posted for more exciting news on the Run Bike Row For A Hero Gym Challenge.

9th April
The All Time Top Ten UK Gym Athletes

OK, here it is ! This is the ultimate guide to the all time top ten UK Gym Athletes since records began on WGC. The member focus page will be added to daily when responses are returned and they all make for interesting reading. To start the ball rolling, have a read of Andy Lett's response and kinda see just how much the industry has failed in its recognition of the best Gym Athletes in the UK.

It will be uncomfortable reading for the Directors of Fitness First and many other chains and gyms, the FIA, REP's, Fit pro - because listed in these ten, represent the best any gym has produced and you chose to ignore them - give them no publicity, refused on so many levels to give the sport, the gym athletes, the best the UK fitness industry has to offer a chance to breathe and create a sport for gyms, instead you have looked at VIPR , Zumba and other mediocre lame - failing and abysmal recreations of stale and boring routines you choose to champion under the name of fitness.

WGC begs to differ I'm afraid. In the five years it has operated, it has clawed, argued, been threatened with legal action on so many occasions, to try to prevent what is the ultimate in Gym Fitness becoming the bench mark in competing and training for a reason Gym X Training Challenges, and will continue to do so, because listed are the ten most gifted individuals who have competed in a sport, in the area you operate in and we find you guilty of failing to promote the true test of fitness balanced against the making of a quick buck.

It could be argued that WGC has failed to ignite the passion of gym management, the Gym Athletes themselves, the Industry and those in government that need to see fact based evidence that results in gym fitness are necessary to see how the nation and the fitness industry can promote a healthier lifestyle, and probably to a degree in some parts true, but the simple fact remains, WGC has the evidence to show that improvement and consistent results in 'gym - fitness' works - on any level, young, old, male, female, physically impaired or not and it is up to the industry to prove otherwise.

How do you plead is normally the case here (fitness industry), but with the NHS facing meltdown and the results and facts that WGC can supply in improvements in gym - fitness , it is time to challenge those that argue the case and prove that your method to increase the nations health is working, because from where I am at - in the gym I belong to, there is not the slightest piece evidence it is making one bit of difference.

The All Time Top Ten UK Gym Athletes take a bow, you have performed in the arena provided to you by your gym. Excelled in fitness and have the thanks and respect from every Gym Athlete who has ever competed, you are role models and ambassadors each for the sport of Gym X Training and have the results to prove it.

WGC will continue to promote the best UK Gym Athletes who are world leaders in the sport of Gym X Training (A sport for gyms based on factual evidence of results) and will, I suspect, be ridiculed and manipulated to appear self indulgent and pompous, but not until you have crossed the start line and performed to the best of your ability in a Gym X Training Challenge and know what it takes to perform and get real results in 'gym - fitness' can you throw stones in this direction.

8th April
The WGC All Time Top Ten Male Gym Athletes since 2006

Coming shortly, the all time top ten UK Male Gym Athletes.

If you wish to add your top ten, then there is a space in Facebook to do this.

Please remember, many names will be missing, or you may think more derserving, this may very well be the case, but WGC prints the list in good faith and judgement based only on the records it maintains.

Many do not compete anymore, but WGC is planning to add words from those over the coming weeks, so keep posted, I can assure you it will be one of the best things you have read about Gym X Training in a long while.

5th April
In support of the UK Gym Athlete
Click Here

4th April
The top 20 fastest times published in Intermediate Male and Female WGC since 2005
Click here to see the results

30th March
The IFBB Grand Prix & Fitness Weekend (Part 5)
Richard Vint You Tube Video of him breaking the world record.
27th March
April's Monthly Gym Challenge

Richard Vint performed a 3:46 1000m run at the END of the World Gym Challenge. This months Challenge is to see what you guys can do from fresh. Personal Trainers can enter results using the Online Verification Form .

Taylor, a visiting young tourist from France, completed this challenge in 4:40 secs and she was under 14!

Personal Trainer Rebecca Edwards (above ) managed 5:39 , I came in at 7:01 !!! (both had first completed seven stages of the World Gym Challenge)

What will you manage?

If your are known in the GYM XT Community you may publish your own results.

25th March
The IFBB Grand Prix and Fitness Expo Weekend (Part 4)
You Tube Clip of what happened over the weekend. More You Tube Clips to follow.

24th March
The IFBB Grand Prix and Fitness Weekend (Part 3)
What did WGC achieve over the weekend?

22nd March
The IFBB Grand Prix and Fitness Weekend (Part 2)
Please watch the above You Tube Clip and be inspired beyond your wildest dreams!

21st March
The IFBB Grand Prix and Fitness Weekend (Part 1)

21st March
It's done ! Finally a new record ! Richard Vint breaks 13.30 !
Thank you to our sponsors JST (Pictured Wayne Starkey right)
19th March
The IFBB Grand Prix & Fitness Expo

Good luck to all those taking part in the Ultimate Gym Athlete over the weekend. All is in place now for exposing Gym X Training Challenges (GymXTC ™) to the public , with an estimated footfall of up to 25, 000 over the weekend.  Great news for the sport.

If you fancy racing on the day - then there is still a few race slots left.To enter the event is free , but to enter the Expo is £25.00, but I guarantee you money well spent.

To our right is a giant tank and behind us is Body Building .com™ , on Sunday Rich and Sam go head to head again and also new comer  Rebecca Edwards takes on last year's winner Claire Boyce.

It is going to be a fantastic weekend for the sport and great exposure too.

Full reports, pictures, results and You Tube clips will follow in the days after, so keep posted.

Hopefully see you there!

Thank you to Wayne Starkey from JST nutrition for sponsoring this event.

17th March

Gym X Training Championships (GymXTC™)

  • Three days till the launch of The Run, Bike Row at ExCel in support of Help For Heroes
  • Four days to go to see if the world record will be broken.
  • Publication of results will be immediate, when each individual has finished the race.
  • Who did the fastest of each category split (Run, Bike, Row, Shoulder Press etc )
  • Who makes it into Elite Gym Athlete status.
  • Personal Folders of what you achieved for those who take part.
  • Loads of JST nutrition products to sample
  • Fantastic venue , right in the heart of London
  • Incredible array of superbly conditioned Gym Athletes performing to the max.

Its all happening at the London ExCel on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Support Gym X Training Challenges
  • Support a sport for gyms
  • Support World Gym

And good luck to all those that are taking part.

14th March
The IFBB Grand Prix and Fitness Expo 2011

Just have a look at what, who, where and when is happening at this weeks event. The best opportunity to showcase the sport of Gym X Training (GymXTC™) has arrived in London and World Gym would like to thank all those that are supporting the sport and highlighting what can be achieved in fitness in a gym. Good luck to all those taking part.

12th March
The Ultimate Gym Athlete 2011

With less than a week to go, World Gym writes about the last five years and what needs to happen to see the sport of GymXTC™  grow. To summarise, it's been difficult, with huge personal complications and very demanding stresses almost daily, but commitment and passion are sometimes all the ingredients needed to succeed and to succeed in anything has never been achieved by lack of hard work.

8th March
The Great CV Rugby Vs Football Gym Monthly Gym Challenge gets launched today

The two most popular sports in UK today have been launched into their own CV Gym Challenge, Football and Rugby. The results will be published into two categories Football - Rugby !!

The tables will reflect the equipment you use Life Fitness, Precor, Technogym and the resistance of the bike is set at 50% (women can use 30% Maximum) For example if you use Life Fitness and its maximum resistance level is 24 , then use level 12 - if its a odd number choose the lower number.

Pulse equipment has in some cases 10.2 % incline and has a delay in the bike set up. So lets just say everybody gets a few seconds breather in the set up. And not lets not make excuses, the challenge is set up by manufacturer and WGC will publish results that are sent in. We do not publish excuses for not doing the challenge!

So guys what are you waiting for? Just pop down the gym, get on the equipment easy ! erm ... actually that 10% ... !

Oh and ladies if you are wondering, I did this challenge yesterday and burnt 530 calories in 20 minutes - tell me where else you will get that burn ? .... !

Personal Trainers and Coaches - great way to set goals. Its a first result now, but what will it be this time next year ?

One other thing, if you are a professional rugby or football player and do not wish to give any information away about how fit you are, you can choose the nickname option in your profile section and results will be published using your nickname.

Only attempt a gym challenge if you are of good health. Consult a doctor or trained fitness professional for advice if in any doubts.

5th March

Posted on Facebook by Micky White ... the next Gym X Training Champion ! .. You gonna love this video !  Click Here

4th March
Please read this article
Please watch this You Tube Clip

Since 2005 WGC has supported Gym X Training and the UK Gym Athlete to see the sport get recognition and the UK Gym Athlete due attention due to their fitness levels. WGC makes this statement today:

A Gym Athlete is a person who records their fitness by a timed result in a muscular and cardiovascular endurance sporting Gym X Training Challenge and records their results on World Gym and has been graded into fitness levels, so that they compete in the right categories, which are appropriate to their fitness levels.

It is based on timed performance statistics alone which are recorded into the World Gym website, which is available free to any gym.

The ExCel London Exhibition becomes the best opportunity ever to showcase the sport, with Richard Vint being filmed by Active TV for later broadcast for his attempt on the World Gym record. It is the culmination of 365 days a year for the last five years of constant work to reach this level and exposing the sport and the UK Gym Athletes who compete.

There are just a few spaces left in the race line up over the weekend and WGC would like to see those that want to see the sport grow show support to please register as soon as possible so as not to miss the few race slots that are left.

Contact to secure your place.

Look at the new and exciting line up and read the profiles of some of the top UK Gym Athlete taking part this year. Click Here

Good luck to all those taking part in the Gym Athlon Ironman and Woman event tomorrow.

2nd March
Where do you find inspiration?

This month's gym challenge 'Sparky' 1 and 2 is not your normal gym challenge.  When you reach into it and try it, you will realise that there is a deep meaningful respect when you think about the challenge creator Mark 'Sparky' Colbourne.

I hope you will click on the above link and take 5 minutes to read one of the most fascinating stories of born grit. And after you have read it, complete the challenge with a new sense of awareness into what it really takes to become a champion.

World Gym would like to thank Mark 'Sparky' Colbourne in his input into the Sparky Challenge.

1st March
The Ultimate Gym Athlete 2011 Line Up

The Ultimate Gym Athlete 2011 is being showcased this year at the London ExCel Exhibition Centre. The event is planned to show the very best Gym Athletes in the UK performing at what they do best Gym X Training Challenges (GymXTC ™).

As organiser of this event it is a pleasure to see years of hard work finally reach London and be involved in the biggest 'gym-fitness' event this year, which will be seen by thousands who attend on the day.

The list of the '18' is beginning to be published and will be added to daily.

It is hoped that those who love the sport of Gym X Training will support this event, and come along to support the '18' who take on results in the world's only 'gym-fitness' benchmark website to see who will gain the title The Ultimate Gym Athlete 2011.

As each competitor finishes the race, results will be published immediately into The Ultimate Gym Athlete Leader Board.

If your gym has a member who would like to take part they will have to contact asap .

Out of 12 million Gym members in the UK, it comes down to this - just 18 members and two (Male and Female) will be crowned The UK's Ultimate Gym Athlete.

From which gym will the UK's Ultimate Gym Athlete belong to?

25th Feb
The '18'

Over the weekend of the 19th and 20th March WGC is showcasing the sport of Gym X Training (GymXTC™) at the ExCel Exhibition Centre London.

This sport brings to you a measure of 'gym - fitness' and WGC is on the search for the very best Gym Athletes in England, Scotland , Ireland and Wales to perform the World Gym Challenge and become the Ultimate Gym Athlete.

There will be only 20 race slots and you must be able to complete the challenge in under:

16 min's Male

17 min's Female

An allowance for 20 mins male/ 22 mins female is allowed for 'first timers' if time permits.

The expected winning time is sub 14 min's.

If you would like to compete in this years event you must contact as soon as possible with your expected finish time.

The event is free to enter, but there is a £25.00 entry fee to the many exciting exhibition stands on show during the event.

Are you one of 'the 18' who can showcase what this sport has done for you? And show your gym and visitors to the ExCel Exhibition just what sort of fitness levels you have achieved.

23rd Feb
Gym X T C ™  Gym X Training Circuits

What is a Gym X Training Circuit?

WGC brings in a new form form of training under the GymXTC ™ Brand, based on the optimum work out of 45 minutes. Circuits including Cycling, Rowing, Treadmill and body weight stations will be completed back to back for a minimum of 45 minutes. This is ideal training because the boredom factor is almost eliminated as each station is of a shorter distance then you would normally do.

The first of the challenges will be released shortly on the Monthly Gym Challenge and will be based on aerobic and high intensity challenges for the Advanced and Intermediate Gym Athlete.

Upright BikePush UpsRow

Bike                                                       Push Ups                                    Row

Of course the normal result tables are available for you to record your results on and if your gym is not too busy, then putting these three disciplines in a combination will more or less target all the muscle groups, give you a great workout and you will will not be bored or wonder what to do next in the gym. Keep posted for the monthly gym challenge for further details.

21st Feb
Press Release on Muscle Talk

Click Here to see the latest press release on about the IFBB Grand Prix& Fitness Expo 2011

20th Feb
Paddy Doyle News

Click here to see local TV news report of Paddy Doyle's 200th World record.

Click Here to read local news report of Paddy's 200th World Record

16th Feb
  • Check out the latest news You Tube Interview with Richard Vint. Sorry about the background noise.
  • Paddy Doyle breaks his 200th World Record. Sponsored by UK Gear, take a look at what this brilliant UK Endurance Athlete has achieved on his 200th World Record Click Here
  • Interesting News from Dubai. The World's Ultimate Gym X Training Challenge is going to be held on the 18th March in Dubai. This event created by Gary Melhuish has tested the very best of the UK Gym Athletes in the past and is held in the majestic IBN Battuta Mall.

The day includes an exciting team relay event as well as categories that cater for all fitness levels.

The 12 stations include the killer preacher curls, press ups, sit ups, running, rowing, cycling, bench press, squat thrusts, lat pull downs, dips , squats and sit ups, testing more or less every angle of 'gym - fitness'.

The platform for this event is created in the IBN Battuta Mall, a highly fashionable Shopping Mall, which is also the location of Fitness First who run this event with Gary.

In the past such names as Will Whitmore, Michele Parsons, Martin Carter, Andy Brown, Chuck Berry and Darren Robson have all competed in this classic race and the new format, which was introduced in 2009 has become a firm favourite in World Gym race format.

Anybody who fancies a trip to Dubai to compete is more than welcome to try this Ultimate X Training Challenge and details can be forwarded by contacting

15th Feb

Latest Promo for The Ultimate Gym Athlete click here

14th Feb

Listen to why the World Gym Challenge was created and the search for the Ultimate Gym Athlete  Click Here

13th Feb
Coming soon ....

Online You Tube Tutorials on how to use The World Gym website.

Items covered will be :

  • Individual Use
  • Gym Manager Use
  • Personal Trainer Use

Many aspects of the site will be covered with easy to follow instructions on how to use this very dynamic website.

9th Feb
Cat showing the monthly gym challenge.
7th Feb

Breaking News ... Breaking News ... Breaking News ... Breaking News ... Breaking News ... Breaking News ...

Richard Vint

World Gym has secured the next three years to run The Ultimate Gym Athlete finals at IFBB Grand Prix & Fitness Expo weekend.

The first year will an 'Open' invitation to those that pre register to take part in a time trial format - fastest time wins. It will be free to enter, however there is a charge to enter the exhibition. Numbers will be limited to enter the event and served on a first come first served basis. More details will be released shortly.

With this unexpected turn of events, training for the UGA will have to commence as soon as possible and anyone considering entering is encouraged to take to the gym in ernest and prepare !

Richard Vint will attempt to break the world record which has stood for three years and could well do with some encouragement from those that compete in Gym X Training. The more support the better. There are others as well out there who are also preparing and it could well be a fascinating day to see just what can be done.

This is a fantastic opportunity to expose the sport to the fitness industry and show what incredible feats of short term endurance can be accomplished and I hope those that follow this sport will support this challenge to find The Ultimate Gym Athlete.

5th Feb
Farouk Vawda
Farouk competing at one of his many Gym XTC events

Farouk Vawda from Fitness First Gorton, has become the first gym athlete to perform one of the monthly gym challenges. Farouk has been a major competitor in X Training and brings his tally up to 26 recognized events and has judged at many. Not only that but he decided to go in at the deep end, taking on the Advanced Strength and Cardio Challenge(F1- CS1) .  This challenge introduced the bent over bar bell row to really try and get that all over work out in the shortest possible time.

This challenge is available and many others with our monthly gym challenge. See your personal trainer or gym instructor who will submit the Online Verification Form and we will add your results into the results table and your own personal folder.

If you want to see Farouk's time then click here

3rd Feb
What is GYMXTC™ (Click to find out)

Moving on in it's new direction WGC believes in what it preaches and that is results. From Feb 4th a new monthly online challenge commences which are supported by Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers at your own gym. This is a free service to increase participation in the sport of Gym X Training (GYMXTC™) and the first 600 results will be published each month free of charge in our leader boards.

In the first few months it is anticipated that hardly any results will filter through, but exposure at the IFBB British Grand Prix  and Fitness Expo weekend will certainly increase awareness to the sport and continued challenges into the new year will see an increase in numbers to the WGC website and exposure of the UK's fiitest Gym Athletes.

2nd Feb
New Year - New Direction!

Over the last three years WGC has attended most of the UK Gym X Training Challenges. It has entered split timings for most events for every single competitor and published them into personal folders and online friendly leader boards, along with regularly updating latest news and features about the sport of Gym X Training Competitions (GymXTC™).

In the latest attempt to bring gym members into the public eye it now focuses on just one event The World Gym Challenge - The Ultimate Gym Athlete - with a series of online challenges based on its format each month. Registered personal trainers and gym instructors can act as verifiers and send in results using the Online Verification Form for the various monthly challenges.They may charge a fee for this service.

WGC will publish the results sent for the first year (100 per challenge) and in return expose the personal trainers who are getting real results in fitness for their clients. Some of you may remember Amanda Deane who won Achiever of the Year Award for Fitness First (pictured right) and Amanda is the first of the personal trainers we are welcoming back to the Gym X Training scene.

Organisers of events can still use the online verification form to submit results for gym challenges and publish direct into leader boards, but events will be classed accordingly to the web site they are published on and the classification for events on WGC is Gym X Training Challenge (GymXTC ™) Results will be published live or within 24 hours and the fee for this is £50.00 plus vat.

Throughout the year Online Charity events will take place and they will be announced in due course.

WGC wishes every gym athlete every success in any event they take part in.

31st Jan
Important News

All events in the WGC Calendar except 'Online Challenges' have been cancelled. WGC is concentrating on only one event The World Gym Challenge - The Ultimate Gym Athlete. A series of monthly Online Gym Challenges are planned throughout the year, which will be free to enter. Charity Gym Challenges will also be planned. Further announcements will be made in the near future.

28th Jan
Online Verification Form

Sorry for the pause but WGC was off organising the new Online Gym Challenge and the new Online Verification forms. As well as arranging a brand new event in March at the IFBB Grand Prix and Fitness Expo at The Excel Exhibition Centre in London on the 19th and 20th March.

Online Verification Form

It was noted some time ago that numbers were falling in events. The harsh financial climate has caught up with us all and the ability to travel to venues is very expensive in some cases. This has stopped the growth of the sport of Gym X Training. What was needed was action to combat this. The Online Verification Form is based on 'Monthly Gym Challenges' which incorporate some form of a Gym X Training or a simple CV test. All aimed at the gym member and catergorised into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Challenges.

Only Event Organisers, or WGC Registered Personal Trainers or Gym Instructors can submit results.

After results have been submitted they will be able to be viewed in the Results tab of the website. There will be a Unique Gym Challenge Day Leader Board for easy access to see results.

The need to travel to events has now been ruled out to compete in Gym X Training, but events will carry on as before. Only now, results can be published straight away or within 24 hours and all entrants recieve a free personal folder plus leader boards which show who did the fastest split for any of the challenges. The cost for this is only £50.00 (per hundred) plus vat to the organisers.

IFBB Grand Prix and Fitness Expo

More details will follow shortly about the IFBB Grand Prix and Fitness Expo in latest news, but keep peeled folks - GymXTC™ has just gone online and is now in London, which is great news for the sport


13th Jan
New result in the January Konkura Challenge

Sam O' Sullivan gets straight into the leader Boards with one of his clients Robert Michael for this January's challenge. Well done to Robert for a great performance.

See Michael's results here

Don't forget if you want to add your result to the website, just go onto their website and add the result.

Great to see the AIMS of World Gym being utilised here, through personal trainer and client working together.

  • Achieve
  • Inspire
  • Motivate
  • Succeed

12th Jan

Exciting News if you are a Personal Trainer or a Gym Instructor

  • Each month WGC will be publishing Monthly Gym Challenges for you to try under the guidance of your personal trainer or gym instructor.So you can remain focused every time you visit the gym.
  • If they are registered on WGC they can send in the results in a soon to be published Online Verification Form, stating that hey have insurance , they have witnessed the challenge and it was completed under their supervision.
  • WGC will then publish the first 100 results sent in monthly in our Monthly Challenge on our Results Page
  • Only registered PT's and Gym Instructors on WGC can send in results. They may charge you for their time or incorporate it in a one to one session.
  • Each person who enters will receive a free Personal Folder of the challenges they enter and they can choose their Personal Trainer to monitor their progress in the Admin section

Each Challenge is co lour coded





There will be 5 types of challenges each month

Type of Challenge
Pre set Code
Gym X Training Challenge
Mix cardio and weights
Cardio Mix Challenge
Mix just cardio (Treadmill/Row/Bike)
Cardio Challenge
Just cardio (Treadmill/Row/Bike)
Cardio Strength
High Intensity Weight and Cardio mix (Advanced only)
Konkura Challenge

12th Jan
Fit Brit Winners Join World Gym

World Gym welcomes Sam O Sullivan (2nd Fit Brit) to World Gym This is of course in addition to Richard Vint (Winner) who features heavily on the site.

Sam is a Personal Trainer and semi professional football player based in Cardiff and runs successful Bootcamp sessions as well all aspects of personal training. In his first attempt at Fit Brit, Sam came third and last year 2nd. He joins a long list now of Gym Athletes who are seeing the benefits of the high intensity of Gym X Training and the rewards in seeing the results it produces.

We hope Sam will continue with Gym XT and promoting it and participating in the monthly challenge feature which starts in Feb.

6th January

Click on the above link to become a registered Personal Trainer on World Gym

5th January


Personal trainers needed. (scroll down the link page)


The Ice Breaker Gym Fitness Challenge is the first ever gym challenge to go online (complete at your own gym) or as a national event to gather fitness points.

The Course was designed to be able to run by adding a Treadmill, Rowing machine, Reebok Deck next to one another and complete the challenge in as quick and safe time as possible. You need to travel no further then your own gym to enter.

Under the supervision of a personal trainer it is now possible to do this challenge at your own gym.

If you are a personal trainer and want to give your expert advice to your client and see them get fit before your very eyes, then how about entering them for this online gym fitness challenge? It is free to enter, but clients may have to pay for your services to record results.

All that is needed is their email address and a breakdown of results when they have completed the challenge (either a spreadsheet or email) and sent to World Gym Challenge will publish their results for you. And give out free personal folders too, to record your clients results.

This site is all about exposing the UK Gym Athlete and what they can achieve in any gym.

Fitness points will not be added to any online entry.

4th January
Rules for the Ice Breaker Gym Fitness Challenge

3rd January
Check out the all new Ice Breaker Gym Fitness Challenge

2nd January
Online Entry to the Ice Breaker

Richard VintIt is a well known fact that once you have committed to an event that requires motivation to train towards, then your goals of getting fitter are far easier to achieve.

The first of the UK Gym Fitness Challenge Series is on the 6th Feb.

Enter individually or as part of a Team. Enter at your right level of fitness Intermediate or Advanced.

Once you have entered (£20.00) you will have to train in the gym! It's a Gym Challenge!

You have five weeks from today!

Who will set the Course Record? And who will be the new discoveries for 2011?

The Course record will be set in stone.

Enter this year and see how much you have improved by next year, not only is that motivation in training in the gym, but it is real results in fitness. And it is only what you do in a gym anyway.

Check out the challenge here

30th Dec

The UK Gym X Training Challenge Review of 2010


Thank you to all the UK Gym Athletes who supported World Gym and the need to see a sport for gyms grow. 2011 now beckons and one year before the Olympics hits London it would nice to see a industry shift gear and focus more on fitness and results, rather than weight loss, as I'm pretty sure there is not an Olympic event or Athlete who gets results from weight loss. Their motivation is improved performance and that is what the fitness industry needs.