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World Gym Challenge

100 Rep Bench Press Challenge

For the member of a gym who has time to perform this challenge

The next Gym Challenge is

  • 100 Reps of 40/ 20 kg (Advanced)
  • 100 reps 30 / 15 kg kg (Intermediate)

All that is needed is a bench press, some one to time you, spot you and away you go.

Alternative Challenge

  • 5 x 20 reps (40/20 kg) Advanced
  • 5 x 20 reps (30 /15 kg) Intermediate

1 minute per 20 reps - recovery time is what you have left of that 1 minute.

Record the split time for the last 20 reps - it must be under 1 minute.

If you are a Personal Trainer or Gym Instructor send results using the WGC authentication link and we will publish it into a leader board.


Or just run it at your gym and we will supply you a online leader board for all of your gym members to take part.

Good Luck