UK GCA Mission Statement

G Y M     B A S E D    S P O R T S

S P E E D - E N D U R A N C E - S T R E N G T H


The UK GCA is in the process of being formed during 2009. It's main aim is to increase events and competitors in the sport of X Training, whilst giving a free database to each gym as a retention tool to increase motivation and focus for their members.

It has taken steps through consultation with Sport England to engage the platform of Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership to gain recognition.

Through the small number of years that WGC has been in existence it has witnessed gymathletes from their own gyms being almost chastised for the complete devotion to the sport, so much so that numbers have always been kept down and discouraged to participate.

It is also true that this is a tough sport and only around 5% of any gym will compete - they are the gym elite and as you join this site that is what you become, no matter what level - you train in the three categories of Speed, Endurance and Srength and that makes you unique.

The WGC Cyber Gym

I speak from personal experience, whereas the gym I belong to for three years neither cared nor paid the slightest bit of attention to the events I took part in, even though this meant that I used their facilities to train. For this reason the WGC Cyber Gym was created - a Cyber World, where gym users who like to feel part of a community can interact and communicate with each other. As you join the site, this is your default gym - if your gym then wants to offer free membership to all their members, then all they need do is contact and further information will be passed on. It's that easy!

WGC is here to promote gyms that will ultimately be considered the fittest in the UK.

In my travels from Dubai to Manchester, I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the most gifted and inspiring gym managers, x trainers and personal trainers who are amongst the fittest and best I have the pleasure to meet. The UK GCA is testament to their ability as leaders of X Training and they are an inspiration to those that try this very tough sport.


Every Step Of the Way

The UK GCA is promoting and exposing personal trainers who lead by example and there for their clients in over seeing their training program to enter any gym challenge.

The class of personal trainer is not noted by their qualification, but by their ability to inspire and motivate their clients and over seeing their training into events that are taking place throughout the UK.

The database is free to any personal trainer to include searchable access to your clients for the events they enter.

After each event that takes place personal trainers in the UK that undertake to training their clients will be rewarded extra points in the challenges, which will reflect not only dedication in entering events, but also their pride in being there for their clients.

Personal Trainers can authenticate their clients times and their name is recorded straight into the WGC database for verifiction of any gym challenge.

The recognition of Gymathletes is way overdue and the UK GCA will do all in its power to expose those that perform well in hosting events and the members who take part.

To promote X Training

The primary aim of this website is to encourage active participation in X Training and seek recognition by Sport England as a legitimate sport.

To encourage gym members to take part in competitions.

All gym members, at any level, should be encouraged to take part in events.

To create revenue for charity gym challenges.

At your gym's discretion, the revenue from entry fee's could be used for charity events. With a percentage awarded as prizes for the competitors for trophies and awards.

To encourage community relations in a gym.

A primary objective of this website is encouraging relations to develop via our chat rooms and Facebook development. Discussion points are encouraged to go to the XT AA X Training Athletes Association.

To promote individuals who take part in competitions.

All people who take part in the sport will have an opportunity to be focused on and have a profile about them on the website. This will also include trainers from the local gyms.

To promote the elite sporting profiles in the sport.

All the major personalities of the sport will have an opportunity to have a web page about their training and a personal profile.

To have a database of result information to unify any X Training competition.

All competitions that take place will be put on to a central database for all members to access which is free to all gyms, as long as no entry fee is charged.

To have all the variables in competition results.

As many (All) variables as possible on results – fastest bike, age, gym etc.

To find the ultimate Gym Athlete.

X Training at it's elite level is a very tough and hard sport - it encompasses all the elements of fitness, speed, power, endurance and strength and by entering the events only will you find out if you truly have these qualities.


Gym X Training Championships

At each event and only at the organisers discretion Fitness Points will be awarded to gyms and X Trainers who take part, effectively making this award gained by members of gyms and personal trainers only, based on results gathered from the WGC database.

At the end of each year and not more then two weeks after the last event points will reflect those gyms and members that have hosted and had members take part in events and be crowned X Training Gym of the Year and X Trainer of the Year by points accumulated throughout the year.