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Gym Athlete Focus - Nicci French

Nicci French (left)Welcome to our new focus page where we will be asking WGC Gym Athletes questions about their training and lifestyle. In this first interview we talk to FitBrit winner 2016 Nicci French.

Nicci had had some epic battles with Tracy Davies throughout the FitBrit finals and her victories at FitBrit had numbered the same as Tracy, winning two each. The last time they met in 2015 there was just two seconds that separated the winner and runner up times. One of the best ever finals for sure. These two athletes secured their dominance in the Advanced Female Gym Athlete status and the future for this year's final is on the look out for another athlete to join in.

Nicci also comprehensivley won the Online Gym Sport Championships in 2016 giving the oppurtinity for others to try the sort of challenges that invlove the Bike, Rower and Treadmill and high rep low weight (HRLW) strength exercises. Her results are exceptional and she starts of this year competing against only one other based in Dubai / US personal trainer Gena Nicole Lawday.

Nicci, like Tracy does not claim to be the best , but she is the best out of those who competed and was crowned UK's Fittest Female Gym member in 2016 by winning FitBrit.

How did you feel knowing you had won with the fastest time of the day ?

 It felt great having the fastest time. This was the first year that I had been entered in the masters category and I wanted to show that it wasn't a second rate group. The previous year the masters winning time had been about a minute and a half slower than the one winning time so I was really pleased that I not only matched the winning open time this year but actually beat it! The icing on the cake was to match the men's masters winning time!

How did you prepare for the final ?

I prepared for FitBrit in the same way I have each year, spending one session per week going through the exercises that have been set. This starts from about September until the event. I had some Pt sessions to help prepare me a few years ago and I have stuck to the training plan he suggested ever since. I go through the whole series of exercises a few times before the final but mainly break it down into sections for training. I train with my friend Jo who is also a FitBrit competitor, we motivate and push each other and train well together.

Do you get free membership or discounted membership for being the fittest female in Fitness First?

I have been given free membership for fitness first, this was one of this year's prizes. The team at Poole Fitness First are very supportive and have been very pleased that Jo and I did so well at FitBrit. My regular gym in Bournemouth, which used to be Fitness First, have always been great and some came to support on the 2 previous occasions that I won. I think that the moral support really helps.