1. Log in to WGC.

2. Go to enter my timings.

3. Open the Folder Monthly Gym Challenges.

4. Enter your results.

5. Enter zero if you do not know your resting heart rate or maximum heart rate.




September Gym X Training Circuit

Advanced 5 Rounds ... target time sub 35

Intermediate 5 Rounds ... target time sub 35

Novice 3 Rounds ... target time sub 20

Example 1 of completed online entry into WGC ..

As you enter the split time, the individual split will appear to the left of it.

Ask a gym instructor or personal trainer (with insurance) to record your results and send them to us at WGC so we can publish them using our unique online verification form. Alternatively join our facebook group and publish them there.

Results will be added to our Leader Board up untill 30th Sept