What is X Training? Michelle Wakefield

Cross Training describes any activity that exercises different sets of muscles from one moment to the next with minimal pause between. Cross training can be done indoors and outdoors. A typical example of external cross training is the Triathlon.

Internally in gyms and health clubs cross training refers to doing groups of different exercises one after the other that also challenges different muscle groups.

In the Challenge, individuals get fitter by by getting them to do different cardiovascular exercises in between different high repetition strength exercises.

How long will it take me to get fit?

Worldgymchallenge.com will not make false promises. Fitness levels are achieved by individuals. We believe the motivation to get fit is greatly enhanced by this sport. If you train correctly and regularly with good nutrition, fitness should improve dramatically. Our goal is then to keep you at your improved fitness levels,maintain them and then eventually improve those times in a three year period.


Why start World Gym Challenge?

The competitions that have been run up until now have appeared to be just for the seriously fit. World Gym Challenge has been set up to encourage everyone to partake in these same type of events. They can be done at any level and training can begin at any stage of fitness.


Can I get refunds or what happens if I change gyms?



If you are not happy with the web site, you can claim a refund within seven days.

After the first seven days, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions , refunds will not be available.

As long as the Gym that you belong to holds a License to run The Challenges , the program will not change. You can still use the chat rooms, and personal training programme.

To confirm your time however you will need to enter a nationally run competition.

A verified time for an event can only be issued by licensed gym members, National events or by someone with verified priviliges.


Will I suffer from injuries?

Sport of any degree carries with it the risk of injury. You are participating in a sport where the use of your body will pushed and challenged. This site is not instructional. As long as you seek the correct guidance in training through qualified and experienced staff and train using the equipment correctly, not misusing equipment, being sensible and listening to your body, you will lessen the degree of injuries. But injuries may well occur. And it is time then to adapt your injury recovery process. Again seek qualified help


Why have three courses?

There are three Challenges . The Beginner course, Intermediate course and the Advanced course. Whilst all three courses thoroughly challenge the bodies cardiovascular system and all the major muscles in the body, the training preparations for doing these courses reflect this concern and they include many other exercises in order to provide muscle balance and core stability

All top X Trainers train in this all round  way as they know it will lead to less injuries and to having a better shape and form

What will X Training do for me?

If you decide to enter into the cross training events , you will experience much more exciting training and purpose to your visits to the gyms. The regular measurable progress will assist you in your motivation and that in turn will help you reach your goals. With the many people now turning to this new sport you will also find more in common with your fellow gym colleagues and that will mean more to communicate about. In gyms where cross training has really taken off there is much more spirit and conversation between people in the gym and afterwards. With the advent of Handicapped leagues where gyms will be able to compete with other gyms in teams from 10 to 20 people, even more fun and excitement will be had.

Will X Training become recognised by Sport England

World Gym Challenge Ltd has an aim to make X Training a recognised event by Sport England. In its current format it is exciting to watch, challenging and communally acceptable, by both men and women.


I am a Personal Trainer, how can I improve my clients times ?

Heart rate training is an integral part of cross training and in training for this challenge advice should be undertaken by using the qualified Personal Trainers. For your convienience a list of Personal Trainers is avilaible for you to contact .

Always personally check their qualifications, before you engage in their services.

All Personal Trainers who subscribe to this web site will also be able to chart and collate information about clients trying to improve their times. If the client wishes.

What’s the difference between X Training and Interval Training?

Interval training forms part of the training preparations within cross training.

Is X training compatible to weight loss?

Good Cross training will adapt your body type to its most natural form. This could mean weight loss in some areas and gain in others as muscle is denser than fat.

Interval training works burning calories after the session has ended. It is ideal for weight loss.

4How will I benefit from X Training?

You will benefit from cross training in many ways. Firstly you will be able to see a steady, measurable result in your overall levels of fitness. Secondly, you will find that your effective workout time is much reduced, which will give you far more time for your other interests. Thirdly, you will learn much more about your own body and your heart and that will lead to an increased awareness of your nutritional intake and how that affects your life. Lastly, you will find your body adapting to the weight and shape it prefers to be.

Who will coordinate the event?

World Gym Challenge.com Ltd has the format already in place to set up a competition, all that is needed are the names to be entered and somebody to record the time.

Timings for starts will be published at least two weeks before the event.


What are the aims of the League Tables? And how will they operate?

The leagues are intended to initiate competition at a local level within counties between clubs. The top club teams in the county will be able to go on to qualify to compete in national league competition.

Depending on peoples individual times in the challenges , they will be handicapped with time penalties and this will make competition between clubs more exciting and rewarding for the clubs that improve their members levels of fitness and ability the most.

Why should I compete in X Training events?


At the end of the day, each visit to the gym will be different. Each competition you enter will be exciting and challenging. But most of all the gym that you belong to will become a completely friendly, training orientated centre for your personal use, where you will find friends and belong to a community that beforehand you never really knew existed.



How long has X Training been in existence?


Cross training has been done far many year as a normal part of a competitors workout training program. It has been part of competitive sport for the last 14 years with competitions like ‘Ultra-fit’ and ‘Superteams’.  It has only recently been changed into a sport with the change of format from time trials to actual racing.

Good luck and welcome to the fantastic world of X Training.

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