Rules for February Gym Challenge.

  • All Step Ups must completed as per standard event rules.
  • You may rest at any time, but the split must only be recorded after your CTF Burpees have been completed and after your 1 minute recovery.
  • Use approximately 12 inches for the distance of the feet to cover on the Alternate Squat Thrust
  • Dumbbell Thrusters, squat with dumbbells at shoulder height then, push up from the heels, to full extention, make sure hips are forward.

Click Here to see the challenge and if you have got what it takes to take part

  • Enter your results by logging in to WGC
  • Go to 'Enter my Timings'
  • Open the folder - Monthly Gym Challenge
  • Click on Intermediate or Advanced Challenge
  • Enter results in a rolling time format

To view results

  • Log in to WGC
  • Click 'View my results'
  • Click top right link ... view all your previous attempts ...

To view anybody else who has done this challenge

  • Go to Gym Athlete drop down tab - Click Gym Athletes.
  • Enter the name of the person you are searching
  • In all boxes enter 'Any' or the specific area town etc
  • Click Search
  • Click on name of person
  • Click search attempts

Ask a gym instructor or personal trainer (with insurance) to record your results and send them to us at WGC so we can publish them using our unique online verification form. Alternatively join our facebook group and publish them there.

Results will be added to our Leader Board up until February 28th