Paul Morton is considered one of the the best WGC Gym Athletes in the UK.

Born in 1965 Paul brings years of experience in creating training protocols needed to really test yourself in the Gym.

Paul was featured in UltraFit magazine about his training and continues to amaze those at the gym he trains at, where he runs Spin Classes and is the lead fitness professional in Gym Sports.

Within the X Training community he is a source of inspiration and dedication in the results he has achieved over the years in Gym X Training Events.




This Challenge has been created after consulting one of the UK's top WGC Gym Athletes Paul Morton from Bannatynes Gym in Sutton Coldfield . It includes The Treadmill and Upright Bike .

Any level of fitness may attempt this challenge.

You can take as long as you like to complete the challenge, but all stages must be completed safely.  You should not attempt this challenge unless you have consulted a medical or trained fitness professional and have no medical conditions that could cause you harm.

Individual Challenge

Amy member of WGC can attempt this challenge. It is in your personal folders 'Monthly Gym Challenge'

Gym Challenge

Only gyms that have subscribed to WGC can 'create events' for all their members and create leader boards with instant results from this challenge at their gym.

Personal Trainers / Gym Instructors

The first 100 hundred results will be published for free at WGC (for our own event) by registered personal trainers or Gym Instructors) you may charge for your service. You must use the Online Verification Results Form.

Rules - Treadmill

  • Make sure that an area has been designated 'event only' area and all equipment used in this challenge is not left lying in harms way.

  • To achieve maximum results enter speed first then incline on all disciplines.

  • If you have to lower the incline at any time you have failed the challenge

  • You may reduce the speed, but not the incline.

  • If at any time you wish to stop, follow your treadmill instruction training about bringing the treadmill to a stop safely.

  • No hanging on to the side rails unless for safety reasons

  • If you do hang on to the safety rails you have failed the challenge and will need to restart from the beginning.

Rules - Bike

  • Have the correct height of the seat of the seat set up before you start the challenge.

  • The Bike must be at least 30% of its maximum level - i.e. Level 10 if the Bike has 1 to 30 levels.

  • The WattBike is the chosen Bike of choice, but any upright Bike can be used that has a distance counter.

  • No free spinning of the Bike is allowed. That is spinning the Bike as fast as possible, and then resting. The Bike must have continued pedal motion.

  • The transitional time between Bike to Treadmill must be included.

Logging results - WGC

A trained fitness professional or gym instructor can use this link to enter results

You can log your own results by logging in and then going to -

  • Click - Enter my timings - left blue column of website.

  • Click - Monthly Challenge

  • Click - August Gym Challenge

  • Click - Resting Heart Rate - Max Heart Rate - and add 0 (zero) if you do not know.

  • Click - Body weight and enter Bodyweight - add 0 (zero) if you do not know.

Rolling results /splits

  • Enter each split as you complete the discipline by recording it on a stopwatch.

  • When you finished the challenge enter these times with the rolling split , not the individual split.

  • The rolling split is the accumulative total - 1 .30 ... 2. 17 ... 3. 50 ... 4 22 ... and so on.

  • The individual split will be calculated automatically.


Individual results can be searched using the search function so anybody in the world can view your result. You can complete this challenge as many times as you like. All results when logged can be viewed in your personal folders.

Ask a gym instructor or personal trainer (with insurance) to record your results and send them to us at WGC so we can publish them using our unique online verification form. Alternatively join ourfacebook group and publish them there.

Results will be added to our Leader Board up until 31st August