My name is Sean Blyth and I created the foundation of Gym Sports based solely on the publication of live results for gym challenges.

Over the course of ten years I have been responsible for visiting the gym challenges that have been put on World Wide from various parts of the north of England, to the southern harbour areas Hampshire to the sandy regions of the Middle East in Dubai.

In all of the events I have visited I have documented the results , seen how challenges are designed, completed and executed.

Each gym I had visited ensured its members had a fantastic day and that results and split timings were published for those who took part to see after they have finished their races, their results , which were also published into personal files.

I wrote as a contributor to Ultra- Fit magazine for a number of months describing the benefits of Gym Sport and produced many videos and newsletters about how to train for Gym Sport.

Tracy Davies, the most successful female gym athlete of all time completed training programs designed by me and went onto win every title that gym sport had to offer, she retired from the sport undefeatedin competitionfrom her winning streak.

Taking on the reigns at Advanced level is her rival and friend Nicci French who would take on Tracy at the FitBrit finals and now has established herself as the leading UK WGC female Gym Athlete setting records for others to try and beat.

Change is never easy - a consistent degree of repetitive challenges that work will always be there. But change was needed so that inclusion for other gyms to be included in the Gym Sport scene is needed . That is why I designed the 36 .

Any Gym world wide can take part and change the way training in a gym is carried out.

Introduction to the 36

This is the first Newsletter about the 36. The number of gym challenges to be held in any one year, where any gym in the world can take part and have their members take on these challenges and have a database to record results absolutely free. The only time they pay is if their embers want to become part of the Series, otherwise they can run their own events, have a database to record the results and generally just have fun doing it - oh and what's the catch ? Did I forget to mention that only around 3- 5% of any one gym members are capable of completing these challenges? That's what it takes to become a WGC gym athlete , so welcome to the news about what's happening about these gifted gym athletes.

What are the 36 ?

Gym Sport has evolved over the years and World Gym Challenge has been at the forefront of change, To change does not mean it has found the answers, but it has noted that doing something differently is always the better option then to remain static and see the same repetitive problems arising. World Gym Challenge has designed 36 events that you complete at your gym.

Merlin WGC 2 from sean blyth on Vimeo.

Gym Sport

Imagine every time you go the gym throughout the year you are actually training for an event. That each time you step through the door, there is something to train towards. That is what Gym Sport is all about. Having the focus to try and complete a Series of events throughout the year at your own gym. And basically the only piece of equipment you need is a watch with a stopwatch function.

Gym Sport starts at Intermediate levels which means that you are a seasoned member of a gym. That you are fit and healthy and your core level of fitness means you are familiar with Bike, Row and Treadmill operations. We mainly deal with high lactic work involving low weight and high repetition non Olympic lifts (Bench Press, Shoulder Press. Push Press. Thrusters etc) And Bodyweight exercises - Burpee, Sit Ups , Bench Jumps etc)

Series 1 - legends - 6 events

This has now been completed by a selection of gym athletes from various parts of the UK. It was always a struggle to recruit members as the gym challenges are not easy. They require commitment and a passion in fitness. The required level of participation is Intermediate, but Advanced are welcome too.

  • Excalibur
  • Merlin
  • Lancelot
  • Guinevere
  • Galahad
  • King Arthur

The events varied in duration with some incredible performances put in from the gym athletes who took part. Only winner of this years FitBrit Nicci French has completed all 6 with some awesome times which are consistent with her records from 2016.

Events Completed
Nicci French
Gena Nicole Lawday
Danny French
Paul Smith
Andrew Watson
Andy Brown
Sean Blyth

Good luck to all of those that are taking on the 36 and trying to complete the 24 for the whole series of 2017 .

We are embracing change so that Gym Sport can grow and if you would like to take part Id love to hear from you. Just email me at