Personal trainers and gym instructors challenge your clients

PERSONAL TRAINER - Enter your clients results and build up a history of challenge results.
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GYM INSTRUCTOR / Gym Sport Community / Results can be entered by those in the community.
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CLIENT - All of your results are automatically transferred into your very own personal folders.
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GYM - Each Gym that signs up can have their own database for all their members.
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THE CHALLENGE (Please enter results in rolling time format ie 1.20 -2.40 - 4.10 - 7.17 - 9 - 30 etc)
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By sending this form you consent to publication of anybody mentioned in the form to have their personal details stored in the website . The sole purpose of which is to store the information only published and the information and details submitted in to our Leader Boards and personal files.

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The results I have submitted are a true representation of the challenge. They were conducted in a safe manner under my supervision at all times. I submit these times with the full permission of my named client for publication in the Leader Boards. Only results with Insurance ticked will be published. reserves the right to withhold publication without prejudice.