World Gym Challenge News 2016 ...

Results for 2016

So here we have the final few who competed throughout 2016.

The insight and commitment to turning up at a gym with nothing but a stopwatch on your wrist and competing is quite novel. You have to set the equipment up in a way that will not disrupt the other members and then motivate yourself to take part. You know its gonna hurt but I feel its so much more rewarding then just turning up at a gym and having no real goals or focus points.

Gena Nicole Lawday - Based in Dubai (2016) An excellent discovery for the sport. A fell runner by natural choice but has adapted to Gym Sport and now looks at at Advanced levels for 2017 having started the year at Intermediate.

Nicci French - Probably the best UK Gym Athlete in the UK today. her races with Tracy at FitBrit always went to the wire and were spectacular to watch. This year it would have been equally as close and I'm sure there is much yet to develop in sporting performance with Nicci.

Andy Brown - prime example of pushing through the pain barriers at any gym, even competing when on holiday in Thailand. Always there to give 100% and consistently providing good solid support.

Andy Watson - Training from his home gym, with recent purchases of a WattBike to compliment his rower and treadmill has the perfect set at home to compete - has proven even if you don't belong to a gym you can compete in online challenges.

Each bring their their own skill set to the table in providing good solid evidence that the principles for seeing the significance of focusing on split timings will create more motivation and focus when training in a gym.

World Gym Challenge remains focused on its approach to engage in a sport for gyms and looking at sporting performance in a gym environment.

Good luck to those who take on the 36 in 2017

December 21st

Year End Message

The whole culture of Gym Sport is based on splits and what separates by a canyon width gap the significant difference between a sport and an event.

I had worked for years trying to engage with those who were responsible for seeing the growth of a sport for gyms, but effectively beaten back by those who run events not seeing just how important the splits are.

I would imagine that some time in the near future and looking at trends that are emerging in the fitness data market there will be a move to publishing live results.

I hope one day the organisers of events will understand the disappointment in just how when one person delivered the opportunity to publish the results live and was ignored ... that those who take part in events actually deserve to see results in live time format .

Yes I do feel bitter and angry about this .

We had such an opportunity to create a sport that was wholly based on publication of results and now ten years later that opportunity will probably be guided to the more developed site.

WGC was built to publish live results at events and I'm proud of the work that both Jill and I contributed towards its campaign to increase awareness - it was never accepted by those who had an equal agenda to stop it in tracks.

I take comfort that the workload and commitment I undertook .. the financial drain which could not gather growth by the lack of support to improve the site was nothing more then a vendetta by those who sat back and did little to grow a sport .

Yes this is a feeling that I can enter on my page because there were those who supported me and gave me hope in all the good there is about a sport.

It needs champions in the media and it needs a mutual consistent campaign to try every single week to increase awareness.

Next year I will try my hardest to keep WGC to engage in constant and varied challenges.

The 36 challenges will try and search for the next gym athlete with some really exciting prospects with Nicola French and Gena Nicole Lawday going head to head in the Advanced female events.

Equal Fitness Racing and the publication of live results remains Gym sport main aim and to those that wish to try this very demanding sport I wish you every success .

Finally to Tracy Davies Andy Brown Andy Watson and all those who took part this year thank you so much for your determined efforts this year to showcase that it is possible to run events online and get some great races going.

To those that tried at the early stages of the Series you are more then welcome to try the 36 challenge in 2017 ... it's a 365 day commitment and I'm looking forward to publishing your results for 2017 .

December 21st

December 21st

The Online Championships.

Thank you to those who let me trial the online championships and see if it was possible to conclude a year long program but people exercising and competing online at gyms. Personally speaking the structure may have changed a few times over the months it took place, but that was to be expected with something like this.

I'm absolutely certain that the desire for the online championships to succeed will emerge over the future years with local gyms competing against one another without the need to visit each others gyms and keep the risk of losing members minimal to rival gyms.

I don't think yet I have seen a mutual online challenge that is focused on gym challenges from another source and look forward to continuing this trend in 2017.

December 8th

Nobody should be told how to exercise !

But a suggestion into changing your lifestyle and engaging into competitive sport for gyms is a good way to kick start any change you may be considering in the new year

Gym Sport Championships 2017

Why should I consider taking part in the Gym Sport Championships?

Have 3 minute read why click here

December 6th

Nicci French wins FitBrit 2016

It is with great pleasure to announce that Nicci French has won the Female Open and Masters category in this years FiBrit Final. Nicci's closest rival was 8 seconds away in the Open category and a massive 1.29 away in the Masters.

Nicci has competed numerous times in the final of FitBrit and has now accomplished her dream of winning it. There is no greater test of commitment to training then that of Gym Athlete and Nicci has found a firm footing now in competing in the Championships and rounding off a very successful year with winning FitBrit.

Nicci is now the No1 Female WGC Gym Athlete in the UK although she does have to beat Tracy Davies time of 15:41 to become the Ultimate Female Gym Athlete.

December 2nd

FitBrit Final 2016

It's the FitBrit Finals tomorrow and here's a video reminder of just what happned last year.

Tracy Davies - WGC Gym Athlete - Winner


Charles Green - WGC Gym Athlete - Winner


Best of luck to all those taking part .

November 28th

Nicci French - FitBrit 2016

Nicci has qualified for the final of FitBrit 2016 which will take place this weekend at London Bridge Fitness First. For those of you who were there last year, you will remember the nail biting finish between Tracy Davies and Nicci French where the final placing was separated by just a few seconds with Tracy being the winner.

Both of these athletes have taken Gym X Training to the absolute limits and pushed harder then any of the female former FitBrit finalists and now dominate this sport. Tracy won every single event and now Nicci begins her journey for domination in the WGC Championships.

If FitBrit is to be viewed at the FA Cup Final , then the Championships are the Leagues and Nicci has excelled with her first full year taking part.This year Nicci has taken part in the first ever Online Gym X Training Championships and will shortly be crowned the UK's Fittest WGC Female Gym Athlete 2016 , by completing all 36 events at Advanced level and having no rival to challenge her. All of her split timings are available to view and in 2017 will be the benchmark to overcome by any other female athlete.

Obviously WGC wishes Nicci every success and takes great pride in both Tracy and Nicci achievements in this new sport for gyms in an era that is seeing more and more development and hopes that their domination will showcase what the levels of fitness are capable of in the gym environment, especially at the female levels.

October 27th

Hell Week ... 2017

Hell Week will start fresh in 2017. WGC will be the only website to run a pass or fail 8 week training program. Numbers are limited, but it can be achieved by those who really want to know what its like to train like a gym athlete. On completion you will be awarded Gym Athlete status, to which only a few like minded individuals can say they have achieved.

Details of Hell Week will be released coming up to the new year - but rest assured, you will be put through your paces and only the very determined will pass.

Hell Week is a 8 week pass or fail fitness test.

November 11th


November 8th

Blofeld - Pyscho Gym Series (6th - 11th November)

Continuing the circuits throughout the year and with only four remaining Blofeld is something of a WGC Classic Challenge , Body weight exercises, Bike, Treadmill and Row combo, but no recovery stages. This challenge will take you on a roller coaster, it will continually challenge at evry satge.

Any gym that has a Rower, Treadmill and Bike can include this challenge into their challenge system and publish results, including all splits online for all of their members that have the Gym Challenge spirit in them.

November 2nd

Treadmill Running at Fixed Inclines

The Gym X Training Series is unique because we are the only Fitness Challenge that uses a constant incline on the treadmill for our challenges.

This is not to say don't train any other way, not by a long shot. It is to say that for comparative purposes, the 10% at 400 m and 600 m is consistent with challenging distances that rely more on heart rate control then length speed and stride. ... read more

October 27th

Charles Green - Winner of FitBrit 2015 talks about Training for FitBrit

Charles Green is s senior clinical respiratory and sleep physiologist and works roughly a 45 hour week. Just how then does he find the time to train for FitBrit and CrossFit events ? I caught up with Charles to ask him what its been like since winning FitBrit and as a winner has anything changed since ? Read more ...

October 25th

Bates Scorecard Results

Over the next two weeks these disciplines have to be completed (29th October) they are single challenges and not to be completed on the same day .

Advanced Female
Step Ups
Bench Press
Shoulder Press
Body Weight Circuit
500 x 2 x 8 kg
100 x 20 kg
50 x 15 kg
20 CTFB / 100 AST x 5
1200 m 10 %
Nicci French
Gena Nicole Lawday
Intermediate Male
Step Ups
Bench Press
Shoulder Press
Body Weight Circuit
500 x 2 x 10 kg
100 x 30 kg
50 x 20 kg
20 CTFB / 100 AST x 3
800m 10 %
Sean Blyth
Andy Brown
Paul Smith
Andy Watson
Intermediate Female
Step Ups
Bench Press
Shoulder Press
Body Weight Circuit
500 x 2 x 5 kg
100 x 15 kg
50 x 10 kg
20 CTFB / 100 AST x 3
800 m 10 %
Gena Nicole Lawday
completed Adv
completed Adv

Good luck everybody !

October 17th

Begbie and Bates

Part of the Psycho Gym Series 'Bates' is a great measure of gym fitness over time. 5 tests to be competed within a two week period (ends 29th October) you will be asked to complete a number of challenges to bench mark your progress in gym sport.

October 10th

Train for Longevity not Body Image ...

Latest blog from World Gym Challenge , where we stress the importance of training for longevity and the need to attend the gym to increase performance ... more

October 10th

Gena Nicole Lawday

Searching for Gym Athletes from all over the world is hard thing to do, but Gena, a personal trainer from Dubai has showcased amazing aptitude to online challenges this year and entered her first ever Gym Challenge event in Dubai, hosted by New Balance.

Have a read about the day, the challenge and how Gena coped with competing in her first challenge of this type ... more

October 2nd

The now is the right time for Gym Sport

Read the latest blog from Gym Sport creator Sean Blyth about why right now is the correct time for a sport for gyms to take hold and engage more gym members to become gym athletes ... more

Sept 16th

LIW 2016 ...

A Visit to LIW 2016 to see what is changing in the Industry ... more

Sept 16th

Nicci French hits 5.18 on final treadmill (1000 m 10% incline ) run of Black Panther Advanced

Running at an average speed of 11.5 kph - Nicci really made a massive impact on this event by maintaining a constant speed . Nicci is mow the lead female Gym Athlete in the UK and should be returning to FitBrit at the end of the year.

Sept 16th

Black Panther Intermediate

Have a look at Black Panther at Intermediate Level of fitness. These are the type of heart rate readings you will get. As explained earlier , the final 600 m 10% incline is a mind cluster whereby stopping will affect your overall performance massively - so beware the final incline on this .

Sept 9th

Black Panther (10th Sept - 16th Sept) Intermediate

Black Panther is the next gym challenge in the Gym X Training Championships. It has been designed so that it can fit into any training program and be completed in any gym, using body weight exercises and weights strategically implemented into the running of the course so as to not upset the flow of the running clock.

If your gym subscribes, all members can be added to online Leader Boards, which your gym can publish.

Named after the South Korean Main Battle Tank, this awesome beast is a rival for any tank on the Battlefield, bit like those Gym Athletes in the UK, read to take on any gym rival.

What is involved ?

The challenge starts off on the Bench Press for good reason, so that mid way through you do not have to worry about if the bench is free, mixed in for AST we now focus on the 100 reps (total) to fatigue the body while doing the ASTs and improve on core strength while holding the plank and letting lactic flow through shoulder and upper body.

1 minute recovery - recovery at this stage is not total. It is letting your mind mentally focus for the next stage, and during the first stage gives you a focus point to work towards.

Moving on to the Treadmill, we try to master heat rate control. You will try to find your pace speed, before you cannot hold it constantly. A number of options lie open to you

  • You can try for an all out sprint but its likely you will not have enough energy towards the latter stages to complete in a fast enough time
  • Find your constant speed and try and hold on.
  • You can recover midway, and go for a sprint finish

AST and CTF Burpees are mixed in which will also drain you from your sprint on the treadmill and keep your heart rate high.

1 minute recovery - as before a mental recovery stage. Its not enough time to recover fully , but mentally is welcome and allows you to contine at a reasonable pace.

Row and Bike - 750 m for the Row and 1.5 km for the bike. Tray and find a comfortable 500 pace. If you pull too hard and are not fit enough to cope and sustain it you will make little time up on the row and spend a lot of energy getting there. Use high rpms on the bike if possible and set a pace where you try not to fall below that (For Life Fitness Bikes use level 12 male level 10 female)

1 minute recovery

Treadmill finish - At intermediate you should have enough in the tank to complete the 600 m 10% incline finish. You have had the minute recovery (which will go all too soon) And its now time to knuckle down and complete as fast as possible. The trick is always managing your heart rate. There are only so beats you comfortably work to, so mental strength and resilience play a vital role here. At 200 m (with 400 m to go) I can assure your brain will be screaming at you to slow down and recover , and its really up to you to see how you deal with this.

So that is Black Panther ... good luck if you try this in your local gym.

Think you can manage it ?

Sept 9th

National Fitness Day at Argos, Hempstead Valley, Kent.

WGC spent one of the last glorious days of summer at Argos, the main brand supporter of National Fitness Day. It made sense to try and support NFD and we did what we could . .. .more

Sept 6th

Tracy Davies is to step down from competitive Gym Sport.

Tracy Davies the female No 1 UK Gym Athlete has decided to step down form competitive Gym Sport. This decision comes in line after consultation with leading Physiotherapists, Doctors and fitness professionals. It has been a tough decision to take and has the full support of coach Sean Blyth who has been working with Tracy for the last three years.

Tracy Davies legacy is that she won everything there was on offer in all competitive Gym Sport titles. Became the female champion of FitBrit and defended her title to win two consecutive years and is the current female leader in the Ultimate Gym Athlete Leader Board.

Tracy simply demolished the competition in Gym Sports during her reign as number one . Getting there, was a journey of hard work and graft. From an early life in sport to where we are now she has competed in county hockey, table tennis, Athletics , 100 m sprints but ultimately found herself drawn to gym sports in 2013. An early entry into the Gym Ironman / Woman and Tracy was hooked.

Tracy approached me to work with her and manage her training schedule and many of the protocols for gym sport have been developed with Tracys training in mind.

Tracy trained in the last three years with average of 3 - 5 hour week blocks of varying intensities, including substanical recovery. Never trying to over train Tracy completed all training schedules and was fully prepared for each event. But at three years of winning all there was and at a crucial time before she starts a degree in Clinical Psychology Tracy has decided now to call in time.

The Gym X Training Championships

Tracy's epic battle with leader Nicci French of the GymXTC this year has now been concluded. Tracy has forfeited the remaining 8 events and taken the decision to withdraw early for the Championships, although the timing in real terms couldn't have been worse with such a close call to the finish line, the decision is brave and the responsible thing to do.

The career in Gym Sport

Tracy has been the leading female since her battle with Gwen Fennell reversed positions and Tracy became the leader at events. No other person that I know of has committed to such a rigorous training schedule which had the interests of Gym Sport at the forefront and supported WGC with its aims and ambitions to bring awareness to Gym Sport.

New Venture

Tracy now goes on to a degree which starts shortly. She will be missed by those who compete at Female Advanced level as her dominance was the aim for others to beat. Her split timings remain bench marks in events that she has competed in and are there for others to try and beat.

The Female Gym Athlete and Gym Sports

Concluding this I look to other gyms all over the world in search of another Tracy Davies or Nicci French. Gym Sport is that. Its not Cross Fit in any shape or form. We have our identity and our own agenda, and trying to capture the imagination from gyms globally has always been a challenge.

So as this chapter closes, another now opens to discover the next Gym Athlete in your gym.

World Gym Challenge remains the focal point for results and split timings and continues to be the leader in innovation, training and data for the Gym Athlete.

We wish Tracy every success in her future and thank her for her contribution to Gym Sports.

Aug 19th

Hard Steel

The next Series of events is about to start (20th August) . Hard Steel is a combination of short sharp interval based gym challenges which is open to anybody of Intermediate and above fitness levels.

July 28th

National Fitness Day Gym Challenge

Andy lett is the first person to break sub 10 minute. Andy has been one of the longest partipants in Gym Sports and has always been an ambasaador and role model for fitness based competitions.

July 23rd

National Fitness Day Gym Challenge

To understand better the complexity of Gym X Training a Gym Challenge has been created for National Fitness Day which is on the 7th September. This initiative of creating a united day of fitness has the support of UK Active and Argos and is intended to bring awareness to the importance of physical activity.

WGC has created a challenge for this day and the lead up to it where the fittest people in gyms will compete to get as close as they can to succeeding in achieving a sub 10 minute status in the leader boards. Don't worry if you are not super fit the Leader Boards are in three categories - Advanced - Intermediate and Novice

All you need do is try to achieve a sub 10 minute time in the following challenge

Advanced - read more ...
Intermediate -
read more ...
Novice -
read more ...

It's free to take part all you need do is send your results to or use the online verification form or be part of the social media facebook group and add your results to the page .

June 28th

2nd Part to Season starts 2nd July

The first half of the Gym X Training Season is over. We have had a much needed break or in other cases other ventures to look at and do.

Tracy Davies won the Black Sheep X Training Challenge and continues to dominate her supremacy in the ranking. Having had a troubled new year, it was fantastic to see Tracy return to form and fly the flag for WGC at this event.

The season continues with another 18 rock solid performance testing gym challenges till Dec 11th and then we will see who stuck with this demanding Series of challenges.

Two Series disciplines are allowed to be taken off, so if you have had those and need to get some points to fulfill your 4 Series challenges , then its all out til the end of the year.

I am hopeful that 16th and 17th July will see a Gym X Training event at the O2 during the Bellator MMA weekend and we are currently in talks with the organisers to be one of the events during that weekend. More details will follow ...

Sign up here to join this Series event

May 24th

June Break Recess ... starts again 2nd July

May 24th

What is Hell Week ?

Hell Week is totally unique to the WGC Gym Athlete. It is one week of progressive training and to do it, takes commitment and passion to your training. There is nothing other than you , your gym and a watch. You will not have the luxury of competing with other members to try and push you - you are on your own to make sure for seven days you are totally focused with your single aim of passing the tests you are asked to do which are based on your history of previous results in WGC.

Gena Nicole Lawday a personal trainer based in Dubai has just experienced Hell Week. Gena was given a pb target of 15 seconds to increase her PB's. This is the second time she has completed Hell Week, the first time being where Hell Week was finding it's feet. And we had to change it to make it more fitting , so we brought in a fixed time pb target.

Gena ...

"After a break in training, I spent a couple weeks rebuilding my conditioning to prepare for hell week as I knew that it would be very demanding. Once it actually started, I underestimated the amount of psychological resolve it takes to complete! The effect on your total fitness and conditioning cannot be denied as well. You are not only struggling to complete 7 difficult endurance challenges, but competing against yourself under less ideal (less rested!) circumstances. I'm gutted I didn't complete my hell week properly, but look forward to trying it again and next time, being more prepared, both personally and fitness wise"

Gena was unfortunate that due to a work commitment, she failed one days task mid way though the week and this meant that the week was not passable. But then the will to go on is again something that Hell Week brings to the table. Do you quit there or continue ? .. Gena continued completing 6 out of the 7 challenges.

Hell Week is totally unique to the WGC Gym Athlete, it was devised between Tracy Davies (Ultimate Gym Athlete winner and FitBrit winner) and myself over several years in different ways to bring it to its current format. It is about managing stress, intensity, pressure and delves into the psychology of performance - each time you visit the gym in that one week period, you are seeking a pb and looking for a pass mark. But you must complete 7 days of training. And you must achieve the required amount of PB's in the given time.

If you would like to attempt Hell Week please contact to arrange a 8 week program to your training.

Gena's Results ...

May 11th

Moray (Bite Hard Series)

The first ever Gym X Training Challenge to involve 100 rep Bench press is nearly with us. The 100 rep has always been considered too many reps in the regular events since 2006, but WGC has introduced the 100 rep as part of a staged recovery event allowing the body and indeed the mind to regroup, think and battle on.

Moray will last from the 14th to the 20th May and can be completed by any WGC member as part of their training , or by those taking part in the Gym X Training Series.

Click here to see the event Advanced - Intermediate

May 11th

Elevate Expo Olympia 4th - 5th May

Quick visit to Elevate Health , Fitness and Performance Expo in Olympia London.

Touring around the packed out 2nd floor arena with the latest must have equipment, innovation and gadgetry for the fitness industry is like a dream come true. It's like Aladins cave of all things good and yet to be, just waiting to magically appear in a gym near you soon. Or is it ?

This is the question I asked myself year on year after visiting LIW and waiting for all the new equipment to appear. It didn't. In fact what I can say is that the new equipment in the gyms that I trained at were very much like the old equipment, only, well newer. And why was that ? On hand to answer this was Richard Playfair form Sweatlife Films to help me uncover the questions that wont be asked by mainstream fitness journalists who are there to fuel the spend content of gyms, but rather seek what is in it for the gym member ? And to be honest, we didn't find much.

Have a listen to the soundcloud podcast here

April 27th

Latest results after BadAss Series ...

The Intermediate field is heating up with some level pegging results from the top 3 Intermediates, Paul Smith , Andy Watson (right) , Andy Brown are chiseling away at this Series, with Chris Hunt maybe taking his chances on the 4 best results from the Series for a final outcome? I have no doubt that these four gym athletes on good days and bad days are a great block of athletes.

As for the guys bringing up the rear - enjoying this series is the major plus factor with Paul Hipperson missing this Series and Peter Barraclough chomping at the bit to try and angle his way to take part. We lost Stacy Cross with injury and CrossFit commitments.

Waiting in the wings is Nicky Murphy chasing Gena Nicole Lawday, the only two female Gym Athletes taking on this Series, with Gena having a really difficult month, it was a great effort by her to secure such fantastic results.

The two top ladies Tracy Davies and Nicci French are head to head with results being submitted that are showcasing just what individually these gifted gym athletes are - probably living up to their superior qualities in Bike, Treadmill and Row , Strength Endurance and Bodyweight challenges ... quite superb.

Disappointing to see the Advanced Gym Athletes in the UK being limited to Rob Bradford and by some amazing digging deep Andy Watson taking on both Intermediate and Advanced challenges (missing the Redblock of the Advanced by 1 challenge)

RedBlocking is making all 6 challenges (you can withdraw from 1 with injury reasons with notification)

Redblocking will be introduced on Series 4

Series Results - Click Here

Individual Points - Click Here

Tracy Davies  
Nicci French  
Sean Blyth  
Andy Brown  
Paul Hipperson  
Paul Smith  
Andy Watson  
Gena Nicole Lawday  

To complete all 36 Challenges on time 10 points will be awarded and will be Gold Blocking

The above points will not be awarded for BaddAss but are an example of points for Braves (Series 4)

The Championship is a working relationship between trying to make an exciting promotional way to make Gym XT more exciting and these initiatives are the only way to see a sense of value for your commitment to training.

If you complete 1 week of Hell Week ... we may just add points for that too ... seems fair

Damn this Series is just full of surprises ... !!

April 27th

Gym X Training Championships

A first in the history of Gym Sports !! Andy Brown, while on holiday in Thailand completed his challenge at the Hotel he was staying at !

Andy Brown sent his results through a few days after landing in Thailand - the only equipment needed for Orca was a Treadmill and a rowing machine, the hotel gym had both, so Andy sent in his splits. Apparently the local holiday makers were bemused by a drenched a thoroughly exhausted Andy, who remember is still on holiday pushing himself to the extremes - absolute classic.

Still on track with the gym X Training Championships ? We are a third of the year through and it needs to be said, there have been some tough challenges to date. No one said this will be easy - only Tracy Davies, Nicola French and Gena Nicole Lawday have completed all the challenges so far.

What does this mean to the Series? Well points have been allocated and by Friday29th all unfinished challenges will not receive points for the Championship.

So you have till then to complete them for points. After that , you can of course complete the Series events you have missed , but the points will not be processed.

Who will make the full 36 challenges by the end of the year ?

The next event we have to complete Great White in the Bite Hard Series ... Good luck everybody

April 23rd

Monthly Gym Challenges

WGC has been at the forefront of innovation and creation for developing Gym Sports since we started. As a sport it is impossible to concentrate on single events with minimum participation, what is needed is a structured progressive initiative, so that gyms up and down the country can easily take part and convert gym member into gym athlete. In order to this WGC has created the Monthly Gym Challenge Initiative.

The monthly Gym Challenge will be progressive aspects of Gym Sports numbered 1 to 12 and will be found in your Monthly Gym Folders. They can be completed individually or as a group event to all members of subscribing gyms.

Benchmarking your split times is the focal point of a gym athlete and to grow the sport, this is our identity - no other gym member or gym currently records results for gym members doing Gym Sports - except one.

The first Gym in the UK to trial Gym Sports and create a gym athlete within their gyms is Marriotts Sports Centre in Stevenage and we look forward to seeing their progress ...

April 23rd

Advanced Gym Athletes Tracy Davies and Nicola French go head to head in the GymXTC Series.

Exciting races are not just lined up on one single day - sometimes. like the Football League Championships they pan out over the year and this year we have the very two best female gym athletes going head to head in a Series of Races in the Gym X Training Championship - Tracy Davies and Nicola French. Arguably the best females in Gym Sport based on results over the last two years.

Winner and Runner Up of Fit Brit Tracy and Nicola are seconds apart when it comes to the finals of Fit Brit, but here at the Championships its Nicola, so far who has taken the edge in the first 12 events completed. Nicola has adapted to the events very quickly and taken to pushing Tracy into some very tight events which are completed online and at their own gyms.

There are still another 24 events to go till the end of the season (11th December) which will be really mixing the strength Endurance and CV to new levels.

But to date we are left looking at these amazing athletes with only their determination to inspire hopefully more female Gym Athletes to start looking into Gym Sport at their gyms and become involved.

April 18th

Tracy Davies at Marriotts Sports Centre

UK's No 1 Female Gym Athlete made an appearance at Marriotts Sports Centre in Stevenage to support the drive to increase awareness into Gym Sports.

The Super Saturday event, which involved a huge gathering of Fight Klub supporters had WGC put on a small 10 minute fitness challenge for those attending. It was a complete success with everybody who entered completing the course and some really good performances from a broad range of athletes.

Video of the Day - Race Report

March 30th

WGC - First website to introduce - Staged Events for Fitness Levels per gym.

Not content with being the first ever website to run a results service for gym sport and GymXTC® WGC has introduced into its descriptive terms three levels of Gym Fitness for any subscribing gym, which have to be followed through.

March 23 rd

Marriotts Sports Centre becomes first club in UK to have registered Gym Athletes taking part in their own Gym Challenge.

After a brief discussion with Jay and April Drackford about their club wanting to take part in a new wave of challenges for their members it was agreed that with a week of training a new introductory World Gym Challenge Course would be tried and tested at their club.

This is the first time ever a club in the UK has agreed to run their own challenge for their members that wanted to take part and have results added in to their very own exclusive database.

The day was a huge success with much of the members displaying already very capable levels of fitness and results were added for the very first time using the online verification system (OVF) and published Live as each member finished their race. WGC was not in attendance and using the OVF was a compete success. All results verified and straight into personal folders and league tables for all to see. What was also beneficial is that Marriotts had a overhead projector so everyone could see the results published.

Again WGC leads the way into breaking into new grounds into pushing Gym Sports into clubs that had never ever practised anything remotely close and I'm informed the day was a huge success.

Looking forward to working with these guys for some more challenges in the near future - they have a club, that looked at what Gym Sports had to offer for their members and saw a value that can cannot be replicated anywhere else - the experience of Gym Sports for their members using World Gym Challenge results service.

March 23 rd

Lets have a look at the Championships ...

Beginning of the year saw a brand new approach to Gym X Training. Not content with the same format that has been imposed on Gym X Training with no change over the last 10 years or so, WGC took it upon itself to break away from the a system that was in need of change.

So we created the Gym X Training Championships.

36 events of 6 Series Segments completed online at your own gym - no need to travel and have a time frame for completion (roughly 1 to 2 weeks). Points being awarded after each challenge has been completed.

So far we have just finished the first Series (Legends) The events were at times incredibly hard, but challenging and rewarding at the same time. All the events were completed. With a few individuals choosing not to complete certain challenges for their own reasons.

The best four Series results count towards the final points - this allows athletes to take time out during the year if they so wish.

Anyway after the first Series was complete - Rob Bradford , the only Advanced Gym Athlete to take this challenge was clearly ahead in the Male Category. He is joined this Series by Charles Green, winner of FitBrit 2015 to see where he stands with the top WGC Gym Athletes.

In the Female Advanced Category we have a real chase going on. Tracy Davies and Nicola French (1st and 2nd at FitBrit 2015) Are on a head to head battle. Both athletes have better aspects of fitness then each other (Tracey the better rower and Nicola the better runner) and its been interesting to see their strength endurance been put to the test with some similar outcomes. This will go to the wire believe me and a great addition to the Series.

The Intermediate male Category has been immense. So many equally gifted gym athletes at around the same level - Paul Smith, Andy Brown, Andrew Watson, Chris Hunt (pictured) from, and new comer form Dubai Gena Nicole Lawday, and Stacey Cross training in Estonia mixing it up with these guys too. Then there we have Nicky Murphy, Peter Barraclough, Paul Hipperson Steve Bradford and myself mixing it in well with sound consistent results.

And so after one Series have a look at the Championship Points

The first ever Online Series has kicked off ... 36 events throughout the year to complete - How many will you do?

What we are doing here has never been attempted in any other format ever in the world.

A gym challenge you can do in your gym, submit results online and go into a Championship League of the fittest guys and women in gyms today.

This is simply the very best Gym X Training Championship because any gym member in the world can take part - but only Gym Athletes do .

We are the World Gym Challenge ...

February 29th

Hell Week (8 week training program)

Just a quick insight to what Hell Week is. Click on the Link

Hell Week is an Eight Week Training programme, that gives you continued focus to train and push you outside of your comfort zones. To achieve a level of fitness that you will be impressed with. And to give you continued focus and motivation without breaking the bank.

If you think you have what it takes to take on Hell Week - just get in contact at

February 29th

Charles Green winner FitBrit 2015The last event of the first Series (King Arthur)

Just a quick note to say well done for all of those taking part in the Gym X Training Championships this year. This is the only online event that you do at your gym, under your own steam and supply the results to WGC.

it's been a challenge to organise the events to make them interesting and challenging, but we have got there with some terrific results to date.

Nicola French has taken a commanding lead so far in the Advanced female, with the temporary absence of Tracy Davies who will be playing catch up over the next few weeks.

Charles Green winner of this year's Fitbrit will be making an appearance for the duration of Bad Ass and already submitted a blistering time for McClane Advanced.

Rob Bradford will be joined by Phil Piggot in the next Series of the Advanced Series (Bad Ass) which is aimed at the Gorton Grueller and preparing you for that race.

We then move on to Deep Blue , which will be more functional Cross Training concentrating on core ingredients of gym training. The Intermediate section for this will be fantastic with new addition Chris Hunt taking on the formidable force of Andy Brown, Andy Watson, Paul Smith, Steve Bradford and yours truly. Added on to this Stacy Cross who has been involved with Gym X Training for years (from early Calso days) will be joining us from Estonia.

There is a friendly rivalry between Nicky Murphy and Gena Nicole Lawday from Dubai . Gena can seriously run as a seasoned Fell Runner and regularly hits 400's 10% incline at 14 kph .

Overall, we have some quality Gym Athletes taking part and we look to expand month on month.

If you know anybody who would like to part of something special - please ask tem to contact

February 22nd

Steve BradfordRob and Steve Bradford both complete Hell Week.

Brothers Rob (Advanced) and Steve (Intermediate) completed Hell Week with massive efforts by both. Quite literally putting everything in to complete the stages both guys were determined not to fail.

Hell Week is so much then just turning up at a gym. You have to juggle workload, people using equipment in the gym when you need it. And that never ending stopwatch nagging you and eating into you when you are after a personal best. Its completely self motivating and you need so much then just just turning up to achieve a pass.

Both of these guys did exceptionally well and are now looking forward to the Gym Ironman (5th March) and the next in the Online Championship events Bad Ass , which starts on the 8th March.

In the meantime they have to complete Series 1 of the Online Championships ... its all go !!

February 18th

Charles Green winner of FitBrit 2015 will join the Series for Bad Ass

Charles Green who won FitBrit in 2015 will join the Gym X Training Championships for Bad Ass. Charles who trains at Fitness First in Romford with fellow Gym Athlete Doug Harrison, who introduced him to Gym X Training will take on the the first event McClane and give some good quality feedback on this monster of Box Circuit.

In typical Gym X Training fashion, this event is down to a basic rises (X 5) a deck and a couple of dumbbells (2 x 15 kg) and a 40 kg bar.

This is the Circuit which I'm sure Charles will nail and it gives great competition to Rob Bradford, who has been sailing at the Advanced single handedly.Charles is a very good rower with great overall fitness and this will be his first offical race with WGC.

February 8th

Introducing the Result Tables for Hell Week

Hell Week is completely unique to World Gym Challenge. It is a formidable challenge of 7 events in one week to complete with a pass or fail outcome. It is only available to those on the personal service for WGC.

Click here to find out more about Hell Week

February 8th

Legends Series 1st January - 5th March

The first of the Online Fitness Challenge Series of Events. Each challenge is designed to help you prepare for an event in the Gym X Training Series. Click on the Blue Section of the tables to see Results, Entry and Event Format

Bad Ass Series 8th March - 9th April

February 3rd

Gym X Training Championships Results after Lancelot

Three events have now taken place since January - Excalibur, Merlin and Lancelot. All the events have been conducted at the gyms you train at with no issues pointed out at any stage.

Rob Bradford has taken the lead in the Men's Advanced and was the only person to take on the Advanced Lancelot and he tells me he really enjoyed it !! Brother Steve helped spot him for the duration and had his best finish in the Series so far.

Nicky French (right) from Fitness First Portsmouth has a slight lead over Tracy Davies with her winning performance at the Intermediate version of Lancelot, so now it back to the Advanced stations with Nimue (lady of the Lake) about to start.

Excellent start to the Legends Series and we are halfway through the first ever online fitness challenge which is done completely at your own gym and at your own leisure .

2016 LeaderBoard

January 15th 2016

Video Promo for Merlin -

January 13th 2016


January 12th 2016

Paul Morton and Sophie (Father and Daughter) Talk about the benefits of Gym X Training

Very few people can achieve the status Paul Morton has in Gym X Training. A veteran of countless years in the sport, proceeding from Intermediate to Advanced winner in many events. Paul talks about the benefits of Gym X Training with his daughter Sophie and the benefits the sport offers ... read more

January 3rd 2016

The WGC Online Fitness Series

The Online Fitness Series is a series of events based on the Gym Ironman on the 5th March. Click here for the results so far. Excalibur results need to be supplied by the 14th Jan. To join this Online Fitness Challenge please Click Here for the Paypal Link

The Online Fitness Series Results

January 3rd 2016

And so 2016 begins with a new venture in Gym XT. The Online Fitness Series. These events will form the core training programs of events that are taking place in the UK . They are not supported by or endorsed by anyone else other than WGC. They are here to act as motivation and training towards events.

If you would like to take part in The Online Fitness Series, there are two ways. Its Free if you are taking part in the Online Training programs, or its £50.00 per six events .

The online events are designed to give motivation and focus towards your training goals and are not a complete training package. That is another part of the training program.

To take part in the first Online Fitness Series of 2016 Click Here

The first event is Excalibur on the 6th Jan to the 15th Jan

It is aimed at the Gym Ironman Event on the 5th March

WGC will not make you go any faster in events. That is down to you on race day. It will get you prepared for the day if you subscribe to its Training program.

December 30th 2015

In the closing hours of 2015, I would like to just thank a few people who have supported WGC and been there with a kind word, a nod to keep going and a friendly handshake and appreciate what has taken years to get to.

Firstly has to be Jill Bellingham, my partner and also co worker in adding Live results to when we are invited to events. Special mentions go to the guys who I coach and give training programs to. You know who you are and I am eternally grateful your continued support and appreciation of the work that is set out for you to do, which you do exceptionally well. Also to all of you who compete in a very tough sport, that does not get the support from the Gym Industry Leaders and continue to persevere.

To Tracy Davies, who in this era, of trying to compete with the big boys in CrossFit is an inspiration to those females who go to gyms. Relentless in her pursuit of perfection, The perfect training machine and a true friend. The training protocols, which WGC provides now is in your debt.

To my friend Paddy Doyle, who is constantly breaking World Records, and does not get the recognition he so richly deserves. I am in awe of just what this incredible athlete achieves each year. Keep going Paddy.

lastly a very special mention to Gary Nicholas, of Calso Gym in Bromley Kent. Gary completed 5000 step Ups, non stop just recently carrying 2 x 10 kg dumbbells. The enormity of this task is basically beyond belief and needs to be accepted as one of the great milestones in the fitness industry .. unlikely to be broken. But records are there to be challenged .. that's what WGC is about and stands for. Gary Nicholas therefore recieves the Outstanding Contribution to Gym Fitness mention and I urge all of you to nominate Gary next year at the National Fitness Awards.

Have a read of just what it took to break that record, kindly supplied form Gary. ... read more

Here's to a positive and rewarding 2016 . Best of Luck to you all in any event you take part in.

Sean Blyth . Founder World Gym

December 28th 2015

The all new Online Fitness Series for 2016 .

Really happy to introduce the all new online Fitness Series. A Series of tests based on Gym X Training Events happening in 2016. The first is named after the Legend of King Arthur, which I feel appropriate for the Gym Ironman Event on the 5th March 2016. Read more...

December 27th 2015

Don't waste your time with Functional Training.
I have never been a fan of Functional Training for Gym Sports. I think it is overated and a buzz word only in the Fitness Industry, I prefer the term Functional Motion and Movement and this quick article will explain the reasons why ... read more

December 15th 2015

Tracy Davies

Interview and race video of FitBrit 2015 ... Click here

December 15th 2015

Charles Green / Doug Harrison

Interview and race video of FitBrit 2015 ... click here

December 7th 2015

Tracy Davies interview after winning FitBrit 2015

Tracy Davies won this year's FitBrit in possibly the most outstanding way ever imagined possible with a blistering final row of just 6 seconds outside of the men. The event finale - the row, was in terms of racing the finest performance ever I have witnessed. No- better athlete in UK Gyms is more deserving of the Title The Ultimate Gym Athlete and FitBrit Winner then Tracy Davies. An incredible end to a very challenging year . Well done.

. Read the interview here ...

December 9th 2015

Tracy Davies wins FitBrit 2015 ... Winning Time

December 8th 2015

Charles Green Interview after winning FitBrit 2015

FitBrit 2015 was won by an unknown in the Gym X Training World, Charles Green. His final time of 8.30 saw off strong competition from a highly respectable field of atheltes incliding Doug Harrison, World Gym Challenge Ultimate Gym Athlete Winner 2014. Charles is really a creation of the change in direction of how training in gyms is changing and the more performnce element becomng more popular to just losing weight. Charles gives his first interview to WGC. read more ...

December 8th 2015

Charles Green wins FitBrit 2015 Winning Time ...

November 27th

Tracy Davies Training for FitBrit 2015

Looking for inspiration in how to train for FitBrit? Check out Tracy Davies using WGC formatted Gym X Training Circuits (GymXTC ™) and look to creating your own circuits for improved fitness. Watch Video Here

Have you ever wondered how to train for FitBrit ? lots of variations of training with no direction? Look to Gym Sports, compete at your own club and learn how to understand the significance of split timing results .

November 10th

Doug Harrison talks about his training.

At 73 kg Doug Harrison brings a lot to the table when finding his perfect training regime. A very good indoor rower and previous winner of the Ultimate Gym Athlete and now looking into more CrossFit events, Doug pushes himself at whatever he takes on.

Have a look at current training, what motivates him and current interests outside of the sport of X Training .... read more

November 3rd

November Gym Challenge

Click Here For Link

October 27th

FitBrit 2015

A few lessons from those who know about Gym X Training

Nuno Barreto - read more

October 26th

FitBrit 2015

A few lessons from those who know about Gym X Training

AJ - read more

October 25th

FitBrit 2015

A few lessons from those who know about Gym X Training

Tracy Davies - read more

October 14th

FitBrit 2015

A few lessons form those who know about Gym X Training

Doug Harrison - read more

October 14th

New Treadmill Challenge on World Gym Challenge.


If your gym has a treadmill and a X Trainer this is just for you. Yes it is tough, but quite rewarding too. You will need a Treadmill and a X Trainer.

The concept is to maintain 6 incline runs at 10% incline equalled by active recovery equal to that run.

You must maintain the speed of the treadmill throughout the challenge, so if you start off on 9 kph - You must complete the remaining 5 incline runs at 9 kph

On completion of the treadmill run, you have the equal time to recover on the treadmill (You can round it off to the nearest 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, second increment) And this acts as your recovery.

As soon as you cannot maintain the speed you have failed the challenge - congratulations if you pass all 6 though. It will be then time to increase your speed for the next challenge.

You can find this Run in your Gym X Training Folder after you have logged in to World Gym Challenge.

Remember to add your results to your personal folders by logging in and recording the result.

Or subscribing gyms can run this a challenge for all of their members and publsih results.

October 6th

Latest Articles for WatchFit

  • Part 4 - The Run Bike Row - Introduction to Gym Based Sports read more ...
  • Part 3 - Aerobic Base Building - Build your base CV to do Gym Sport read more ...
  • Part 2 - Speed Incline Distance - SID Training read more ...
  • Part 1 - Get Watch Fit - Train with a watch to record splits read more ...
October 6th

A Sport for Gyms - ten years on continues ...

The story so far continues in the first ten years for a sport for gyms. Next question is what does the next ten years hold and will a sport for gyms ever take hold? Read more ...


September 27th

A Sport for Gyms - The story so far 10 years on ...

So its been ten years since WGC started recording results and with most ventures a celebration would normally be taken place right now. But unfortunately the need to grow a sport online has taken its toll .. read more ...

September 27th

LIW - The best event that never was or the best event yet to be ...

To increase awareness of a sport for gyms the need to showcase the best athletes using the best equipment at the best venues is probably the right way to go. LIW hosts the best equipment and the best venue (NEC Birmingham) ... all it needs now is the best athletes to show up. Read more ...

September 21st

New Gym X Training Circuit


This new circuit can be found in your Gym X Training Circuit Folder. It is broken down into two sections Run / Bike / Row and then Bodyweight Challenge.

Any gym in the world that is a subscribing member to WGC can set this up in their gym for all of their members to do and publish results immediately, online and into personal folders.

AST - Alternate Squat Thrust
CTF - Burpee - Chest To Floor.

Combined Gym and Bodyweight Challenge

Good luck - questions to if you want to run this at your gym ...

September 8th

September Gym Challenge

If you want to see this month's Gym Challenge click here ... .

Those that know about gym fitness publish results ...

August 23rd

Do you want to know the best way to train in a gym ? Circuits! It's that simple.

It's no longer Arm, Back, Legs, Chest, Abs .. that was so 70's. Its all about Circuits and the best circuit of them them is GymXTC™ (Gym X Training Circuit) only available on World Gym .. now Read more about the most time efficient and effective way to train in a gym ...

August 18th

Do gyms know how to set up a Gym Challenge?

As crazy as it may sound most gyms generally do not know how to set up a gym challenge even though they have the members , equipment and venue to set up and showcase their event.

With this easy to follow 5 step plan, any gym manager or personal trainer could be setting gym challenges for their members and create an event for all their members to train towards read more ....

August 17th

Gyms are still slow to catch on to the benefits of Gym Sport.

Let's try and get a reaction from a gym to see what they think about running a gym sport event read more ...

August 6th

Creating events at Gyms to build a sport.

The infrastructure for a sport for gyms is in place already globally. Gyms, members, equipment. All that is needed next is events. But as a rule, unless you have been involved with setting up events, you will not know how set one up, or more importantly how to enter results.... Well now you can.

WGC has created a 2 hour online Tutorial for personal trainers so they can run Gym Sports in Gyms and publish results online.

If you would like to know how to run events in gyms then please read more ...

August 6th

Marpo Rope Climber

WGC has just been given permission to use the Marpo Rope Climber for events in the UK. We are hoping to secure the US too and will then be able to add events like this for live results ...more ..

August 6th

The August Gym Challenge

Rules ... more ...

July 12th

The Ten Golden Rules in becoming a Gym Athlete

Being a gym member and being a gym athlete are two different aspects to gym fitness. One simply turns up at the gym and the other competes, whether it be in competition or just against themselves, the nature of being a gym athlete is that you will achieve something every time you turn up at the gym and here are the ten golden rules read more ...

July 11th

Liam Florey wins the UK X Training Championships

Watch the video Here

July 10th

Gyms need to adapt to Gym Sports or they could go bust ...

Read this article to try and add a sense of value to raising the profile of gym sports in the UK. And then understand why knowing somebody's name as they walk through the door is just not enough read more ...

July 5th

The Gwen Fennell Story

During this year Gwen suffered a severe injury. Read about her fight and determination to persevere and overcome the most serious of injuries - read more ...

July 1st

July Gym Challenge

  • 1 round - Novice
  • 2 rounds - Intermediate
  • 3 rounds - Advanced
July 1st

The Vigneault Challenge

  • 500 Reps at 20/15 kg Elite
  • 400 Reps at 20/15 kg Advanced
  • 300 Reps at 20/15 kg Intermediate

Click here to read about the Vigneault Challenge.

This Challenge is now in the WGC Folders in 'Strength Endurance' Folder.

July 1st

Gym X Training (Athletes)

Read about three of the leading UK Gym Athletes in WGC ... read more ...

July 1st

Monthly Gym Challenge (June)

Sometimes you need only train for 5 minutes a day...

Ever wondered how a Gym Athlete trains? The power of time based training is incredibly effective .... read more ..

June 28th

Interviews .

Black Sheep and Gym X Training Championships ... read more

May 28th

How to train like a WGC Gym Athlete.

April 29th

May's Gym Challenge

This is May's Gym Challenge. Just click on the link here for details .

January 8th

New year starts off with a WGC Bootcamp Challenge. This Challenge involves only your bodyweight and 25 m. It has been designed by Andy Palmer who has significant experience in outdoor fitness. Click here for more details

December 2014

World Gym Challenge News 2014

Latest News on all UK and World Gym Athletes ..

December 2014

New Strength Endurance Gym Challenge

The Advanced Clean and Press - Bench Press - Back Squat. Just log in and go to 'Enter my Results' and go to 'Strength Endurance Challenges' .

December 2014

New Strength Endurance Gym Challenge

The Intermediate Clean and Press - Bench Press - Back Squat is in your folders. Just log in and go to 'Enter my Results' and go to 'Strength Endurance Challenges' ...

Female Intermediate is at 50% weight (20 kg)

December 2014

WGC - Ten Week Training Programmes.

Take the guess work out of training ? Train specifically for your event !

If you take part in Gym X Training Challenges WGC has created a system for you to train by. This system was tested on Tracy Davies throughout 2014 with incredible results. We will give you and insight into this amazing programme no matter what level of fitness you are with a ten week training programme for any event this year.

  • Maxifit - Winner
  • UGA - Winner
  • Phoenix - Winner
  • Fit Brit - Winner
  • Royal Marine (female ) Fitness Challenge - Winner
  • Hampshire XT - Winner

On completion of the ten week training programme you will be able to use WGC and all the benefits of the site to aide your training. Plus keep a record of your entire training for any event.

The cost for a individual ten week training package is just £70.00 and can be found on the Home Page of World Gym Challenge.

December 2014

January Gym Challenge

Getting ready for 2015? Well WGC provides monthly gym challenges that you can do in any gym and publish results online for all of your members. Just log in and go into your personal folders and look for the Monthly Gym Challenge.

December 2014

World Gym Challenge Year End Awards

A look at 2014 and those who contributed towards the growth of Gym Based Sports.

December 2014

Video - Doug Harrison

December 2014

Video Tracy Davies wins UGA

December 2014

Interview - Tracy Davies

December 2014

Interview - Doug Harrison

Sept 29th 2014

Tracy Davies , the new UK Ultimate Female Gym Athlete who trains at Fitness First in Clapham Junction was in action again over the weekend putting in a blistering performance at the Phoenix Extreme in Evesham.

Without doubt Fitness Firsts best female Gym Athlete has become the new one to beat at this year's Fit Brit with recent victories at UGA and Maxift, and the leading time so far in Fit Brit , the event run by Mens Fitness and Fitness First Health Clubs.

A new approach to training, has seen a steady improvement over recent months and a new breeze of confidence, saw a very well prepared Tracy take on this course and the results showed. . A personal trainer of outstanding physical ability and dedication to training, Tracy represents what gym members should aspire to if they want compete in gym sports.

The Event

A good turnout from local and established X Trainers saw three categories of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced run down the course created by Stuart leng. A buzzing gym throughout the day saw one on one racing of no real age significance race each other - youngsters and those of senior years can compete at the same level with probably the older more experienced competitors having the edge in this sport.

Tracy had prepared for at least ten weeks and training had gone well, with no real problems with regards to injuries. Having recently returned from a holiday in the Lake District and more focused then ever , a confident, stylish and new Ultimate Gym Athlete title added to her wins this year Tracy's performance was one of the best ever seen down a course. Text book and finishing as a clear winner.

Gwen Fennell

News surrounding local Gwen Fennell had been scarce since her injury and indeed if she was going to compete or not. It would be fair to say that Gwen was a little apprehensive of tackling the course and a degree of uncertainty as to how well she would do hung over her and probably added to a more subdued athlete than we have seen in the past. However doubts were soon put to rest with after a convincing performance and future races between Gwen and Tracy will be still a must watch finale to the Advanced Womens category. It's quite possible that two will meet again at the Fit Brit final in November.

Doug Harrison winner of this year's Ultimate Gym Athlete was also competing and he had the final race with Alex Woods. Matched all the way down the course, with constant leads exchanging in each discipline, Doug managed to hold the treadmill and leave at the same time with just the bench press to finish in one. Alex rep ratio was perfect and was not docked any reps. Doug was penalised for the opening reps and it cost him. No complaints from this sporting athlete and as the 2nd , 3rd and 4th finishers were within seconds of each other and he was not able to secure a placing this time.

On the whole it was a a great day out for anybody who competed. The gym equipment help up well, with WattBikes, Concept 2 rowers and Life Fitness Treadmills all working with good precision. The choice of exercises including the Box Squats and A Jumps bringing a slight edge to the cv and traditional bench and shoulder press, sit ups and alternate squat thrusts adding to complete a very well put together and challenging course.

Good to see Paul Morton gain a very well earned 2nd place. And one of the reasons that Gym X Training continues to astound the Sports Scientists from around the world with continued placing for the top athletes not succumbing to a flood of mid 20 something gym athletes, who favour chest and biceps routines , but favouring the experienced training program that has to be followed if you want to fine tune your body to compete in Gym X Training.

Sept 29th 2014

Ultimate Gym Athlete Report 3

Ultimate Gym Athlete Race Report 2

Ultimate Gym Athlete Race Report 1

Gym Athlete Status 2014

Race Plan UGA 2014

July 27th 2014

Don't forget the winners of each category of the Ultimate Gym Athlete will receive a prime feature in Ultra FIT magazine for the August issue.

With just over four weeks to go the aim is now to to be really hitting the high platforms in your training. I can't stress enough how important recovery is and not over training, so please train sensibly.

July 1st 2014

The latest UK Gym Athletes to enter The Ultimate Gym Athlete - keep checking for updates.

26th June 2014

The lastest Grading system for Gym Athlete on World Gym Challenge

19th June 2014

The latest Training Schedule for The Ultimate Gym Athlete is now up in our facebook group. For thsoe who are not members just have a look at the link and click below.

20th May 2014

Wayne Thomas has done it. The first ever to break sub 10 on the Intermediate Challenge. Wayne completed this under the watchful eye of training partner and gym athlete Mark Yarnall. It now comes to a head between the Intermediates and how much lower this record can go. Mark said after witnessing the record "I reckon maybe he could have gone 10 or so seconds quicker"

All that really remains to be said is that this is a great result from a man who has dominated the Eddie Fletcher Row Challenge. And certainly someone to look out for in the future of Gym Sports.

New Intermediate World Record.


17th April 2014

Take a read about Doug Harrison and his views on Gym Sports, coaching and Sports Performance.

Doug has over the last 3 years been a constant top 3 finisher and his rise to the top has had its fair share of injuries to deal with. Doug explains in this open and frank interview about his thoughts on the current sports element of Gym X Training and gives a great insight into its current state.

With a lot going on in the sporting world of Elite Sporting Performance, its great t get an insight from someone who performs as well as studies what he preaches.

23rd March 2014

I am really please to award Clive Nelmes Advanced Gym Athlete status with a time of 16:10 in Advanced WGC Challenge.

23rd March 2014

Ironman / Ironwoman video

Liam Florey - Gwen Fennell - Tracy Davies

23rd March 2014

Take a look at the Interviews with the winners and runners up at the Gym Ironman and Gym Ironwoman

Gwen Fennell and Tracy Davies

Liam Florey and Scott Parry

Thank you to The Wildmoor Health Club and Spa for their assistance on the day.

14th March 2014

The Gym Ironman was a huge success. Gym Athlets from all over the UK competed at the Wildmoor Health Club and Spa in Warickshire.

A new course without a weight carry was introduced and Liam Florey from Virgin Active (Southampton) and local girl Gwen Fennell from Evesham Phoenix Health Club won this years event at the Open Level with Gwen retaining her title from 2013.

Over the following days more articles will be posted about the event read here for more infortion on the Gym Ironman


10th March 2014


Good luck to all those taking part in the 2014 Series Gym Ironman event tomorrow.

7th March 2014


WGC and compare your 2013 Awards

Throughout 2013 I have been fortunate enough to see some amazing races at the events I attended. Based on those events and the performances I have seen , I would like to publish the WGC Awards for 2013. Those that have won are to be congratulated on performances and a year that have seen sold events, incredible races and the growing trend of gym sports take hold. May 2014 be equally as exciting and good luck to everybdoy who takes part - either as a Beginner , Intermediate or Advanced Gym Athlete.

27th Dec ...

Video - The Female Advanced Gym Athlete

There is no greater spectacle in this sport then seeing the fantastic achievements of the women kicking it in the gym. I am absolutely in awe of the some of the results I see at events. The entry into Intermediate Female is on the up and very slowly the Advanced Women is climbing again too. This video shows the top two female Gym Athletes Gwen Fennell and Tracy Davies in their final race at Hampshire XT

Also the growth of the Intermediate Female is on the rise and this video goes to show just how much fun these evets can be . In fact make friends for life. !

Video - The Female Intermemdiate Gym Athlete

27th Dec ...

Hampshire XT News

The Winner Liam Florey

Local gym athlete Liam Florey has been at the heels of the fastest guys this season in many of the events. A firm favourite with his roots having been in the Intermediate category, Liam took this year to branch out into the Advanced racings. A disappointing result at Phoenix saw the more determined Liam attack this course with a bit of a unknown element attached . Has he trained too hard, not enough. Had the pressure of orgainsing the event got to him? A lot of unknown questions and only the race to answer them. Have a look at this video to find the answers.

Video - Liam Florey - Alex Woods - Rich Vint. Final race of the year.

16th Dec ...

Does CrossFit Training enhance Gym X Training?

We look to existing winner Ultimate Gym Athlete Richard Vint and see how has past year in CrossFIT has affected his training in preparing for the Hampshire XT event. Richard also holds the current record for the modern HXT and is the only man to have broken 16 minutes. With no specific training for this event would his current program help or hinder his performance?

Video - Rich Vint and CrossFIT Training

16th Dec ...

The Intermediate Female Gym Athlete

A brief look this year at the Intermediate Female Gym Athlete. The Intermediate Female section was the largest ever in recent X T events and shows a very positive trend towards engaging the new gym member member into a gym athlete. Have a look at a t two recent competitors Debbie King and Kirsty Wicks in their first Gym XT event.

Video - The Female Intermediate Gym Athlete

16th Dec ...

The HXT (Hampshire X Training Challenge) clashed with FitBrit with the might of Men's Fitness magazine and the UK's largest Health Club, Fitness First behind it. So the 7th December was to be the closing clash of Fitness Titans - Mens Fitness running a year long campaign to find the UK's fittest and HXT using its twenty plus years history to attract established Gym Athletes who know they will turn up to a well run and executed race plan.

Those who competed in both will ultimately decide who's event was the better, but going by what I witnessed at HXT, arguably the deciding factor I think; one event was about attracting members through a door and selling magazines - the other was a well planned executed fitness challenge, which was well thought out by those who understand fitness challenges and how to run them. The conclusion of which is - one is a sales plan and the other is a fitness challenge. Both are successful in their own rights, but what I witnessed (and I have attended both) The fitness challenge is what people who do fitness want. The winner ...HXT.

6th Dec ...

Hot Races to look out for ... Ross Benson ... Steve Dowse ....Ben Williams ...

Female Races .... Becky Ciel ... Gwen Fennell ... Tracy Davies ..

Names from the past .... Phill Piggott ... Jamie Spencer ...

Locked racing special - Who will get a dead heat ??? ...Money is on ...

Charlie Paton and Paul Morton ...

6th Dec ...

The final race Hampshire XT (male )

Liam Florey If like me you are absolutely going crazy mad over this race, the answer is only now a few days away . The added bonus of competing on home soil for Liam and Alex travelling insane miles to compete , mixed with Rich who is pretty much local is going to be a massive conclusion to the years Gym Cross Training Series. It really is that close to call ... can't wait. !!

5th Dec ...

Good luck to all those competing at the Hampshire XT on Saturday the 7th December. Great all round effort by Liam Florey , Ben Williams and Ty Whitlock. Don't forget by quoting HXT at the Holiday Inn there is 10% discount for staying overnight.

5th Dec ..

Video - How to view Live Results For the Hampshire XT

30th Nov ...

Video - Rich Vint and CrossFIT 1664

13th Nov ...

Video - Gym Sport Promo - Alex and Doug final race at Phoenix Extreme

13th Nov ...

Video - Gwen and Tracy final race Phoenix Extreme

13th Nov ...

The Hampshire XT - 7th Dec 2013

The longest running X Training event takes at Virgin Active Southampton (West End). This popular event has now got its own website and will be attended as always by the UK's leading Gymathletes. It has also come to my attention that this possibly clashes with the Indoor Rowing Championships in Cardiff and also Fit Brit Finals in London.

It's the event that has the best after event party and closes the season on a high and is being run this year by Ben Williams and Liam Florey. You can be sure of fair and even judging and a great atmosphere. Click on this link to secure your entry as this WILL be sold out shortly.

There will be a follow up report in Ultra FIT magazine and also keep peeled on latest News for for brief profiles on the Gymathletes who will be taking part

16th Oct ...

The Phoenix Extreme Gym X Training Challenge

Read the above link to find out all about the exercise choices at the latest Gym X Training Challenge at Phoenix Solutions in Evesham. Exercise is key to results as is the right equipment, format and execution of the day. Many know how to exercise but few can string it all together for an event ... in this article we find out out about exercise choice and the reasons behind it.

2nd Oct ...

The Gym Athlete .. the magazine about a Sport for Gyms.

The Latest Online Magazine

Read The Gym Athlete - A Sport for Gyms magazine and find out just what your gym is missing out in building a sport for gyms. Never has there been a greater time to capitalise on building that community of Gym Athletes. And guess what? When you have we want to know about it - the event, the person and the community. Start today changing your gym into an Activity fest of fun, competition and challenge. You will see just what effect it has on your members and most importantly how their fitness is improving.


8th August ...

Luckys Gym

The last time I was at a gym with the buzz as Luckys Gym was when we competed at Fentons Fitness. There may be over 8000 gyms and health centres in the UK and something like, one within a twelve mile radius of your home address, but don't be taken in by what a gym is and what a gym does - they are way different. Fortunately Luckys Gym is a gym that does. I can tell you the vibe here is member driven - Dave Luck the manager wants a gym that is different and really engages the member and well .. from what I saw he nailed it.

If you live in the Becton area - certainly within 12 miles of Luckys ... its a dream gym.

If gyms got rated like fillms ...this is a Five Star gym.

31st July ...

The latest magazine (No2) should be published by the end of the month. The format for the magazine is writing about:

  • The Sport
  • The Events
  • The Gym Athletes
  • Training
  • Profiles

The latest issue has features on Cat Trentham, Charile Paton, Liam Florey. Speciality input from Eddie Fletcher on the Wattbike. The old chestnut who is/was the best Gym Gym Athlete. A section called Your Voice, a chance to have your say on the sport and its direction. A View by some of the leading personal trainers in the country about a sport for gyms. And two articles waiting to be included about training specifically towards Gym X Training events and what it is like to start off competing.

It's rough around the ages. There may be a few spelling mistakes, a bit of grammar that doesn't really make sense. But this magazine is a start to raise the profile about a sport for gyms. It takes a long time to put together and its there for you to share in as many ways as possible into Social media.

Latest ....

The Monthly Gym Challenge. (click to see the challenge)

This months MGC brings with it the old tried and tested method of challenging the energy systems as well targeting more or less every muscle group. The circuit comprises of exercises which have been chosen into a fixed routine that can be easily adapted to any gym.

  1. Row
  2. Burpee
  3. Mountain Climbers (Alternate Squat Thrust)
  4. Thrusters

The above equals one circuit and can be incorporated into a single challenge , or spaced out into the ...

  1. Beginner (1 circuit).
  2. Intermediate (3 circuits)
  3. Advanced (5 circuits).

The beauty of these challenges is that if you are graded into status, there would be no such thing as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced as the colour of your competing level, would indicate, even if you did just one circuit - your anaerobic system would kick in (roughly after 2 mins) so we can see amazing data just by completing even the Beginner course.

Of course it seems that these challenges are very rarely completed, but nonetheless, each month they will appear. It seems absolute crazy to me that CrossFIT announce a WOD and thousands take part daily , then WGC announces a MGC and we have one or two take part? I'm just not convinced they are that hard, or impossible to complete. Feedback would be good to let me know what you think of them though

5th July ...

latest Update with Gym Sports in Ultra FIT magazine ...

Feature on Krisjana Gunnarsdottir winner of Maxifit 2013. Kiddy gives her look on gym sports and the action that goes on in Iceland.

A quick look at a new type of challenge - Judgement Day.

5 exercises completed against an unknown number of entries - where you finish in each discipline is where the points are awarded and results are calculated automatically into a leader board.

1st July

The latest race report on the Fenton Grueller

Read It Here

24th June

Breaking news Liam Florey breaks sub 18 in the Grueller. Liam now joins the club of three Ben Stroud, Rich Vint and now Liam. As well as the Sub 18 club being established, we have two new entries in the Sub 19 club in the ladies event , Tracey Davies and Winner of the Ladies Open Gwen Fennell both smashed the hard to break barrier setting course records. In all cases the Wattbike was used and were verified, judged and at an official event. More news to follow ...

23rd June

Doug is back in town ... Having a brief visit to South America has had Doug Harrison from Virgin Active Canary Wharfe out of training for a while, but he is back and had this to say about the Fenton Grueller ..

"Hoping to do a lot better than my last few races. After spending 6weeks in South America I managed to get back in shape for this in 5 weeks. I haven't been able to finish a race or finish without pain since the Ironman 2012 but I'm feeling confident about this one. The rest did me good and allowed my injuries to heal. I had been training for a decathlon in conjunction with this race. The decathlon was last week and the sprint training has helped my X-training a bit. I have also been training a lot more specifically for this race: combining step ups with a chest session and sit ups with bunny hops for example. I never did that much before. I have also been able to do 4 run-throughs for this race, whereas in the last year, in previous races, my injuries have limited my ability to do this. I am quietly confident about this race. I just need to not lose too much time on the chest and the shoulders, although that is always easier said than done"

21st June

Just so incredibly excited about this - the brand new Newsletter, which also doubles up as a Online Magazine. Running this concept has been a real challenge in itself and will be a pleasant read to those that want to read about the sport of Gym X Training with planned training programs and regular features. If you want to read the latest Newsletter ..

Here it is ....

21st June

Male Advance final race Liam Florey and Alex Woods looks to be a bit of a belter. The longer reps may well suit Liam who has creeped up the ranking over the last three years and a real exciting prospect for future races, while Alex has that killer run ... Somebody else to look out for is Wayne Thomas (right) racing Lloyd Millichap in the Intermediates . Lloyd now a seasoned gym athlete will battle against a new breed dipping his toe in the water - believe me - this will be a good race. I like to see also the on form Craig Horsfield taking on the likes of Kirk - this will be an experienced race full of a mixed bag of skills. Craig bounces in between super fit and having a break and Kirk is just back from injury .. gonna be interesting.

We have a number of those entering from Fenton Fitness Gym - something to which Ultra FIT magazine are keen to give exposure to. The July or possible August issue will have a feature on this challenge, so have a look out for it in the Newsagents and stores.


14 June

Well the big news on the Fenton Grueller is that all previous results for the Intermediate are under revue, with the 40's replacing the 30's. in the shoulder and the bench. I've checked my records and as far as I can see , its always been 30 reps and now we move onto to 40. A good move. Hitting the 40's now bring the cross between Open and Intermediate a stage closer. The Fenton Grueller is on the 22nd June at Fenton Fitness in Rochdale.

18th June

So the good news is the Fenton Grueller is only a week away, added to that article is planned to be published in Ultra FIT magazine about the event. And added to that the legend that is Mr. Kirk Gibbons is taking to the race line up after a bout of recuperation.

Kirk Gibbons was a regular at event including a 14:11 Elite WGC result.

Just a quick Profile on Kirk, from 2006 ...more

The 14 events I have recorded for Kirk , span from 2006 to 2009, including victory at Gym Ironman with a 28:40. On top of this Kirk trained also the fastest ever female Suzanne Watson (WGC)and played a key role in pushing Gym X Training to those that trained at his gym in Derby, where I took a day out and visited many years ago now its seems. This quiet man oozed confidence and his boxing career is testament to you don't have to be noisy to have that very important controlled aggression to get the most out of you .

Great to see Kirk back to the Grueller and I wish him every success in this event.

Click on the names in this link to see the Training Day in Derby 2007 and see which faces you can remember.

14 June

Just four seconds separated the winning times of this year's Maxifit event in the Women's Open. UK No1 Gwen Fennel was nipped at the post in a thrilling 'to the wire' finish with Icelandic Ultra Fit Champion Krisjana Gunnarsdottir.

Finding the time to train to that level is quite demanding for the average gym athlete, but when you are a Head teacher for the local Primary School, your responsibilities and commitments are stretched to the very limit, on one hand you are dealing withthe very complex education of the children under your care and the next you are the UK No1 female gym athlete - so what does that feel like? How do you find time to train? What do the school children think... basically how do you cope with this sort of commitment? UKGCA caught up with Gwen Fennel to ask some searching questions .. more ...

31st May ...

Bobby McVitie the Fitness Coordinator for Birkmyre Park Fitness Gym in Kilmacolm, Scotland part of the Inverclyde Leisure Group very successfully implemented the newest X Training event into the 2013 Series like a seasoned pro. The day went smooth and effortlessly with a combination of all the key members of the gym, members and competitors all chipping and unifying a superb day out for all that turned up.

But what does it take to organise a successful event? What are the pressures? And how do the staff react to implementing a new type of challenge to all their members and visiting fitness professional athletes from all over the UK and Iceland to compete. UKGCA talked to Bobby McVitie for his views on the day more ...

29th May ...

The UK X - Training Series has very successfully been a sell out for each event to date. The relationship between organiser and competitor has been very skillfully developed into eagerly waited for events for the UK Gym Athletes by a team of long established XTraining professionals who are masterminding the events with almost military precision to ensure the perfect day.

The new website X Training has made entering events easier and has taken advantage of much of the modern social media functionality to capitalise on creating good events that are sold out well before the event date.

UKGCA caught up with one of the team Alex Wood to find out his thoughts so far on the UK X Training Series 2013 more ...

27th May ...

Krisjana Gunnarsdottir from Iceland travelled to Scotland to compete in this years Maxifit. No stranger to Gym X Training , Kiddy as she is also known took the challenge to take on the UK Champion Gwen Fennel down this very challenging course. What followed for those of you that were there or have seen it on You Tube, was a thrilling final race which included rising starTracy Davies for a three lane challenge.

But what do we know about Kiddy? How does she train? What makes her keep her focus? What does she like to do in her free time? UK GCA caught up with Kiddy following her victory and asked her some searching questions about Gym X Training and her general outlook on Gym Sports more ...

Krisjana Gunnarsdottir


Open Female Winner 2013 Maxifit

24th May ....

Ultra - FIT magazine June edition is now out, with features on Jon Worthey, Hannah Worthey, Liam Florey - Ty Whitlock, World Gym Challenge and - Please support the founder of gym sports and buy or order online for the some great deals.

24th May ....

Sanny Taylors first ever Open victory at Maxifit this year is without doubt his best ever performance and something that I'm sure Sanny will remember for a long time. It seems he has his sights fixed on defending his title next year and looking forward to the Fenton Grueller - UGCA caught up with Sanny for a quick one to one about the event and his very well deserved victory more ....

Open Male Winner 2013 Maxifit

Sanny Taylor

23rd May ....

The other site connected with gym sports is and one of the initiatives taken on board by the UK Gym Challenge Association is bringing the competitive nature back to kids. Good clean honest fun and working with Andy Wake from Boxercise® is just the first step in getting kids interested.

If you run a class that has pads - have a go at this challenge watch the video here ... and start kids enjoying the sport , or get the class you teach to have a go - its all good fun and starts the ball rolling nicely.

20th May ....

Big round of applause to all those who took part in the Maxifit event at Inverclyde Leisure on Sat 18th. from Beginner, to the Elite it was taken on by all and some fantastic races ensued , which is more then evident in the results boards. The eagerly anticipated race between Gwen and Kiddy did not disappoint, with the Icelander having a blinding run on the day (3rd fastest over all) which enabled her to win by just four seconds.... nail biting stuff as the video shows Kiddy was was slowing towards the end ... brilliant ending.

This day had a few surprises in it , with Local Sanny Taylor (right) taking victory by 9 seconds from defending champion of this course Alex Woods. Liam Florey who is featured in this months Ultra Fit magazine came in 3rd.

16th May ....

Looking forward to the Maxifit event , great sell out to the early season and some faces from old showing up again.

Welcome back Jamie Spencer, who has been quite busy in the Strongman events. Jamie created the Brighton Nut Cracker Challenge and has always been a firm favourite , with the crowds and fellow athletes - great to see the big man back in the mix.


16th May ....

WGC now brings the online fitness challenge to life with the combination of and the newly formed UK Gym Challenge Association.

In truth the UK GCA is nothing more then a collective of gyms, personal trainers and gym members who just want to publish results of the various online fitness challenges that are to be published.

It launches with Judgement Day.

It is now possible to enter a number of challenges from your gym and get your results published straight into Leader Boards.

15th May ....

Krisjana GunnarsdottirThe Maxifit X - Training event is now only a few days away. Months of preparation have lead to a sell out event and the organisers once again with all hands on the deck day to manage a traveling group of fitness enthusiast who want to compete.

Hot favourite for the male open has to be Alex Woods, but upcoming Liam Florey may just add a few high tension moments to the day - Sanny and Ross add for a great final race.

Bringing in moments of a united global feel the Icelanders are joining in. Iceland has a great following in fitness events, with good tv coverage and regular high participation. Great to see them there and should give Gwen Fennel and Tracy Davies a thrilling close to the female Advanced race. Krisjana (Kiddy) raced Michelle Parsons in Dubai 2007 for one of the best races in Gym X Training.

More news to follow on the Intermediate Race Line up ...